Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 67

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 67

There was a long pause of silence followed by two gr0ans. Awe and thick waves of increased desire flowed from the twins. They were impatient and hungry, ready to devour me completely at first chance.

I was beginning to understand the two of them. Both could be gentle lovers if opportunity called for it, but both loved the mixture of pain and ple@sure–having me completely undone around them. Screaming, whimpering, shaking.

They wanted me melting under their hands, my body completely in tune to their whims and touches. As much as I loved the gentle side of them, I wanted the side that would devour me completely. I wanted the feral dominance, the agony and ple@sure of every rough thrust.

“Tap if were too rough, Aurora.” Kade murmured in warning, “Don’t suffer for our sake.”

Before I could reply, Kade’s c**k slipped through my l!ps with renewed f0rce. I couldn’t tell where they began and I ended. My entire body shook with ple@sure and the f0rce from which both of them thrusted.

Alec’s words became incoherent snarls, his flesh slapping against my own. Even Kade was at a loss for words, thrusting himself through my !ips without mercy. With each jolt of ple@sure, my eyes rolled and my toes curled.

“f*uc*k, she likes it rough.” Alec gr0aned, sending another stinging slap to my bottom.

“She’s f*uc*king perfect–so perfect.” Kade grunted, filling my throat completely before pulling out again.

“You hear that, doll?” Alec snarled, “You’re ours. Every inch of you belongs to us, right down to your little pu**y.”

I could feel the words unspoken through their emotions. Through the overwhelming awe, and the blossoming bud of love that bloomed between us. I was theirs completely, just as they were mine.

The emotion was tiny, a little flower in bloom that spread its sweet scent across the world. I had never felt this emotion before, never experienced it for myself. It wasn’t love–not yet, but it was the beginning of love. The compassion and familiarity you felt when you saw someone you cared about.

The overwhelming need to protect them, to keep them at your side for the rest of your days. The sweet yet strong emotion coursed through me on a tidal wave of its own. It brought on unbelievable ple@sure and comfort, and had me shattering around the two of them.

At the shrill cry that left my mouth, I felt Alec harden and pulse inside of me. The feral sounds that came from the two of them would forever ring in my ears, would forever torment and arouse me. My pu**y pulsed around Alec’s c**k, milking it for all it had. As my mouth filled with Kade’s come, I swiped my tongue around his sh@ft.

Just as Kade slipped his satiated c**k from between my l!ps, the blindfold was lifted from my eyes. I found myself staring into the endless eyes of Kade. I noticed the heat that stained his cheeks, and found myself enamored with the way his ch3st lifted and fell.

“I want to watch you swallow my come, sweetheart.” Kade murmured, brushing his fingers beneath my chin.

His eyes seemed to darken as my throat worked, swallowing his load completely. The three of us collapsed onto the blanket they placed in the clearing, our ch3sts heaving and body blissfully loose. It was then that I looked around and audibly gasped.

I was surprised at how accurate my senses had been. We were in a large clearing. There were speckles of wild flowers growing in clumps around the circular feild. A thick stream worked its way through the clearing.

A large pile of rocks sat to the side of the stream, acting as a miniature waterfall. What surprised me most were the twinkling lights that hung from the trees. There were a few lanterns scattered about, casting fiery light along the dark forest floor.

“You guys did this?” I asked, my voice quiet and weak.

The little bloom of love in their ch3sts were the only answer I needed. I blinked back the tears that stung my eyes, unable to fathom why anyone would do something like this for me.

“You’re our mate.” Alec murmured, pulling me into his warm embrace. He wiped at the stray tear that managed to escape my eye. “It’s so much more than just a title. You were made for us, just as we were made for you.”

“You are the most important thing to us, sweetheart.” Kade murmured from behind me, his strong hands rubbing at my shoulders and back. “More important than our family, our pack. You are the only thing that matters.”

I wasn’t sure how long I laid there, wrapped in their embraces and smothered by their overwhelming emotions. I had never felt so relaxed–so happy in my entire life. This, this was everything I’d ever need. No matter what troubles lie ahead, I would face them all for another moment like this.

An hour or so must’ve passed before we all finally stirred. I hadn’t even realized how bare I was compared to the two of them. Completely na*ked and exposed as I let them hold and caress me. I could feel a heavy blush stain my cheeks, but couldn’t bring myself to move.

“Now, let’s get down to why we brought you here.” Alec chuckled, pulling me to my feet.

“So, you didn’t just bring me here to have s*e*x with me?” I teased, chuckling at the two of them.

“No, but if I have to see you na*ked for another minute–I’m not sure I’ll be able to control myself.” Kade grunted, his eyes darting down my body before returning to my face.

“We brought you here to shift.” Alec chimed in, unable to help himself as his eyes trailed down my exposed body.

At Alec’s words, Thalia roared to life. She had been giving me time alone with the twins, to develop my own emotions and feelings towards the two of them. She had been growing antsy for some time now, and was trying not to beg me for a chance to run. At the first opportunity, herself imposed silence flew right out the window.

“Thalia would love that–very much.” I snorted, trying not to nod too enthusiastically.

“You’ve only shifted that once, so it’s still going to hurt.” Kade frowned, “As your mates, we can ease the pain quite a bit.”

“Well–I’m not entirely sure how I shifted the first time.” I frowned, shifting my weight as I tried not to blush. The cool wind coursing through the clearing was grazing against my bare skin, spreading the already heady scent of my arousal. I pushed the thoughts from my mind, determined to give Thalia some freedom before waltzing back into the twin’s bed. “I kind of just panicked and did it.”

“We can help you learn to shift.” Alec a*s*sured me.


Just as the word left Kade’s l!ps, both of the twins stiffened. Their eyes glazed over, as I had seen many times in the past. Someone was mind-linking them. It had happened quite a bit in the past, mostly by Jason and Zane. The gentle emotions that radiated from them came to an abrupt halt. Rage, anger, worry, and fierce protectiveness throbbed through their very pores. I found myself flinching as the emotions washed over me. The depth of their anger was fathomless, like a bloodthirsty monster locked in a flimsy cage.

“sh*t–” Kade hissed, his burning eyes meeting Alec’s.

“I’ll wait with Aurora.” Alec replied, his words coming out fast and angry. “Have Jason and Zane meet us here. I’ll catch up once she’s safe.”

“Alright.” Kade grunted, his eyes flickering over to me before returning to his brother. “Make sure they know; anything happens to her–and they’re dead.”

“They already know.” Alec snapped, “Now go!”

Before I could open my mouth to speak, Kade had me wrapped in his arms. I let out a quiet breath as his arms gripped me tightly. His l!ps pressed against mine in a heated k*ss, one I hadn’t experienced before. Desperation, fear, worry, rage, and protectiveness all wrapped into one mind-shattering k*ss. I didn’t like the feeling; I didn’t like how the k*ss felt all too similar to a goodbye.

“What’s happening?” I asked somewhat shrilly, watching Kade bound off into the forest.

“There’s been an attack–a big one.” Alec grimaced, pulling me into his ch3st. His words were low and soothing, but did nothing to wipe the fear from every corner of my mind. “Jason and Zane are coming, they’ll take you to one of our safehouses. We’re getting you far from this fight, Aurora.”

“But you and Kade–“

“We’ll survive, doll.” Alec murmured, brushing my hair back from my face. “We’ve trained for this since we could walk. Our Dad might not look like it now, but he’s one of the best warriors to walk the earth. We can handle this, but we cannot have you anywhere close to the fighting.”

He slipped the shirt he was wearing off and pulled it over my head. After helping me slip my sweatpants on, I was pulled back into his arms. I wanted to shout, to tear myself away from his grasp and plead. I could help, I know I could–but Alec was right. What if I found myself in danger? What if something happened to them because they were trying to protect me. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to either of them. It wasn’t about having two mates. It was the fact that both of them held a piece of my soul. I needed them both–not one, but both.

Alec pulled me in for the same mind-shattering k!ss as Kade had. I savored the taste of him on my l!ps, unwilling to give voice to the raging storm of fear that churned in my gut. The night had been perfect–so perfect, but ended in cataclysmic horror. I wouldn’t lose them, not tonight. I repeated this in my head like a mantra, but was unable to stifle the sheer anxiety I felt.

Jason and Zane bounded into the clearing on all fours, tongues lolled out to the side in a heavy pant.

“If I shift, I can run faster.” I exhaled, running my eyes over the two wolves.

Jason was the color of sand, with flecks of chocolate fur. Zane was pure silver, much like his human eye color. They were both easily the size of bears, making me remember when I had first seen Alec and Kade in wolf form. It was still awe-inspiring, seeing these huge creatures with the soul of both wolf and human.

“Shifting would allow you to travel faster, but we can’t risk it.” Alec shook his head, “You’re safer in human form. As much as I’m going to hate this, I need you to climb on Jason’s back.”

Jason’s wolf let out a low grumble which seemed to be a suitable response. Alec flashed a grateful look towards Jason before grabbing my h!ps and lifting me up. Once I was settled on Jason’s back, his thick fur between my fingers, Alec gave me one last heated look. The look held the emotions of both Alec and Kade. The lengths they were willing to go for me, and how truly motivated they were to come back to me.

I watched with halted breath as Alec shifted and bounded off into the forest. Jason and Zane followed quickly after, heading in the opposite direction. My stomach was now a mess of nerves and unease. Every jolt, bump, or tremor that I felt made my stomach turn. Jason did what he could to avoid any stray branches hanging from the tree’s, but I couldn’t feel the sting against my skin anyway.

Nearly half an hour passed before I felt it. A dull stinging in the back of my mind, radiating to my temples and down my ch3st. All of a sudden, the stinging increased in intensity, wracking my body with wave after wave of unfathomable pain.

“Somethings wrong!” My voice came out in a wheeze, ripping through the dull thud of paws hitting the earth. “Alec! Kade!”

Fear, fear so strong I couldn’t stand it coursed through me. It was the kind of overwhelming fear that led to horrible acts of desperation. Anything–I would do anything to erase that fear from my ch3st. As soon as the fear wracked my body, I let go of Jason’s fur. I twisted my body, flinging myself from his back without a single care. Rocks and jagged twists dug into my skin, some drawing blood. I could feel the sticky liquid trickle down my split l!p.

Just as Jason and Zane skidded to a halt, I was on my feet. The two of them were bounding after me, racing through the woods to help their fallen Luna.

Fear and desperation had helped me shift once, and it would do so again.

I closed my eyes and felt my human self-slipping away. I yanked Thalia to the front of my mind, and it took very little convincing for her to take control. The pain that exploded beneath my skin was nothing compared to the agony and fear I felt from all corners of my mind. The connection I had with Alec and Kade, even without the mark, was making itself known. I wasn’t sure how I knew, but something had gone wrong.

A flash of white settled behind my eyes and when I opened them, I was settled on four paws. Jason and Zane both hesitated for a moment, feeling surprise and awe at seeing a white wolf in the flesh.

I used their surprise to my advantage, bounding off into the forest. I hadn’t a single clue where I was going, but that didn’t matter. I relied on my senses to carry me to the twins, letting their emotion guide me like a brightly lit thread. As I drew closer and closer, the pain and fear increased.

As I tore myself from the forest line, I knew. One of them had been hurt.

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