Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 13

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 13

Tori drove deep into the woods and I watched the trees p@ssby in silence. We drove about ten minutes into the forest until spotting another paved road.

I let my fingers wander up to my cheek, wincing at the soreness that radiated across my face. Frank had never hit me in the face before, and I wondered how long it would take until my face began to swell and bruise. Hopefully, it could wait until I made it safely home. I didn’t bother letting Melissa know where I was. I didn’t have her number anyway.

Tori turned down another road and I felt my jaw drop as a mini town came into view. A small town nestled in the middle of the forest, and it looked all shiny and new. A sprinkling fountain sat in the middle of the small town square. Hell, they even had a few shops lingering around. I instantly spotted a coffee shop and a little diner-type restaurant.

“Wow.” I gaped, looking around the town square.

People were out and about, walking down the sidewalk and sitting on benches. Some were even planting flowers or maintaining the grounds.

“Awesome right?” Tori turned and grinned, as shes rolled the windows down.

I inhaled deeply, the smell of fresh flowers mingling with the cool breeze. The sound of chattering and running water was in the air, and I couldn’t get over how peaceful it felt here. Completely away from everyone else, nestled deep in the woods.

“Who knew there was a whole town back here.” I chuckled and shook my head, but my eyes were glued to my surroundings.

So this is where Kade and Alec lived. My heart ached just thinking about them, an image of Grace popping into my mind at the worst moment. Stupid tears pricked at the backs of my eyes, but I f0rced them down. No way I would even spare a tear over the two of them. My heartfelt twisted and confused. Sure Alec wasn’t dating Grace, but my heart told me I wanted them both. One without the other made me feel empty inside.

“It’s not quite the size of a normal town, but we have amazing coffee so that’s a plus.” Tori giggled, making a turn down another road.

“You have to take me there sometime.” I grinned back at her, confused by the hidden emotion flickering in her eyes.

“Of course.” Tori grinned, the hidden emotion buried deep.

We turned down a different road and headed a little deeper into the forest. The Towns square was still visible as Tori pulled into a strange-looking cul de sac.

A absolutely huge house sat at the end, with a driveway big enough to fit at least six cars. It was at least three stories high, painted the color of a clear sky. Huge windows adorned the house, making it look like a modern version of a farmhouse.

“Who lives there?” I gaped at the huge house, noticing there were no cars in the driveway. Flowers lined the entrance to the driveway, giving the house a colorful and cheerful feel.

“Biggest house in our little town.” Tori chuckled, “I’m sure you can guess who lives there.”

“Kade and Alec?” I pursed my lips, and gave her a pointed look.

“You’d be correct.” Tori chuckled humorlessly, “This is my house.”

Tori grinned as she pulled up to a similar but much smaller looking house. Tori didn’t lie when she said she lived near Alec and Kade. By near, she meant right next to them. Her house was nestled on the side of the cul de sac, sitting just a few feet away from the twin’s home. It was a simple two story house, painted a brilliant white. Deep blue shutters stuck out on the side of each window, along with a long wrap around porch. I had never seen houses this shiny and new before, only in movies.

“Wow.” I grinned, running my eyes over every detail of her home. Seeing these new houses made me realize the dump of a house I’ve been living in.

“Mom and Dad painted the outside a year or two ago.” Tori grinned, “Mom gets tired of the color every year and insists on repainting it.”

I couldn’t help but notice the way Tori talked about her mom, the amusement and love that filled her eyes at the mention of her parents. Having amazing parents was a privilege that most people never took into consideration.

I tried to keep the blatant jealousy from my eyes as I followed Tori to her house. We made it to the porch when a woman identical to Tori practically burst through the front door. She was almost vibrating with excitement as she juggled a plate of food, two glasses, and a pitcher of something dark.

“Mom!” Tori gr0@ned, giving me an embarra*s*sed glance, “I told you to give us a minute.”

“I gave you plenty of minutes!” Tori’s Mom dismissed her with a wave and a cheeky grin, “I just wanted to meet– your friend!”

“Hi.” I smiled shyly, taking a seat next to Tori on one of the outdoor couches scattered on the porch. The couch was placed against the wall of the house, giving us a good view of the entire cul-de-sac.

“Mom, this is Aurora.” Tori gave a f0rced-looking grin, putting emphasis on my name, “Aurora, this is my mom.”

“So nice to meet you, Aurora.” Tori’s mom beamed, looking so much like her daughter.

While I was surprised at how welcoming and giddy Tori’s Mom was, the entire situation was kind of odd. Tori continued using my full name, putting emphasis on it as though her Mom would forget. It was also strange how excited Tori’s Mom was to meet me. I’m sure Tori had other friends, and I couldn’t find an explanation for her Mom’s unruly excitement.

Tori’s was the spitting image of her Mom. While her Mom had laugh lines around her mouth and eyes, she had the same curly red hair.

“I made the two of you some sandwiches and sweet tea!” Tori’s Mom grinned happily and sat the plate and pitcher down. I glanced down hungrily at the food. I can’t remember the last time I had an actual sand which. Usually, I just bought cheap frozen foods for dinner and small snacks for the rest of the day. No, it wasn’t healthy but it was very cost-efficient.

I tentatively grabbed and sand which and nibbled on the corner, visibly jumping as Tori’s Mom plopped down beside me.

“Mom!” Tori whined, placing a hand against her forehead.

“I just wanna talk to your friend!” Tori’s Mom grinned, “You never bring anyone over.”

Tori rolled her eyes and gave me an apologetic smile. Embers of jealousy swirled in my stomach as Tori’s Mom grinned happily at me.

“So I heard you just moved here!” Tori’s Mom grinned, pouring some sweet tea in a glassand handing sliding it my way.

I nodded, swallowing a mouthful of sand which. “Yeah, we came from California.”

“Such a long way.” Tori’s Mom gave a soft smile, “I’m sure you had to leave a lot of people behind.”

I shrugged, “Not really. I didn’t exactly have friends in Cali.”

My face was burning under the gaze of Tori and her Mom. I felt like I was at some kind of twisted interrogation. Sweat tea and sandwiches to calm me, and a million questions to worry me.

“Why is that?” Tori’s Mom frowned, “From what Tori’s told me, you’re such a nice girl.”

“Mom.” Tori gr0@ned again, earning another sheepish smile from her Mom.

I was trying really hard not to be creeped out by the entire situation, but it was hard. My Grandma and I were fairly close, but I still lacked that mother-daughter relationship. It was completely foreign and weird to see how close Tori was with her Mom.

“I just never had the time.” I shrugged, taking another bite. “Work and school took up most of my time.”

“You held a job and went to school?” Tori’s Mom frowned for just a moment. “Did your parents make you get a job? I know Dan- Tori’s Dad tried for the longest time, but I told him she needed to focus on her stud*ies.”

“Mom, really?” Tori rolled her eyes and took another bite of sand which

I chuckled quietly as Tori’s Mom finished her little mini-rant. Her and Tori’s relationship was what I always wanted with Melissa. It was clear they loved eachother, even in the way they argued.

“No.” I chuckled, shaking my head. “Melissa and Frank don’t make me work. I’m saving up for college.”

“Melissa and Frank?” Tori’s Mom raised an eyebrow and I looked at her in confusion.

I know it was probably weird calling your ‘parents’ by their first name, but I’m sure other kids did it too right?

“My Mom and Step-Dad.” I grimaced, the words tasting sour on my tongue.

Tori’s Mom opened her mouth to say something else when the sound of amused yelling filled the air. A jeep full of guys sped down the cul-de-sac skidding to a stop in front of the sky blue house.

“Aurora, maybe we should go inside.” Tori frowned, picking up her book bag.

“Nonsense.” Tori’s Mom gave her a stern look, “I’m sure Aurora wouldn’t mind meeting the twin’s.”

“Mom, she’s already met them.” Tori grimaced, and I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering over to the parked Jeep.

Alec and Kade hopped out of the Jeep, followed by two other guys. As if they could feel my eyes on them, they turned their heads in my direction. The other two guys went silent and looked our way.

Jealousy and longing churned in my stomach as I looked into the dark eyes of the twins. I definitely wanted to go inside. I was practically itching to go up to them. An entire day without seeing them felt too long, but I wouldn’t let my resolve crumble. Kade had Grace, and I’m sure Alec had someone for himself as well. I wasn’t going to be some side piece.

“Nice kids.” Tori’s Mom nodded, sending a weird smile my way. “Troublemakers, but good kids.”

“Lets go inside, Aurora.” Tori nudged my shoulder, snapping me out of the staring compet*ition I was holding with the twin’s.

“Yeah.” I nodded, peeling my gaze away from them. “Lets go.”

I turned my back on the twin’s, still feeling their eyes burning holes in my skin. A frown formed on my face as I went inside Tori’s house. It felt like I was leaving a piece of myself behind, in the care of Alec and Kade.

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