Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 81

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 81

A switch had flipped in Kade as I uttered those words, and his emotions barreled into me at full f0rce. It was Alec’s hands that kept me centered, and Kade’s touch that calmed my mind. The bond wasn’t complete yet, not without them marking me in return. Even with the half-way connection between us, I was feeling their lust and desire as though they were amplifications of my own.

I was practically humming with energy, with the l**k that connected the three of us. I could feel it all around me, buzzing like a million electrified bees. With Alec sheathed inside of me, and Kade palming my bre@sts, I couldn’t think of anything more fulfilling than this. The threat of what would come had vanished from my mind, unable to live another second when the twins were showering me with their attention.

“This is—overwhelming.” I gasped as Kade pinched my nipple and slid the throbbing length of him against my c*ore. He brushed it against my swollen cl!t, hard enough to make my back arch and my jaw go slack.

“This is how much we want you.” Kade whispered huskily in my ear, flicking his tongue against my lobe before smirking.

“You teased us today, doll.” Alec murmured from behind me, stroking his length against my backside in long motions. “We might’ve picked that bikini for you, but you used it against us.”

“And you would do it all again.” Kade chuckled.

Having s*e*x in the pool provided little in the way of lubrication. While Alec remained seated inside of me, stretching me to that blissful cusp between ple@sure and pain, Kade pulled himself up on the ledge of the pool. With a smooth swipe of his hand, he pulled his length free. His creamy skin was white under the porch lights of the cabin, his head swollen and glossy. My tongue grazed across my l!ps as I traced a thick vein down the length of him, ending at his smooth balls.

“Come s*ck my c*oc*k while I watch my brother fu_ck you, sweetheart.” Kade’s voice was a low growl, his eyes locked to every rise and fall of my bare chest.

Kade enjoyed being dominant nearly as much as I enjoyed pleasing the two of them. It was effortless, giving into Kade’s demands like I was born to serve. Don’t get me wrong, not a single person on this earth could ever boss me around, but the twins were different.

They were the only ones I would bend for, the only ones I would yield to. Just as they would submit to me alone, I would return that favor.

Some of Kade’s c*oc*ky demeanor was wiped away when I ran my tongue down the length of him. His hands fisted themselves in my hair, and his head fell back with a husky gr0@n.

There was something so incredibly satisfying about taking a man into your mouth. Seeing him completely unhinged, completely at your mercy while you stroked him into a toe-curling org*sm. That slack jawed look was one I’d never forget.

Alec slid the length of him inside of me with a single, hard stroke. His fingers pressed against my swollen cl!t roughly, my scream vibrating down Kade’s sh@ft. I could hear Kade silently egging him on, telling him to make me shudder and scream with every thrust. It was all so incredibly erotic, and the sound of the twin’s nearly made me come undone.

Kade had spilled his s*eed into my mouth, telling me to swallow every drop. I obliged just as Alec filled me and brought me to my second org*sm.

Two mind-blowing org*sms later, the three of us wound up on one of the pool side chairs. They were in a reclined position and padded, making them perfect for what the twins had in mind.

I was seated on Kade’s lap, my back pressed against his chest. He held both of my legs in his hands, keeping them spread wide. My c*ore clenched and ached as he slid his once again hardened c*oc*k inside of me. Alec watched with dark eyes and a smirk on his devilishly handsome face. His own member twitched and stiffened as he watched his brother lower me onto him.

“Look at her blush.” Kade spoke darkly, pinching my reddened cheek.

I was completely on display for the two of them, spread open in a way that left nothing to the imagination.

“Are you sure you can handle sharing us, doll?” Alec whispered with a feral grin, perching himself on the end of the chair, just a few inches away from my spread legs.

“She’s more than ready for the both of us.” Kade cooed in my ear, freeing his length from me only to rub it against my backside.

Alec tossed a small bottle of lube at Kade, who gave me a wicked grin when we locked eyes. My c*ore throbbed painfully, but I was excited to share the two of them—to feel them both at the same time, I wondered if I would ever feel anything better.

I was sandwiched between the twin’s, with Kade’s arms lifting and spreading my legs. Alec kneeled in front of me, guiding his length into my heat with enamored eyes. Kade was next, coating his length in lube before prodding at my backside.

They took their time, going incredibly slow so that I might become situated to the two of them. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, that I’d call it quits, the pain had ended. It took me several seconds of mind-numbing pain and ple@sure before I could actually manage to move.

“Fu_ck, I can feel your c*oc*k inside of her,” Kade grunted, his length pulsing as he nestled it into my puckered hole.

I could feel the two of them inside of me, separated by that thin barrier of skin. I could hardly move, every muscle in my body taught from the sheer feeling of being stretched to my absolute limits. After a few moments, the stinging pain lessened, replaced by ple@sure so strong my vision curled at the edges.

“I think I’m alright now.” I gasped, feeling Kade’s fingers dig into the soft flesh of my thighs.

Both brothers began moving, thrusting into me so gently that I could feel the care and compassion behind every move. Neither wanted to bring me pain unless it was the kind that amplified ple@sure.

Both were incredibly careful, listening when I told them to speed up or slow down. This was only my second time taking anything in my rear, and my first at taking them both. Even though I knew they wanted to abandon caution and fu_ck me into near unconsciousness, they refrained.

Only when both brothers let out near identical gr0@ns of ple@sure, did I finally slump against Alec. Their gravely sounds rang in my ears, along with the praises that left their l!ps.

“You did so good, doll.” Alec whispered, brushing the sweat coated hair from my forehead. “

“It’ll get easier with time.” Kade a*s*sured me, scooping me into his arms.

That last org*sm, it had been pain and ple@sure wrapped into one, stronger and longer lasting than the rest. My limbs were loose, and I wasn’t sure I could move even if I tried.

With that painful throb between my legs, the twins carried me upstairs and into our bedroom. I was half awake when I felt a cold rag being placed against my p*uss*y, stealing away the mess the twins had left there.

“Sleep, sweetheart. Let us take care of you.” Kade murmured, looking up from my n*ked form with dark eyes. “We can have more fun in the morning.”

“Insatiable Alpha’s.” I muttered somewhat drunkenly before falling fast asleep.

I was having a dream about the High Table meeting. I sat around a huge table, suffering the dark glares from the middle-aged Alpha’s in the other seats. They were debating on whether or not I should live. So far, the majority wanted me dead.

As I sat at that round table, a rush of ple@sure ran up my legs and settled against my g*roi*n. Something warm and damp lapped between my legs.

I whimpered and thrashed as that molten ple@sure danced against my cl!t and entrance. The middle-aged, silver haired Alpha’s around me noticed nothing, consumed in their own debate over my life.

“Oh, fu_ck.” I hissed in my dream, feeling the pressure gradually building between my legs. “This isn’t happening.”

“Wake up, little doll.” A husky voice chuckled, sending sweet vibrations across my swollen cl!t and l!ps. “You like having your p*uss*y eaten, don’t you?”

My eyes snapped open, and light flooded my vision. I could still hear those insufferable Alpha’s in the background, debating whether or not I deserved to live—whether or not I was a threat. All lingering thoughts of my dream were demolished when Alec looked up from between my legs.

He knelt there, his hair a disheveled mess, his l!ps glistening from my juices. My eyes trailed lower, and I gr0@ned deep in my throat when I saw him shirtless, his length stroked by a steady hand.

“That’s it, baby.” He murmured, eyes flickering hungrily. “Lay back and let me make you feel good. That’s it, look over at Kade. Let him see that pretty face you make when you come.”

Sure enough, Kade sat just a few feet away. He was in a maroon arm chair that sat beside the fireplace, though it was turned to face the bed I laid on. He wore a form fitting tank top, but was bare beneath that. His c*oc*k pulsed as he stroked it, those eyes locked on his brother and I.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” He spoke, nodding his head in a way that made my cheeks heat.

“Good—good morning, Kade.” I stammered, my back arching when Alec latched onto my cl!t with his frantic tongue.

Where Kade had cold, refined sK*ll—Alec had absolute enthusiasm.

“Look at me.” Kade snarled when I turned my eyes back to Alec, fisting my hands in his dark hair.

I looked over at Kade just in time, and saw stars when my org*sm battered me senseless. Alec wrapped his arms around my legs, latching his mouth to my cl!t and punishing me with long strokes.

“Oh, Alec.” I gasped, my body going taut as I was dominated by my ple@sure.

The heated, ple@sure-filled look on Kade’s face as he came prolonged my own org*sm. I could feel Alec’s s*eed splash against my thighs. All at once, my body went slack and my back fell against the bed.

“I think I’ve found my new favorite way to wake our mate up, brother.” Alec grinned, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“She does look stunning post-org*sm.” Kade answered sincerely, though he still had a playful light in his eyes.

“As much as we’d love to stay in bed all day and believe me, we would, Tori is downstairs demanding breakfast.” Alec chuckled, planting a k!ss on my l!ps that nearly made me beg for more.

“She’s very petulant for a regular pack member.” Kade muttered to himself, making me snicker and bat at his arm.

Promising myself a long day with my twin’s, I changed clothes and trudged downstairs. Kade had helped me brush the knots from my hair, and was actually incredibly gentle. I couldn’t help but snicker when he picked up the tiny hair brush with his large hands, and yelped when he whacked me on the b*tt with it.

“Looks like someone had a good morning.” Tori commented as we walked down the stairs, a grin plastered to her face. “I’ve always said, an org*sm a day keeps the rage away.”

“When have you ever said that?” I countered, sticking my tongue out at her.

“Due to your previous lack of inexperience, I never said it to you.” Tori retorted.

Shortly after, the conversation gave way into silence. Alec and Kade shuffled at the stove, cracking eggs, searing bacon, and making deliciously fluffy pancakes. I was never one to care about the stereotypical ideal of what a man should be. Strong, murderous, silent and brooding—certainly not incredible at cooking, kind, and amazingly thoughtful. The twins were the perfect mix of everything I needed to grow and blossom.

“These are incredible.” I gr0@ned, smothering the stack of pancakes in a dollop of thick fudge. “When I open up a bakery someday, you two are going to be my first employee’s.”

“That actually sounds like a lot of fun.” Alec mused, flashing a cheeky grin at Kade.

It was Tori who sat in silence, her emerald eyes darting between the three of us. As I flitted through her emotions, there wasn’t any anger or jealousy present. There was a good bit of embarra*s*sment, interest and the tiniest hint of both arousal and disgust. The arousal and disgust were extremely minute, both battling one another for a foothold in her mind.

“Are—are you okay?” I asked, sounding like a complete and total d*um*ba*s*s.

“Would you care to tell her, or shall I?” Kade drawled slowly, crunching on a bit of bacon.

I was now hyper-tuned into their emotions, trying to figure out what the hell happened. Kade was relaxed, amused even as he sat there staring Tori down. Tori seemed undisturbed by the humor in Kade’s eyes and gave him a pointed look.

“Fine, but it’s not even a big deal.” Tori snorted, one of the only people who actually had the balls to roll their eyes at Kade. She turned her face towards me and I noted the light blush staining her face. “Last night I heard some noise, it woke me up. Sounded like an animal growling or some sh*t. Anyway, I peeked out the window and well, I saw you guys.”

“Oh.” Was all I managed to say, fighting to keep my jaw in place.

My face erupted in a horrible blush before I finally reminded myself that what we did was completely natural. Even then, the last thing I wanted was for my friend to get a glimpse of what went down last night.

“It’s not a big deal.” She repeated, shaking her head at me. “I only looked out for like three seconds.”

“Fifteen.” Kade countered, making Tori snarl in his direction.

“Whatever.” She shrugged, shoving a forkful of pancakes into her mouth. “My bedroom window literally faced the pool. If you weren’t out there snarling and growling for hours, I would’ve never woken up. Regardless, I gotta say, I’m kind of impressed.”

“Thank you.” Alec chimed in, a warm grin on his face.

“I don’t want to know how much you saw.” I muttered, forcing myself to make eye contact with my closest friend. “We should’ve taken better care not to wake you, so I apologize for that.”

“She’s so very precious when she’s frazzled.” Kade smirked, taking a long drink of steaming coffee.

“Don’t be embarra*s*sed, Aurora.” Tori snorted, “You’re not the first person I’ve seen going at it, but you were definitely the most interesting.”

“Alright, enough.” I hissed, placing a hand to my heated forehead. “It’s bad enough you saw us, I don’t need a running commentary on what went down.”

“Fine, fine.” She sighed, waving her hand at me. “When we’re alone, I want details. Details.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I huffed, side-eyeing her. “Y’know, sometimes I think you’d be better suited as Luna.”

“Eh, maybe I was Luna in a past life?” She replied, waving her fork. “But a better Luna than you? Nah, you’re already a good Luna, even if you’re still in training.”

“Much appreciated.” I smiled slowly, incredibly thankful for the subject change.

Tori left shortly after breakfast, heading home to finish packing her belongings. We would all be staying in the city, ordering countless suits at a very specific hotel. We had no choice but to stay at a hotel owned by the High Table, which made Alec and Kade more hell-bent on having me protected.

Once Tori left, we picked up where we left off this morning. Once I was sweaty and completely sated, I asked the twin’s about when they would mark me.

Their own marks were healing at an incredible rate, and I was a bit excited to see the finished product of my own mark. It seemed both of theirs were different, my mark was not the same on both twins.

“We will mark you tonight, doll.” Alec smiled softly, leading me to the steaming shower that awaited. “It’s often harder for the Luna’s when getting marked. Taking in a part of an Alpha, it can be a bit disorienting.”

“Plus, I’ll be getting two marks.” I nodded, stepping under the hot stream and letting out a gr0@n. “Do you think I’ll p@ssout?”

“There’s a chance you might.” Kade shrugged, stepping into the shower along with Alec and I. “If you do, you will be well taken care of until you wake.”

“With how I woke up this morning, I’m sure you’ll both take great care of me.” I smirked, shifting as that comforting soreness sounded from between my legs.

Just as we were preparing to get out of the shower, a heavy knocking sound filled the house. With my human ears, I wouldn’t have heard a thing. With my werewolf hearing, I managed to pinpoint the hard knock against thick wood. It parted through the sound of running water like smashing a hammer to nail.

“Were you expecting someone?” I asked, curiously.

“Not at all.” Alec frowned, his eyes darting over to Kade. “No one lives around us for at least ten miles.”

The three of us hurried out of the shower and into the bedroom. I slipped on a comfortable t-shirt and a pair of leggings before shoving some fuzzy socks on my feet. I padded down the stairs behind the twin’s, trying to peer over their shoulders as they opened the front door.

I managed to squeeze in between them at the last moment, and met a pair of startlingly blue eyes.

“Miss Aurora, just the she-wolf I’ve been looking for.” The man nodded.

His eyes were a bright shade of blue, much lighter than my one. His eyes were narrow and hard. The color and shape reminded me of shards of glass, ready to pierce and cut the skin. His hair was a light shade of gold, more wheat-colored than anything. His build was muscular without being too large, or too lanky.

He was dressed impeccably, nothing like what you would see at a cabin in the forest. His suit jacket was a deep shade of blue, nearly black under the sun. He wore a b*ttoned-up shirt beneath, and a pair of dark slacks. His hair was slicked to the side, his face shaved and smooth. Until he opened his mouth to speak, I had thought he was some kind of business man.

“Future Alpha of the Lunar Pack, son of Alpha Marcus Novak. Heir to the first seat on the High Table—” He spoke in smooth English, each syllable pronounced with sharp accuracy.

This man knew how to wield his words like weapons, sharpened and dripping with blood. My jaw went a little lack when Kade interrupted him, stepping forward with his towering form. The twins were built like absolute beasts, towering over the man with their hulking forms. Don’t get me wrong, the other man looked like he could handle himself in a fight, but I was little more than biased.

“Zayne Novak.” Kade interrupted with that gravely, booming voice of his.

Zayne’s eyes narrowed, and I felt my own protectiveness bubble in my gut like acid. He was clearly annoyed. I knew both from the twitching of his l!ps, and from the battery acid emotions radiating from his body.

“Might I step inside?” He asked, though there was no question in his tone. He was coming in whether we liked it or not. Both the twin’s stiffened at the obvious challenge in his tone. “I have traveled a very long way to speak with Miss Aurora, and I would hate to leave without what I came for.”

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