Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 74

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 74

“I thought we were getting a shower?” I asked, an eyebrow lifted in interest as Kade turned on the faucet to the bath.

I had long admired the bathtub in their bathroom, but hadn’t yet had the chance to use it. The jets etched into the side of the bathtub, the built-in seat meant to recline in, and the curved design that could easily fit a small family; it all called my name. After nearly a lifetime of living in cruddy apartments and decrepit houses, this place seemed like a mansion. I was used to small shower bathtub combinations, most of the time stained an unappealing shade of yellow. More times than not, mold dotted the ceiling in black and green splotches. The times I had used their obnoxiously large shower, I took all the time in the world to enjoy the constant stream of hot water and the glistening surfaces that made me wonder how often this house was cleaned.

“You’ve been eying this bathtub since moving in. I thought you might finally want to use it.” Kade remarked, perched on the edge of the bathtub with a look of interest on his face.

Both of the twins were always so intense, and always had a predatory-like focus on me. Those first run-ins with them, it had been far too intense for me to comprehend. When they set their sights on something, they put everything they had into it; every thought, emotion, and action dedicated to that one thing. Where it had once overwhelmed me, it now heated me in a way

“I’ve been eying it, because who has a bathtub like this?” I laughed, gesturing to the miniature swimming pool before me. “Five normal sized people could fit in here easily.”

“Are Alec and I not what you would call ‘normal-sized?’” Kade snorted, one of his dark eyebrows lifting.

Where Alec’s touch reminded me of crashing waves, Kade’s was the touch of flame. I drowned in the ocean that was Alec, ripped down into the cold depths of the ocean, battered by the thrashing waves that held me down. I was burned in the billowing flames that made up Kade, and could feel the heat crackle up my spine, filling every crevice with delicious warmth. They were two halves of a whole, both of which fit me completely.

I smirked at the intrigued expression on his face and pulled the sports bra from my body, letting it fall to the floor in a clump of black fabric. “You and I both know, there’s nothing normal about the size of you two. Last time I checked, most eighteen-year-olds aren’t built like line-backers.”

“Are you talking about our bod*ies, or something else?” He teased, a tone that was amusing considering the deepness of Kade’s voice.

A dark flame flickered behind those eyes, and his gaze seemed to narrow to my exposed chest. The cold air in the bathroom made my nipples harden into stiff peaks, a sight Kade devoured with lavish interest. Despite the blush that stained my cheeks, I managed a weak smirk in his direction.

“I’m talking about your body.” I scoffed, “As for your other part, I don’t have anyone else to compare with, other than Alec.”

“Good.” Kade all but snarled, standing from the edge of the bathtub.

He stood just inches away after taking two big strides, and looked down at me through the dark strands of his unruly hair. He smelled of cinnamon and heat, of male musk that I prayed would become firmly embedded in my brain. It was a mouthwatering scent, only made better by mixing with Alec’s.

His weighted gaze traveled down my face, lingering on my full l!ps before grazing over the arches of my br*easts. Despite how comfortable I felt around the twins, I couldn’t shake the bouts of self-consciousness that would p@ssover me. They were the first of any man to see me completely exposed, yet they saw none of the flaws I did. My fingers twitched as I resisted the urge to cover myself, an action Kade noticed entirely.

His eyes narrowed, and darted up to my own before his calloused hand gripped my chin. His grip wasn’t hard enough to hurt me, but firm enough to capture my undivided attention. He tilted my head to the side before leaning in close, his l!ps grazing the soft skin of my earlobe.

“Shy little Aurora. Some day you will see how delectable you truly are.” His chuckle was low and raspy, a sound that made my knee’s wobble. It was a sound full of dark promise, one that would bring both ple@sure and pain.

“Delectable?” I breathed heavily, my eyes fluttering up to his own. “Someday I’m going to have a huge ego, and it’ll all be because of you and Alec.”

“As you should.” He murmured, the corners of his l!ps twitching into a deviously handsome smirk. “I went easy on you the first few times, sweetheart. But I like to play and I’m eager to see how much you can handle.”

“How much I can handle?” I squeaked, eyes going wide as I saw an entirely new side of Kade.

I had always known he was a bit darker than his brother, prone to anger that made the world tremble, but I hadn’t quite expected this. My lack of experience with the opposite gender left me not quite knowing what I enjoyed, but I trusted Alec and Kade enough to show me; to teach me new things. I wanted the darkness that lingered within Kade, wanted it to claim me as its own. Every part of them, light or dark, belonged to me; just as my own demons belonged to them.

The three of us were imperfect, but shared those imperfections and embraced them fully. It was a feeling of complete security; one I had never known before. There was no wondering, no worrying that they might find someone new. Full acceptance was something beautiful and rare, something very little were able to experience.

“With your permission, of course.” He grinned, a purely indulgent, male smile that promised nothing yet everything.

“Oh—of course.” I stammered, nodding my head a little too enthusiastically.

“Good girl.” He chuckled, and the sound of his voice was like liquid flame shooting straight between my legs. My body awoken at the raspy praise, and I twitched as the urge to consume him completely took over. Kade noticed every reaction my body elicited and seemed to devour them all. A wide, snake-like grin formed on his face; the smile of a predator, lazy and confident. “Patience, sweetheart. We haven’t even started yet.”

Kade turned the knob on the faucet and the water spewing into the bathtub sputtered to a stop. Steam rippled and billowed off the water, coating the mirror against the far wall in a thin coating of steam. In an agonizingly slow movement, he pulled the shirt from his body and discarded his pants on the floor. Like Alec, Kade was deliciously formed with rippling muscles and dark hair along his arms and legs. His chest was smooth apart from the scars that marred his skin. Every carving into his creamy skin only added to the excitement, the attraction I felt towards him.

“Take off your clothes.” He smirked, catching me ogling his n@ked body.

His command snapped me out of my stupor, and while I was blushing furiously, I did not apologize. Only a fool wouldn’t stare. My eyes had traced the thick muscles that ran along his thighs, down to the heavy member that hung between his legs.

Much less gracefully than Kade had, I shed the rest of my clothes. A squeal left my l!ps when Kade scooped me up and stepped into the bath. The water was hot against my skin, but only stung for a moment before I became used to the heat. My aching muscles welcomed the hot water, and I let out a low gr0@n. Kade gripped my h!ps and spun me around so that I now faced the mirror along the far wall. The hardness between his legs was pressed tightly against my bottom, and I could feel every hard ridge along his sh@ft. His fingers skimmed up and down my sides, slowly grazing h!ps before plunging even lower. He took his time caressing me, and with each passing second, the ache between my legs had grown.

I should’ve been tired; completely worn out. Not only had I trained most of the day, but I had also been taken by his brother, and was left a trembling mess when we had finished. Yet, my body craved more. It was as though it knew it had felt the heated touches of only one mate, and it craved to feel the wicked touches of the other. My body came alive as Kade’s fingers danced down my thighs.

“Spread your legs for me, sweetheart.” He purred, and I locked eyes with him through the mirror against the wall. Who had decided to place a mirror that reflected directly into the bathtub was beyond me, but for the moment, I was thankful for the strange design choice. “Let me see your pretty little p*uss*y. I want you to watch everything I do to you, understand?”

“Yes!” I gasped, just as his fingers grazed my damp folds, sending blissful tingles down through my legs.

“One last thing.” He spoke softly in my ear, his l!ps traveling down the length of my neck. “You come when I say so.”

I swallowed thickly, just a tinge of fear surfacing in my gut. The ple@sure I experienced at the hands of the twin’s wasn’t something I could hold back. It was a torrent of flame, an unwavering tsunami; a f0rce of nature that completely obliterated any sense of awareness I had. It wasn’t something I held back; it was something that overtook me completely. I wasn’t sure how I could hold something like that back, but I would try. I would try for Kade.

His fingers grazed over the bundle of nerves between my legs, and I jerked in response. Quick flashes of ple@sure pelted me like burning embers, making me go taut and loose all at once. Every rough p@ssof his fingers had me ratcheting higher, and my breaths began to come in little pants. When he slipped a finger inside of me, I nearly came undone right then and there.

“Watch what I’m doing to you. See how beautiful you are? See how perfect you look when your cheeks are flushed, and those perfect l!ps are parted?” Kade rasped in my ear, his eyes locked on my own through the mirror. “See how your p*uss*y responds to me?”

Without realizing, one of my hands drifted up to my exposed br*east. The top of my body was completely exposed from the steaming water, and my nipples had already hardened from the cold air. I palmed one of my own br*easts, rolling my nipple in between my fingers as a hiss escaped my l!ps.

“That’s it, sweetheart.” Kade gr0@ned, pushing his hard length further into my backside, “Make yourself feel good.”

I ground my teeth together, fighting that blistering ple@sure and the flames that burned in its wake. My legs trembled, and my aching muscles gr0@ned from the effort; yet, the ple@sure never once ceased. Kade slipped another finger inside of me, using his thumb to stroke that little bundle of nerves like it was a finely tuned instrument. He worked my body to a crescendo, only to still and let the note fall flat.

Kade continued murmuring in my ear, and his dirty words only spurred on the looming org*sm that threatened to take over. I was hyperaware of his length pressed against me, and writhed as my c*ore ached for him.

After holding back the consuming ple@sure a third time, my strength was beginning to waver. I needed something, anything. I needed to feel him stretching my walls, pushing me to my limit as I came completely undone around him. I wanted to feel him pulse inside of me, spilling his liquid fire deep within my body. I could feel that my cl!t had swollen, and every single touch was like blissful t*ortur*e. A whimper escaped my l!ps as the ple@sure reached newfound heights. Each time I had held it back, it returned with vengeance; determined to Str!p me completely of my will and sanity.

“Don’t you dare, Aurora.” Kade snarled, “I want to feel you wrapped around me when you come.”

“Please—” I gasped, my legs quivering with each breath that left my l!ps. “I need—”

“Tell me what you need.” He growled, pushing against my cl!t rough enough to make me yelp.

“I need to feel you inside of me.” I rasped, my voice husky and completely unlike my usual tone. “I want you to fu*ck me, so bad—so bad.”

“We’re going to try something new, sweetheart. Think you can handle it?” He asked, and I could see his smirk through the mirror.

“I’ll try anything at this point.” I answered honestly, my chest rising and falling in rapid succession.

“If at any point you can’t handle it, tell me.” He locked eyes with me, his face devoid of any playfulness. “Don’t suffer for my sake, understood?”

“Yes, I understand.” I nodded exuberantly.

“Good girl. Now, grip the edge of the tub. I want you facing the mirror. Watch as I fu*ck you.” He purred, giving my h!ps one last squeeze before letting me go.

I did as Kade had said and maneuvered onto my knees, gripping the porcelain edge of the bathtub. I was a foot away from the steamy surface of the mirror, and could see Kade positioning himself behind me. I thought nothing of it when he rubbed the head of his c*oc*k against my entrance, gathering my slickness.

Surprise followed by a flicker of fear blossomed on my face as his length traveled higher, to the puckered hole above my p*uss*y. He pushed against it gently, rolling his lower l!p between his teeth, watching every emotion as it crossed my face.

I had thought of the twins taking me in many ways, and I was embarra*s*sed to say that this scenario had crossed my mind countless times. I knew that anal was something many people did, but I never thought to count myself into the mix. It was something new and somewhat frightening, but I trusted Alec and Kade wholly. Despite the flicker of darkness that lived within Kade, I knew he would never harm me. It was this sense of complete comfort that encouraged me, that spurred me on as I crossed into uncharted territory.

“Relax, sweetheart.” He murmured; his eyes soft. “I’ll let you adjust once it’s in.”

I managed a strong nod and spread my legs a little further, hoping it would help once the thickness of him filled me completely. I held my breath as the head of him parted that tight hole, and exhaled once he was fully sheathed within my body. It was—different. I felt full, entirely full and gorged on him. Kade waited with incredible patience, patience I wasn’t sure I would’ve had if I were in his position. He had not moved an inch, even as his length pulsed inside of me. Slowly, I shifted my own h!ps. I gasped as his c*oc*k slid out a few inches, before sliding back in with ease. A different kind of ple@sure rocked through me, but it was equally potent; equally addicting.

For those brief moments, I wondered what it might feel like to have Alec beneath me, to feel him and his brother at the same time.

“What are you thinking, sweetheart?” Kade chuckled, watching me through the mirror. “You’re blushing even harder than usual.”

“I—um.” I stammered, my grip on the tub tightening. “I was wondering if—if next time, you and Alec would fu*ck me…at the same time.”

Just a flicker of dark surprise crossed Kade’s face before a purely male expression of wicked amusement formed.

“You want both of our c*oc*ks inside of you? Dirty little mate.” He cooed, pulling a few inches out of me, only to thrust home.

The m0an that left my l!ps was one I had never heard before, a sound I could’ve have held back even if I tried.

Just as Kade opened his mouth to speak again, the shrill sound of a cellphone rang throughout the bathroom. The two of us collectively gr0@ned in frustration. Without removing himself from my body, Kade reached over and snatched his phone from where it sat on the edge of the tub. The frustration that had once lingered on his face vanished as he looked at the screen.

“Well, let’s see how Alec feels about your little request.” He chuckled, turning the screen of his phone towards the mirror.

In bright white font the name “Alec” flashed.

“Brother.” Kade drawled, lazily. He placed the phone on speaker and set it on the edge of the bathtub, turning his smoldering attention back on me.

“We found something interesting about white wolves. Can you and Aurora meet us at Garrett’s in an hour?” Alec’s voice sounded from the phone, and I could hear the poorly subdued frustration in his words, most likely from dealing with Julian and Garrett.

“Will do.” Kade replied, short and crisp.

As if on cue, Kade slid his length from my bottom before thrusting forward once more. His large hand tangled itself in my hair and pulled my head back. My back arched and a gasp left my l!ps. My c*ore throbbed and ached with every thrust Kade made, desperately begging for release. I felt myself clench around him, and savored the delicious gr0@n that left his l!ps.

“Is that Aurora’s little whimpers I hear?” Alec’s tone held a hint of surprise, but ended on a note of pure desire.

Kade chuckled, “Say hello, sweetheart.”

“Hi, Alec.” I murmured, my voice low and husky.

Kade chose that moment to thrust again, making me yelp as Alec’s name left my l!ps.

“Well, I seemed to have called at a bad time.” He chuckled, but his voice had grown a few octaves lower.

I could practically feel his desire through the phone, feel his love and longing.

“Actually, you’ve called at the perfect time.” Kade chuckled, “Our little mate has a request for us.”

While one of Kade’s hands was tangled in my hair, the other reached forward and brushed against my swollen cl!t. I jerked against his c*oc*k, whimpering pitifully. I was so horribly turned on, and the sound of Alec’s heavy breaths only increased my arousal.

“What might that be?” Alec responded, his voice low and raspy.

“Aurora would like to know if we could both fu*ck her at the same time. As of right now, I have her tight little a*ss wrapped around my c*oc*k.” Kade growled, slipping a finger inside of my p*uss*y. He curled his finger inside of me, hitting something that nearly brought on an earth-shattering org*sm.

Alec’s snarl sounded at the same time as my near-screaming m0an.

The insides of my thighs were slick with my arousal, and I shook from the fire that raced through my veins. If I thought this felt incredible, I knew I would lose all sense if I had both Alec and Kade deep within me.

The phone went silent for a few moments before Alec finally answered.

“Fu*ck, I wish I was there.” Alec gr0@ned, a sound of pure pain. “Keep me on the phone, I want to hear when she comes.

“Somehow, I thought you’d feel that way.” Kade chuckled, but the sound was strained with the ple@sure that rocked through him. He turned his attention back on me, and my body quivered under his dark gaze. “Tell me how you want me to fu*ck you, sweetheart.”

I needed it, I needed it so bad. I wanted the pain that accompanied the ple@sure; the pain that heightened everything. I wanted to be left a shaking mess, feeling his warmth leak from within me.

“Fu*ck me hard—“ I gasped, my voice taking on a pathetic whine. “Please, Kade. I need it, I need it so bad.”

I hadn’t a clue what I was getting myself into, not a single clue. I had limited experience with normal s*e*x, and this—this was an entirely new experience.

Kade’s snarl echoed throughout the bathroom, an animalistic sound that filled me with both nervousness and excitement. At my approval, Kade unleashed himself onto me. The sound of flesh against flesh filled the bathroom, paired with my shrill m0ans and whimpers. The sounds that came from me—I had never heard anything like them. I had never thought myself capable of those sounds.

Kade was even worse, snarling and grunting as he slammed his c*oc*k inside of my a*ss. His fingers worked against my cl!t, snaking in my entrance and touching every part of me they could.

I couldn’t hear Alec on the phone, but I knew without a doubt he was listening intently; that he was memorizing and savoring every scream that left my l!ps.

I could hear Kade mumbling incoherently in my ear, completely taken over by the same ple@sure that rattled through me.

“Come for me, sweetheart.” He hissed, pushing his thumb against my cl!t. “Fu*ck, Aurora—you’re so fu*cking tight.”

The deep rasp of his voice struck me as deep as his length, and within seconds the ple@sure that quaked through me reached its tipping point. Kade’s name tore through my l!ps on a scream, and I shook as my c*ore clenched and unclenched. Kade felt like steel inside of me, and I whimpered when his hot s*eed filled me, savoring every pulse of his c*oc*k.

“She can have whatever she wants.” Alec finally responded; his voice low. I could hear his heavy breaths on the other end, and wondered what he had been doing while listening in on us. “She’s got us wrapped around her little finger, Kade.”

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