Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 53

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 53

Once Garrett left, the tense aura that filled the dining room slowly dissipated. Callie let out a long sigh, followed by a brief head shake, as though she were trying to wipe the memory from mind. Theo grimaced at the dining room entrance, as though he could still see Garrett standing there.

“I meant what I said, Aurora.” Callie smiled softly, “You’re more than welcome to live here. It sounds like you don’t have anywhere else to go.”

“I don’t,” I shook my head, “I have Melissa and Frank, but–they’re not an option.”

“Well, while we have two guest rooms–I have a feeling you’ll want to stay with one of my sons. I don’t see why the two of you couldn’t move into one room with Aurora.” Callie mused, and I nearly ch*oked on the piece of chicken I was eating.

Kade chuckled lowly, making my face flush the color of a tomato. Even Alec had a playful light burning in his eyes. I wasn’t expecting Callie and Theo to be so–understanding? Most parents would never feel comfortable with what she was suggesting, but Callie seemed unphased by the potential events that could occur in that particular bedroom. I was sure she could tell exactly where my mind had gone, as a playful light similar to her son’s had crossed her gaze.

“It’s normal for mates to sleep in the same room.” Callie pointed out, “So long as your using protect–“

“Mom, we understand.” Alec snickered, waggling his eyebrows at me.

“Just making sure.” Callie put her hands up in defeat, “The guest room down the hall has a bigger bed, the three of you might want to make that your permanent bedroom. I can’t help you with the closet space though.”

“It’ll be just fine.” Alec nodded.

“Speak for yourself.” Kade murmured, his dark eyes flashing playfully, “Aurora is quite the bed hog.”

“I am not.” I sputtered, giving Kade an incredulous glance.

“She really is, isn’t she?” Alec mused, “Why would such a little thing need so much space.”

“Her kicks hurt though.” Kade nodded, “Bruised my knee the other night.”

“The two of you are nearly triple my size.” I glared at the two of them, “If anyone hogs the bed, it’s one of you.”

Even with the playful bickering between us, a nervous flutter sounded low in my stomach. I would be sharing a bed with Alec and Kade for the second time. While nothing s*e*xual happened at Sage’s house, I wasn’t sure I could say the same for their own home. I hoped werewolf hearing wasn’t that good, as I didn’t want their Mom and Dad to hear everything that went on down the hall. The thought sent an intense blush to my face, running down the length of my neck and shoulders.

“You might want to get your thoughts under control, d0ll,” Alec murmured in my ear, his warm breath sending a chill down my body. “Werewolves can smell the arousal of a female.”

This time I did ch*oke on the food in my mouth, a sputtering cough leaving my l!ps as I grasped for my glassof water. Kade lifted it before I could, placing it in my hands with a wicked grin, one that definitely made me question the events of tonight.

Kade had once said, his self-control wasn’t all that strong. The thought of being intimate with Alec and Kade had never been one I frowned upon. I had been attracted to them the moment I met them. What worried me most was, I wasn’t sure I was ready to go all the way yet. What was even more worrisome, I wasn’t sure I’d stop them if things did get that far. Thankfully, Alec and Kade’s parents were engrossed in a conversation of their own, undoubtedly giving the three of us some time to ourselves.

After finishing dinner, I helped Callie clean the table and kitchen, all while thanking her a million times for letting me stay. The three of us headed up to one of the guest rooms, and I marveled at the size of the bed. The room itself was huge, more like a suite than a simple bedroom. The room had its own bathroom, set with a large tub and walk-in shower. I eyed the bathtub hungrily. I couldn’t remember the last time I had an actual bath, one in a clean tub.

Alec and Kade went to grab a set of clothes for themselves, returning with something for me to wear as well. Kade headed into the bathroom, and I listened as he turned on the faucet. A few minutes later, he returned to the bedroom, taking my hand as he pulled me from the bed.

“I saw you staring at the bathtub.” Kade smirked, but his eyes remained soft. “I figured you might want a bath.”

“I wasn’t staring.” I grimaced, though a soft fluttering sensation erupted in my chest.

Kade had ran the bath for me, and from the small bubbles dancing along the water, he had put soap in the water as well. The action made me realize how little I truly knew them, but I was more than excited to learn everything I could. I wanted to learn everything I could about my mates–my fiercely protective and honorably kind mates.

Alec and Kade left me alone in the bathroom, something I was grateful for. I wasn’t quite sure if I had the confidence to Str!p fully n@ked in front of the two. The door shut softly behind me, and I Str!pped out of the clothes Sage had let me wear. A t-shirt and a pair of shorts sat on the small bench in the corner of the bathroom. From the size of the clothes, they were definitely Alec or Kade’s.

I slipped into the steaming water with a gentle sigh, letting it sooth my tense muscles. I stood from the tub once the water had gotten too cold, drying off with a towel, and slipping on the clothes they had given me. The t-shirt went down to my knees, and the shorts were no better. The shorts fell to a pile at my feet, a pool of black mesh. There was no way they’d stay on my waist. Feeling somewhat bold, I tossed the shorts on the bench and left them forgotten.

When I left the bathroom, Alec and Kade were nowhere in sight. I took the opportunity and slipped under the plush blanket that sat on top of the bed. I tugged the hem of the t-shirt down as far as I could, covering my bottom easily. After a few minutes, Alec and Kade entered the room.

“Sorry, Dad needed to talk to us.” Alec nodded, “He’s going to want to talk with you tomorrow.”

“With me?” I squeaked; eyes wide. “Is something wrong?”

“I doubt it.” Kade shrugged, “Garrett’s a prick, so Dad’s wary that his daughter happens to be our mate.”

“Garrett’s clearly pissed.” Alec snorted.

I watched in stunned silence as Alec pulled his t-shirt off, rippling muscles danced along his stomach. His biceps flexed as he tossed the t-shirt to the floor. Kade did the same, and I was equally enamored at the perfection of their bod*ies. Kade had a few knicks and small scars along his torso, but it only added to his alluring perfection. Alec caught me staring and flashed me a grin, letting his jeans fall to the floor.

I turned my eyes at the perfect moment, not willing to give him the satisfaction of catching me looking that far down. Kade took a shower first, letting Alec take one shortly after. Steam poured out from the crack at the bottom of the door, spewing their musky scent into the room. Deep and rich, woodsy with just a hint of spice. I inhaled deeply, noting how their scent was no replacement for their physical touch.

Kade slipped into bed as Alec hopped in the shower, I felt his eyes on me and turned to face him. I watched as the corner of his l!p twitched, raising in a smile. My eyes trailed along his sharp jawline, on the shaved sides of his head, and up to the long patch of hair that dangled down his forehead.

I remembered what Alec said earlier, how I owed Kade. My stomach fluttered at the thought, and I did what I could to shove my nerves down. They were my mates, after all. I was positive neither would mind me touching them, and yet every time I looked at them, I couldn’t imagine how these two men belonged to me.

Much like Alec had, Kade stiffened as I leaned forward, my breath fanning across his l!ps. His surprise was sweet on my tongue, and I let my l!ps graze along his own. Plush and soft against my l!ps, he let me explore the curve of his cupids bow. After a few seconds, I could feel his self-control snap like a weak tether. Kade’s rough hands gripped my face softly, pulling my l!ps against his. He left me breathless, panting for more as he ran his teeth along my lower l!p.

“What was that for?” Kade asked, eyes hooded as he looked down at me. His bare chest was rising and falling at the same speed as my own.

“I owed you.” I smiled, my eyes darting to the bathroom door as Alec stepped out.

“I miss all the fun.” Kade chuckled, raising an eyebrow at Alec, who smiled innocently.

Alec slipped into bed behind me, his chest against my back. I let the warmth from the two of them seep into my skin, and I couldn’t name a single moment where I had felt this relaxed. Alec planted a single kiss to my shoulder before resting his head on the pillow and turning out the light. I listened quietly, my mind racing as their breathing evened.

All of the stress was wiped from Kade’s face as I watched him sleep. His l!ps were slightly parted, his breath falling in swift pants. His dark eyelashes fanned out, grazing his cheeks. I wanted to turn, to look at Alec while he slept, but I didn’t want to wake them.

Sleep refused to claim me, and Thalia was no help. She insisted on completing the mating process, but refused to tell me exactly what it entailed. From the images she was putting in my head, I knew the mating process had to do with s*e*x. Thalia was relentless, nearly begging me to wake the twins, insisting they would give me anything I asked.

I found myself s*cked into my own thoughts, remembering how it felt to have their hands on my body, their rough fingers gliding across my cool skin. I remembered how it felt as I had come undone on Alec’s fingers, the husky words they murmured in my ear. The sensitive spot between my legs throbbed painfully, making me clench my thighs to alleviate some of the pressure. I wanted more–I wanted to feel them, to explore their bod*ies myself, to learn what they enjoyed and wanted.

Alec’s arm was dr@ped over my waist, but as he shifted in his sleep, his arm drew lower until it grazed against my bare thigh. I couldn’t suppress the shiver that racked through me as I felt his calloused hands graze my soft skin, nor could I stop the devious thoughts that came to mind. I stiffened as Alec’s hand grazed my bare bottom, remembering I had left the basketball shorts in the bathroom. The t-shirt they had given me was plenty long enough to cover my important bits, but had risen as we all got into bed. Realization blossomed in my eyes as I felt something hard press against my backside, twitching as Alec continued tracing along my bare hip.

“Why aren’t you wearing any pants, d0ll?” Alec’s breath fanned my ear, his fingers dancing along my bare hip, threatening to travel lower with each deep breath.

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