Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 28

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 28

Kade’s POV:

It wasn’t our intention to find Aurora in the forest, but once we caught her scent it was nearing impossible to stop.

Alec and I locked eyes, our wolves inhaling the creamy scent of their mate. She was sitting by herself, her back against a large tree. The sunlight peered through the trees hitting her in the perfect spot. Her chocolate hair was glowing under the sunlight, looking like freshly spun silk. The sun brightened her unique eyes, making them radiate with color.

“Are you going to eat me or not?” She huffed, her face impassive as she looked at my brother and I.

There was no fear in her eyes; just the acceptance that her life could possibly end today. That fact send a sharp ringing pain throughout my body, sending the memory of the night we ran into her rushing to the front of my mind.

She was stumbling down the sidewalk; Alec and I noticed her before she saw us. She looked out of her mind with fear, the kind of fear that makes people do dangerous things. Her face was swollen; Our mate was hurt.

Something had changed about Aurora in that short time. She smelled different; stronger than normal. Her scent was swirling around us, amplified by some unseen f0rce.

It was clear something happened inside the house, something Aurora couldn’t bare to talk about. She stumbled away from us, begging us to leave her alone.

“What the fu*ck happened to her?” Alec snarled through the mind-link. His eyes were wracking up and down her body, trying to a*s*sess the damage done to her.

“Someone hurt her.” I growled lowly, “And they will d*ie for what they’ve done.”

From what we could tell, only her face had been harmed. I let my gaze travel lower, noticing her jeans were unb*ttoned and the zipper was down.

I could feel my body tremble, fighting against the urge to shift. Alec followed my line of sight and began his own battle. Fighting the urge to shed our skin and hunt down the person who harmed our mate.

Aurora’s fear helped us maintain control. She needed us right now; whether she knew it or not.

“Aurora-” Alec was the first to speak, and I watched pain wrack my brother as Aurora stumbled away from him.

“Leave- Leave me alone.” She hissed, much like a frightened kitten. “P-Please just leave me alone.”

Aurora took off running, bounding into the woods. Her speed was impressive considering her booted foot and swollen eye, just another thing that didn’t quite add up.

“Follow her.” I turned to Alec, “Remain hidden, don’t approach her. Just make sure she gets home safely.”

Determination mixed with the pain in Alec’s eyes, and he bounded into the woods after our terrified mate. Every cell in my body wanted to follow, to be the one that made sure Aurora made it home safely but I couldn’t.

I needed to figure out what happened, figure out who hurt Aurora. Her terror filled face would haunt my dreams from now on, that I was sure of. Unique eyes that should’ve been filled with love and light were filled with terror and pain.

I spent over an hour walking around the house, trying to get a grasp of what happened to our mate. Only one person was able to give me anything helpful. A girl with girly hair and dark espresso skin informed me Aurora came to the party with a friend of hers, Autumn.

I searched the house for Autumn, coming up short. If she had come to the party with Aurora, she wasn’t here now. A light hand ran over my shoulder, and I knew who it was without looking. The smell of perfume and hairspray wafted into my nose, making me grimace.

Alec had given me hell for letting Aurora think I was still with Grace. Thinking back on it, I couldn’t see why I was ever with her to begin with. Hell, I couldn’t see why I was with anyone other than Aurora. Everyone else was simply a cheap imitation of her, and I craved the real thing.

“I’m so glad you could make it.” Grace purred, placing both hands on my shoulders as she lifted on her toes.

“Not now.” I snapped, anger filling me. I removed her hands from my shoulders, even the thought of touching her skin disgusted me.

“You seem stressed.” She purred, in a way I’m sure she thought was very seductive. At one point, I might’ve been fooled. Grace had always been an easy fu*ck, nothing more. I made no false promises to Grace, and never told her anything more than the truth. Love was not a factor in our relationship, and neither were emotions. “I’m sure there’s an empty room around here somewhere.” She giggled, her voice raising four octaves.

She wrapped her manicured claw around my wrist and tried pulling me towards one of the bedrooms. Something in her eyes made me stop. They looked wide, and she was exuding just a little too much desperation. As though her life depended on what she was doing.

Before she could even blink, I had her slammed against the dry wall. My eyes never left hers, even as a long crack formed in the wall. Her eyes were bulging from her head, my hand wrapped securely around her skinny throat.

“Grace.” Her name was a snarl rolling off my lips, dripping with disgust and fury. “I will only ask once. Did you touch Aurora?”

Grace sputtered for a few moments, her face turning a deep shade of purple. I loosened my grip, realizing I had nearly K*lled her in my blinding anger.

“Aurora?” Grace spat, it wasn’t a secret Grace disliked Aurora. “Why the fu*ck would I touch her?” Her eyes were bright and defensive. I had to give it to Grace, she pulled herself together sK*llfully after almost being ch*oked to death.

“Have you seen her tonight?” I f0rced my voice to remain calm, but let my eyes burn with my true emotions. I was looking for blood tonight.

“She’s here?” Grace spat, “Fu*cking great.”

I turned away from Grace without another word, there were still more people to talk to. I planned on speaking to each and everyone, determined to know who had eyes on Aurora.

“You came all this way.” Grace whined, “Why don’t you just hang out with me?”

“I didn’t come for you.” I kept my eyes forward as I walked away, refusing to spare Grace another glance.

“She’s home safe.” Alec’s voice flooded through my mind. A thick sense of relief washed through me.

“Good.” I nodded, “All I’ve learned is that Aurora came here with a girl named Autumn.”

“No one else saw her there?” Alec grunted, his voice thick with irritation.

“So far, no luck.” I grimaced, feeling the same. “I’m not leaving until I speak with everyone here. Someone saw her, I know it.”

I found myself in the kitchen, attempting to speak with a girl who had far too much to drink.

“Aurora?” She slurred, “No I’m Rachel.”

“Have you seen Aurora?” I pinched the bridge of my nose, exhaling sharply in a poor attempt to remain patient.

“I don’t know who that is.” The girl slurred, giving me a shrug before stumbling to the side. “You can call me Aurora if you want though.”

“Long brown hair.” I closed my eyes, seeing her in my head. “She was wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans. I’m sure you would’ve noticed that.”

Every girl at this party was dressed to impress, wearing short form-fitting dresses and heels. Aurora was the only one dressed down, dressed for comfort.

“Oh that chick.” The girl hiccuped, but my attention was captured.

“Where did you see her?” The words left my lips in a rush as I towered over the drunk girl intimidatingly.

“Mm, Carson picked her up from the floor.” The girl shrugged, “Chick was wasted real good.”

A grimace formed on my face. Aurora wasn’t drunk, that much was clear when we ran into her. Alec and I would’ve been able to smell it rolling off her lips. She wasn’t drunk, and yet she was on the floor? The name Carson registered in my mind, sending possessive jealousy through me. It was no coincidence another man held her in his arms, and she runs from the house with her pants unb*ttoned. My vision began turning red, and I stormed through the house in an attempt to find Carson.

I recognized his name immediately. A member of our pack, two years older than Alec and I but still a lowly Omega. Constantly begging for some decibel of power was what Carson was known for.

“Have you seen Carson?” My voice was a rough growl as I asked person after person.

Finally, someone pointed me in the right direction. I stormed up the stairs, opening door after door until I found the person I was looking for.

Carson sat in one of the bathrooms, looking into the mirror as he touched his head gingerly. Blood coated the tips of his fingers. If only he knew, he was going to bleed a lot more before the night was through.

Carson locked eyes with me for just a split second before bolting towards the window. I was much faster, my senses heightened by experience and blood. I held Carson against the wall, my claws piercing his abdomen painfully. Blood pooled, seeping into his shirt.

“What did you do to Aurora?” My voice was calm, relaxed. I was past the point of blinding fury. This pup would d*ie at my hands for the crime he committed.

“I–Alpha, I didn’t.” Carson stammered, but it’s hard to lie with a set of claws piercing your skin.

I shoved them in a little deeper, hearing the squelch of his flesh tearing.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Carson pleaded, his face already slick with sweat. His body was shaking, no doubt from the adrenaline coursing through his body. His body knew it was going to d*ie, even before he did.

“What did you do.” I repeated myself, moving my fingers slightly to bring just another ounce of pain.

“I just did what I was told, man.” Carson whimpered, his lips trembling. His eyes were wide and searching, and I wondered if he truly thought he’d make it out of this alive.

“Did you r@pe her?” I got close, my chest vibrating as I waited for his answer.

“No.” Carson stammered. “She hit me–got away–so sorry.”

Carson dissolved into a quivering, sobbing mess. It was such a shame when men couldn’t retain the smallest shred of dignity in the face of death. So many people quiver in fear, soiling their pants as they beg for their lives. I refuse to d*ie that way, stubborn and insolent until the end.

“As your Alpha I sentence you to death for the crimes against Aurora, your Luna.” The words were calm, but my eyes were bright with everything I truly felt.

For just a split second, Carson’s eyes lit up with realization. That didn’t last long as I sunk my claws into his chest, severing his heart.

“Where are you?” Alec’s voice rang through my head. “I’m came back to the party.”

“Second floor, fifth door on the left.” I replied.

One minute later the bathroom door was being opened. Alec’s eyes widened as he took in Carson’s lifeless corpse. I walked to the sink, scrubbing his blood from my hands.

“Damn.” Alec nodded, “He was one of ours, right?”

I nodded, letting my claws retract into my hands.

“What’d he do?” Alec grimaced.

“He tried to r@pe, Aurora.” I stated as calmly as I could. The words alone sent my wolf into a bloodthirsty rage. Aurora was ours as much as we were hers. “Said someone put him up to it. I’m afraid my anger got the best of me before I could ask who put him up to it.”

Alec looked frustrated, but sighed in understanding.

“I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same in your shoes.” Alec grimaced, “But I would’ve been much cleaner about it.”

Alec and I were nearly identical in every way. The only thing that was different, was our personalities. Both of us enjoyed K*lling, fighting, and defending what was ours. The only difference was I was more bloodthirsty than my brother, more feral in how I K*lled. Alec was more strategic. He could take anyone and anything down by simply looking them over for a moment. He preferred the smartest K*ll, while I simply sunk my teeth and claws into whatever bit of flesh I could manage.

“We will find out who put him up to it, brother,” I growled under my breath.

“Until then, we keep an eye on Aurora.” Alec nodded, “If she goes anywhere, we follow.”

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