I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 158

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 158

Selena POV:

Stepping out of the portal everyone is here with us when Kian walks up behind me and pulls me back against him.

“We are in no way done talking about this, we will continue when we are alone in our chambers!” he says next to my ear in a husky voice and I’m too stunned to speak, through the dinner he acted all natural and I thought he had dropped it. Hearing him chuckle beside me he knows exactly how I react to him when he teases me this way, clearing my throat I hear Emma chuckle beside me and turn to look at her.

“What is it!” I ask when she just start moving in the direction of the cave.

“Nothing she says and continues laughing when Cannon walks up behind her and the rest of us walk after them, she hasn’t been here before but she knows the way to the rogue camp as if she has been here often.

“How do you know the way, Emma?” I ask her from behind when she stops and turns towards me.

“I have seen him through my vision when he walks here over and over again but when we come closer he always disappears, it has me thinking he has placed something in the camp, we just need to find it!” she says and turns back and starts walking again! We follow after her in silence for a bit until we come closer to their old camp and stop just before we reach it.

“Why do you think you will see anything different when you are here?” I have to ask her when she walks over and grabs my hand in hers before she pulls me with her a bit closer.

“Because you are here and he left his trace on you when he cursed you and your daughter, I will try and connect to it and see if something will reveal itself when we are here!” she says and it somehow makes sense. She closes her eyes for a long time before she opens them again and this time her eyes are completely white, no one says a word and gives her the time she needs to maybe find anything.

After a long moment, I hear her gasp before she starts to look around and drop my hand when she slowly walks around in the camp. I follow after her and keep a distance from her when she stops at the side of the cave, she starts to trace her hand over the wall when she reaches up and grabs something from an opening in the wall. I’m shocked when she slowly turns around with a book in her hands,

I don’t dare to say anything before she opens her mouth first, I feel a glimmer of hope this could be the thing we need and have been searching for!

“This is it!” she says and lifts her eyes from the book and looks at me, her usual eyes are there instead and I feel like my feet are stuck in the ground. Will there be any answer inside the book that can help our daughter?

“What is it?” Declan asks and takes a step closer when I see her open the book and start to turn the pages while she is silent, I think everyone is holding their breaths and waiting for her to say something.

“There is no doubt this is his book, I have to take it over to

Michaels if we are going to solve this! To complex for me to figure it out,” she says and lifts her head to look at me

“I can portal us there!” I say when she looks over at Cannon.

“it’s better if you only portal me there for a couple of hours and I will be back before dinner, I have a feeling it will take Michael some time if he even can solve this!” she says and it makes sense it will take some time even if I wish the answer would be easy to find!

“Alright I will portal you right away!” I say when Kian walks up behind me and wrap his arms around my body.

I see Emma and Cannon talk for a short moment when she points in one direction before she turns her head back and looks at me.

“Some rogues are coming soon I’m ready to go!” she says and I open a portal and see her quickly get inside and I close it after her.

“It’s better if you take Jessie with you and go back home, I will mind link when we are done here!” Kian says and there is no way I will leave them here to fight for themselves.

“I’m not going!” I say in protest and turn around to look at him, I have been out here several times a week and we have never run into any problem we haven’t been able to take out!

“No way I’m going either!” Jessie protests out loud when we hear some running from the right

“You stay here and do not shift!” Declan says to Jessie in a dominant voice when she rolls her eyes in response, haven’t thought about it but she can’t shift either. This is going to be a very long couple of months for her, chuckle to myself when she snaps her head in my direction before she walks over to where I am.

“Is this how it’s going to be from now on? Only standing to the side and watching from a distance!” she whines and I shake my head at her

“Promise the time will go fast and before you know it the child is now born and you can shift again!” I say when they take off through some bushes and the fight starts, I’m ready to defend us if anyone comes through but it suddenly goes quiet.

“What just happened?” Jessie says and we both keep our eyes on where they went when I’m alone and fight with Jessie she never leaves my side and that way I can have full control if anything goes wrong, I don’t like the feeling of this but I know none of them is hurt.

Jessie takes a step closer to where they went and I grab her arm with my hand to stop her from walking further.

“You can’t shift and fight, none of them are hurt! We have to wait a bit!” I say when she takes a step back again and sighs.

“This is ridiculous!” she says when there are some running behind us and we both swirl around when suddenly three rogues come barging through the trees and head right for us!

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