The Half Blood Luna Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

Ella’s POV:

He was so shocked by my unexpected condition, it almost felt like I asked him to K*ll someone for me.

I stifled a chuckle from escaping me at his reaction, and repeated myself in case he doubted what he heard me say.

“K!ss me Klaus… here” I put my index finger on my l!ps.

“I want to taste the feel of your l!ps on mine again. I keep thinking about how our k!ss at the wedding ceremony made my insides melt, and I want more than just a brief, short k!ss, I want the whole…”

He cut me off as his l!ps came crashing down on mine, silencing me in the best way anyone could silence another person.

And it was no brief short k!ss at all. He k!ssed me with a hunger that coursed through my whole body, with a passion that made me explode; literally, with desire. The k!ss made me realize that I was missing out on a very important, life sustaining, supplement, his l!ps.

I couldn’t contain my m0an from escaping as the emotions I felt were too much to suppress inside me.

That one k!ss was almost my undoing. Apparently, it was his, too.

He was panting hard with the intensity of our k!ss. He stared at me, and I saw how much he was trying to restrain himself from taking this to the next level, almost painfully.

But what he didn’t know was that I couldn’t just stop at this k!ss; although it was my intention from the beginning, to take things slow with just one experimental k!ss. But I found myself unable to stop at that, I wanted more, so much more, I wanted the whole damn thing.

Because if just one k!ss almost brought me to the edge, if just one k!ss from him made me experience the desire I have never felt before, then having s3x with him will certainly be unforgettable and damn exquisite.

I couldn’t stop at that k!ss because my c0re was throbbing with a relishing feeling and I needed a release.

And so did he, he was struggling so hard for control.

I touched the sides of his face and whispered passionately “Don’t fight it. Don’t push it down, give it to me, I want you to give it all to me… right now”

He looked at me intensely and said “Are you sure Ella? I want you to be absolutely sure about this”

I nodded my head in confirmation.

He took my hand in his and led me towards the bed.

He made me sit on it as he asked me to wait and went out of the bedroom for a minute before returning and closing the door behind him.

He retrieved a couple of c*ond*oms from the pocket of his black jeans, put them on the nightstand, and knelt down on the ground as he looked up at me with intensity.

He held my hands in his and said gently “If you want me to stop at any moment, you let me know ok? Just say the word and I will stop everything. There is no part of me that ever wants to f0rce you into anything, I want you to know that. This is all about you Ella, it’s not about me. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself for me, because that will only hurt me more. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I squeezed his hands and said softly “I understand”

“Do you still want to take this further?”

I answer him with a searing k!ss on his l!ps.

He gets up slowly, and without breaking the k!ss, lifts me up to the top of the bed and positions himself on top of me.

My breath hitches in l*st as his hands begin to lift up my night gown slowly, trailing hot k!sses everywhere, leaving a scorching sensation on my body.

He discards the night gown on the ground, and begins moving my p*an*tie*s downwards, k!ssing his way down my legs.

By the time I was completely n@ked, my whole body was left on fire from his marvelous k!sses.

He was looking at my body now with a ravishing look.

“You’re so beautiful Ella. I wouldn’t even know w here to begin and end with you” he said with yearning coloring his tone.

I moved my hands; which were trembling slightly, towards his shirt as I pulled it off him.

He allowed me a few minutes to admire his upper body and feel him with my hands.

As my hands slid down to unbuckle his jeans, his hands stopped me as he smirked at me seductively “Not yet, love. I still have a lot of work to do to you, my turn”

He laced my hands to the back of his hair, as he began to k!ss me again ravenously. He began to trace k!sses down my neck slowly reaching to my br3asts.

Without a warning, his l!ps started svcking intensely on my left n!pple, while his fingers started playing with my right one. I arched my back on instinct as ar0usal coursed through my c0re in torturous bliss.

“Oh my god Klaus!” I exclaimed in elation at what he was making me experience, as he continued his sweet devouring on my n!pples.

I m0aned as I felt myself closer to the edge of my 0rgasm.

He stopped and looked at me with haze clouding his eyes “Do you want me to stop?”

“Please don’t, it feels so good” I gr0aned as he chose the exact moment I was reaching my cl!max to stop.

He started from the beginning as he k!ssed my mouth passionately, then went back to working on my br3asts.

He pushed me towards the edge again, then stopped his movement. I gr0aned in frustration.

His hand started moving down towards my now extremely we*t opening. He stared up at me as he pushed two fingers inside me, enjoying the cry of ple@sure that escaped from my l!ps.

“Don’t you stop what you’re doing” I said panting as I was seconds away from my release.

As if I said the exact opposite, he withdrew his fingers from inside me.

“Why!” I m0aned desperately.

He licked his l!ps as he said soothingly “Trust me, it will be worth the wait”

He removed his pants and boxer, and started applying the c0ndom to his pen!s, which was large and swollen.

He climbed on top of me and held my eyes, silently asking for my agreement to continue.

I brought his head down as I k!ssed him and tasted his mouth with my tongue.

I was on the verge of begging him to give me my relief as my body was practically quivering underneath him from all of his teasing and playing, when he slowly started pushing himself inside me.

His pen!s felt absolutely incredible. I felt my c0re tighten around him, squeezing him, and inviting him further into me.

He started a slow pace and I kept begging him for more, practically tasting and savoring the sweet sensations erupting from within our bod*ies.

I wanted to reach the finish line and taste the big prize fiercely, but at the same time, I didn’t want those marvelous sensations to end. I wanted them to last for hours.

He quickened his pace and starting thrusting deeper inside me, drowning me in e*cstasy.

The voices that were erupting from us as we blasted from our c!imax together were like melody to our ears.

As our bod*ies trembled with the aftershocks of our org*sms, I realized several things.

First, he was right, it was worth it. He was building me up so I could explode higher with euphoria.

Second, Sara was also right. After getting the full taste of what truly having s3x was all about, all of my old fears, shame, and self-loathing that were related to having s3x, evaporated into thin air.

It was all because of my deliciously amazing, and kind hearted husband.

“Can we do this again please?” I asked him softly while he was still on top of me, his pen!s still inside me.

He grinned at me as he said triumphantly “With ple@sure Mrs. Morgan”

If I thought my world was already exploding with fireworks before, I was extremely wrong about that.

It was like those sparks that we felt around each other at first, turned into a dozen igniting sparks after our marriage and our love confession to one another, and they just now only thundered and blazed into fireworks that ignited my whole world, brightening it and filling it with colors.

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