Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 83

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 83

I completely forbade myself from thinking about Zayne Novak until tomorrow, just as we planned to leave for the High Table meeting. I’d spend the rest of today and tonight with my twins, refusing to give Zayne another second of my time.

Garrett and Julian were now set on the task of contacting their sources regarding what a ‘Soul Eater’ might be, and how it connects to my abilities. We could only hope the information about what I was did not spread, as their sources might not be willing to give information if they believed a neighboring pack had a weapon primed and ready.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m not letting this ruin my day.” Alec smirked as we trekked through the woods.

From what I could tell, we were in the middle of absolute nowhere. We left out the back door and walked through the thickest part of the forest, leaving behind the sparkling lake and its tantalizing waters.

The hike wasn’t that bad, if I were being honest. My stamina and endurance were much better as a werewolf. I wasn’t even winded, and managed to keep up with the twins easily. They definitely helped pave the way, holding back branches and pointing out stray roots. My eyes were everywhere, and Thalia was practically sitting front row, begging me to shift and leap into the overgrown brush.

“Why would the threat of me being a ‘Soul Eater’ ruin your day?” I teased a bit dryly.

Alec, who was leading our three-man group further into the forest, turned and c*oc*ked an eyebrow at me. His rough voice was accompanied by birds singing, and the earth beneath our feet crunching.

“It wouldn’t, because I know that you can handle it.” He said simply, giving me a smile that turned my insides to mush. “Very few people are actually suited for power like that, you just happen to be one of them.”

“Confident, but how can you know?” I replied, huffing quietly when Kade stopped me from tripping over a thick root that was strung across our path.

“Hmm, let me think for a minute.” Alec mused, and I found myself growing antsy with each quiet second that passed. “Well, if you were a Soul Eater—or whatever, would you have used your ability on Grace? I mean, after what she did to you, it makes sense.”

I didn’t have to think on what Alec was saying and snorted at him. I briefly locked eyes with Kade when he tugged me in front of him whilst holding a branch back. I could see the lingering anger in his eyes, just as I felt it settle over me.

“Of course, I wouldn’t.” I scoffed, rolling my eyes at the two of them. They were being dramatic. “She’s a disgusting excuse for a human being, but she doesn’t deserve her damn soul ripped out. People like that usually go to jail. That doesn’t make me special, a lot of other people would do the same in my shoes.”

“Not as many people as you’re thinking.” Alec denied, glancing at me from over his shoulder. “I sure as hell wouldn’t. I’d devour her soul and not lose a night’s sleep.”

We approached a small ravine in the forest, dotted with large stones that acted as our only way across. Alec’s movements were smooth and graceful, even though the stones were coated in algae. I gritted my teeth and stepped on the top of one tentatively. My sandals had no grip, and I nearly slid forward right then and there.

“I second that.” Kade grunted as he hoisted me in his arms, holding me against his chest while he stepped over the tops of the stones. His eyes were dark when they met mine, and a sinful smirk was on his face. “Your reflexes are much better, but you’re still quite clumsy for a werewolf.”

“I’m not clumsy.” I snapped playfully, scowling up at him. “You and Alec are just special.”

“You think we’re special?” Kade asked, chuckling low in my ear. We had crossed the small ravine already, but Kade had yet to set me down. “Sweetheart, you are the special one.”

Kade shifted and moved until my legs were wrapped around his torso, and my arms were around his neck.

“How can you walk like this?” I scoffed, yelping when his hand slapped against my bottom.

“It isn’t very hard, I have motivation.” He laughed, a sound that was as thick and rich as the forest around us. I stifled an embarra*s*sing M0@n when he pulled me tightly against him, his rippling muscles beneath my thighs.

“I’m not going to last another half hour if all I smell is her arousal.” Alec called out from behind him, making Kade chuckle and I blanch.

“Let me down.” I hissed quietly, tapping on Kade’s shoulders. “If you don’t, I won’t last half an hour either.”

“Actually—in that case, feel free to play with her a little while longer, brother.” Alec chuckled, flashing a dark look my way.

“Don’t you dare.” I warned Kade, giving him a stern look.

There was no way I’d be doing anything out here, not until I was able to cool off. It was unbearably humid, and the sweat trickled down my back in thin rivulets.

Kade let me down slowly, and I could feel the full length of him pressing against the seam of his pants. His apologetic smile was flimsy, and I could see past it in an instant.

Once the fire burning in my gut stopped raging out of control, the rest of the walk was actually pleasant. A cool breeze continued to whoosh by as we neared closer to or destination, giving me a small reprieve from the heat.

I could hear the water running before actually seeing it, and could smell its freshness from far away. We broke through the tree-line, and stood at the top of a small waterfall. Easily ten feet high, I could feel the spray of the water as it clashed to the bottom. Jagged stones, shining with moisture dotted the cliff and surrounding area.

“You’re sure no one will see us here?” I asked the two of them, feeling oddly exposed since my conversation with Zayne.

“Nah, we own the surrounding forest.” Alec rea*s*sured me, tossing his bag against the trunk of an oak tree.

I trusted his word and took a deep breath. I was comfortable around the twins, but I was nearly positive that pang of nervousness in my gut would never go away. Their presences were just so consuming, and I wasn’t sure I’d ever learn how not to drown in their eyes.

I dropped my own bag to the ground, and Str!pped my t-shirt from my head. Alec stopped digging through his bag, his head c*oc*ked and eyes on me. Kade acted the same, his attention diverted and placed on me.

How couldn’t I feel confident? I could feel what they felt for me. I sat at the center of their world, and there would never be another woman who could dare get that close.

My shorts fell to the ground next, leaving me clad in a lacy bra and thong. It had been a pair the twins packed me, one that took fifteen minutes of debating to finally place on my body. It was completely see-through, revealing every inch of my body. Either way, that wasn’t too different from what I had in mind.

I sauntered up to Kade with as much confidence as I could muster. Once I stood a few inches away, I turned around and gazed up at him through my lashes.

“Could you undo my bra, please?” I asked sweetly, my legs buckling when I felt a rush of need blast through my senses.

Ever since marking the twins, their emotions were on overdrive. It was like I could feel them completely now, the emotion at its fullest.

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” He spoke after a few moments of silence; his voice was huskier than usual.

I could feel every place his fingers touched my skin. He chuckled at the goosebumps that ran down my arms and back. Once the clasp on my bra was undone, I let it flutter to the ground with the rest of my clothing.

“Need help with anything else?” Kade asked from behind me, his fingers toying with the lace underwear I wore.

“I don’t think so.” I said breathlessly, taking a few steps away and dropping my underwear on top of the pile of clothes.

If Kade were to have helped me with my underwear, he’d see the full extent of his impact on my body. That wasn’t happening. There was only so much I could take, and I knew I wouldn’t ever live it down.

“Are you two going to swim, or just stand here and stare at me?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips as I looked them both in the eye.

I didn’t know I had the confidence to stand there in front of them. Even though my fingers twitched with the urge to cover myself, I managed to stand my ground.

“Well—we were going to swim.” Alec reasoned with a sly smile and a shrug. “I think we have something better in mind.”

“Oh no, that’s not happening.” I shook my head, taking a few steps back towards the edge of the small cliff. “We came here to swim, and I’m going to swim.”

“You really can’t be persuaded, doll?” Alec asked, jutting his lower lip out in a pout that made my mouth water.

“Not a chance.” I squealed, leaping from the top of the cliff and into the water below.

The sweat was washed from my body, and the heat had vanished under the weight of cool water.

The twins followed after me shortly, making identical splashes in the water below. I hid behind the waterfall, but was startled by Kade before I had the chance to sneak up on either of them.

We swam for what felt like hours, not even stopping to eat. The sun cooked the ground below, but the water from the lake continued washing away the sweat. My limbs ached from the constant swimming and occasional wrestling matches, but I savored every bit of it.

Alec and Kade were evenly matched when it came to wrestling. My new favorite source of entertainment came from watching the twin’s wrestle. Not only was there a plethora of rippling muscles to gaze at, they were actually quite funny. Kade would slam Alec into the water, splashing me as I perched myself on a smooth stone. Alec would somehow manage to hold onto Kade, sending him tumbling into the water.

There wasn’t a clear winner at the end of their battle, but both were heaving and throwing side-ways glares at the other.

Much to Thalia’s delight, we shifted and raced throughout the forest. Alec had won every time, but I had managed to beat Kade three times. He snarled in outrage. Alec laughed in his face and called him a sore loser, making me snort and slowly erupt in laughter.

Shortly after that, the three of us were sprawled on a thick blanket that Alec had tossed in the gra*s*s.

The twin’s took turns devouring me like a personal feast. By the time they had finished, I was sore to the touch and dying for another dip in the cold water.

We ventured home just as the sun began to set. The three of us made the hike back to the cabin, only to end up in bed an hour later. We couldn’t keep our hands off of one another during our lengthy shower.

Perhaps it was the threat of what might come tomorrow. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t help but think of the worst. They could sentence me to death, and deem me unworthy of life. Alec and Kade would send their packs to war for me, just as Julian and Garrett would. It would be a bloodbath, and for what?

‘It’s not for nothing. White wolves have been hunted and kept as weapons; it needs to end. We’re strong enough to fight against this.’ Thalia reminded me, the voice of strength and duty that lived within my mind.

The thought of what would come made the three of us on edge, desperate to claim and be claimed. I knew what would be coming tonight, and let their kisses chase away any lingering nerves.

“Will it hurt?” I gasped, wedged between the twins with both sheathed inside of me completely.

Kade stood at my front, his hand roughly grasping my chin as he thrust inside of me. Alec was behind, his hands playing with my bre@sts and his c*oc*k easing inside my puckered hole.

“Don’t worry about that, doll,” Alec murmured in my ear, but the sound turned into a deep gr0@n when he closed those last inches and filled me completely. “f*uc*k, Aurora—”

They both took what they needed from me, and gave me twice in return. The twins quickly formed a rhythm with their thrusts, making my c*ore grind against Kade and send lashes of ple@sure down my legs.

Alec tangled his hand in my hair, pulling my head back against his shoulder. I looked up at him and nearly came from the feral look in his eyes. His body was shining with sweat, his husky scent filling every corner of the room.

“Come for us, sweetheart,” Kade murmured, his lips finding my neck.

Just as Kade grinded against my swollen cl*t, Alec pinched my nipple and sent me spiraling over the edge. I pulsed around the two of them, my back arched and jaw slack from the 0rg@sm that had quaked through me.

Both twins took that moment of bliss to sink their teeth into the hollow of my throat. Kade took the left side and Alec had taken the right. The second their teeth broke through my skin, a flash of pain danced behind my eyes, only to be fought and smothered by the ple@sure my body felt.

That pain lived for a brief moment, but then expanded into something I had felt before. When I had marked the twin’s, I could feel that part of our connection form and grow. We weren’t completed, not until I had that same mark.

I could feel the moment their teeth had hit their mark, and the symbol that would soon form on my skin bubbled beneath the surface. My neck was warm, incredibly warm despite the stinging pain.

The twin’s lapped away the blood that dotted my neck. Kade rested his forehead against my own, remaining sheathed inside of me. I could feel his heavy heartbeats against my chest, and Alec’s at my back.

‘You are incredible, sweetheart.’ Kade’s voice was an echo in my mind, ‘You did so well.’

His voice blended into my own thoughts so well I had nearly overlooked the comment.

‘Can he hear me?’ I thought, ‘Is he in my mind, or am I in his?’

‘Think of it like were constantly on a 3-way call.’ Alec chuckled, joining the conversation.

‘Is there any way to mute our little 3-way call?’ I giggled, trying not to blush.

There were too many things I didn’t need the twins over hearing, mostly how much I drool over them. Their egos are big enough without me adding to the mix.

‘Yes, doll. I do think we’ll need to teach her how to block some of her thoughts.’ Alec snorted, directing his comment at Kade.

‘Big egos?’ Was Kade’s grumbled response.

“Don’t be such a baby.” I cooed at Kade, whose eyes darkened in retaliation.

“I can think of a much better use for that mouth than saying those hateful things, sweetheart.” Kade scolded me, giving me a kiss that stole my breath and made my c*ore clench. His dark eyes flitted to his brother, “I’d like to make our little mate scream now, brother.”

“I’ll never p@ssup an opportunity like that.” Alec chuckled, his fingers rubbing slow circles on my sore bre@sts. His lips trailed my neck, and sent little shivers of pain down my neck whenever he hit my wound.

We took advantage of our time together, tangled in a mess of limbs and whispered words. My body ached and thrummed, exhausted yet completely insatiable. My throat had grown a bit sore from the sounds I had made, the sounds the twin’s devoured and lusted after.

Only when the clock read early in the morning, did we curl up on the bed? I stayed up for a while after that, my head on Kade’s chest and my legs tangled with Alec’s. I listened to the thrum of their hearts and the peaceful whispers of their emotions until my eyes finally fluttered shut.

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