The Half Blood Luna Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Ella’s POV:


I scream out in pain as the alpha’s whip hits me on my back for the millionth time.

“Should we move on to making me comfortable? I have been craving you since the beginning of this lovely evening” said alpha Grey with l*st coloring his tone.

I cry desperately. If given the choice, I’d choose the t*ortur*e over the r@pe a hundred times. Being vi*olated by him makes me hate myself. It makes me disgusted of my own skin. It makes me sick that I am handing over myself to him willingly now because I have no other choice.


“Did you bite your tongue my little sl*ve?” whispered alpha Grey in my ear, while pulling my head back by painfully grabbing a handful of my hair.

I sob in desperation. I have to answer him or he will keep hurting me, but at the same time, prolonging the r@pe and tolerating more t*ortur*e would worn him out faster and cut down the number of times he r@pes me later.

I cry out as his hold on my hair tightens and I feel a couple of strands snap.

“I can’t hear you. Are you provoking me on purpose?” he hissed in my ear.

“Please, don’t hurt me alpha. I can’t take it anymore” I beg him like the coward I am.

Suddenly he lets go of my hair and whips me so hard on my back. He keeps throwing one after the other, and I am trapped in the pain, powerless and weak.

I scream from the desperation.

“Ella, wake up. You are having a nightmare. It is not real. Focus on my voice”

Beta Joseph’s voice seeps into my nightmare, making it vanish instantly.

I open my eyes slowly and look directly at his blue eyes. Looking into his eyes sends a wave of security into my whole body, relieving it from the imaginary pain I was experiencing in my nightmare.

He was standing over me, his hands were holding the top of my shoulders.

When he was sure that I am no longer trapped in the nightmare, he let go of me and sat at the edge of my bed.

“Are you okay?” he asks me in concern.

I was breathing hard, sweating and shaking. I manage to nod tightly.

“Here, have some water. It will calm you down”

He helped me to a sitting position, and gave me a plastic cup filled with water. I finished it in one gulp. I was so thirsty, I realized.

“Do you want some more?”

“Yes please”

He hands me another filled cup of water. I drink it slowly this time.

I take a look around me. We weren’t in a hospital room like I was expecting myself to be. It was a large room with big windows. It had its own bathroom and closet. It also had a gigantic sofa and a TV mounted on the wall in front of it. I look at the bed I was sleeping in. It was a super comfortable king-sized bed with the softest sheets I’ve ever slept on.

I hold on to the cup as I nervously ask him while avoiding his eyes “Was I… screaming?”

“Don’t linger on it, Ella. It was just a nightmare” he says softly.

It wasn’t a nightmare actually, it was a memory.

“Where are we exactly, beta?” I ask him to change the subject.

“We are at the head pack house. This is your room from now on” he gestures to the room we are in right now.

I stare at him in surprise. I must have misheard him. No way this huge room is mine.

“My room?” I ask again just to be sure.

He smiles a little and says “Yes it is all yours, you are free to do whatever you want with it”

Why would they give a servant a huge room like this? With huge windows, private bathroom, and a freaking TV!

“You look very surprised that this is your room Ella” he says curiously.

“I… just… I don’t know. I feel like I…”

“Don’t deserve it?” he guesses. I remain quiet as that was exactly what I was thinking.

“Well, I had nothing to do with it. But if you ask me, you deserve a lot more than this. It was alpha Klaus’s orders to give you this room actually. Think of it as a tiny part of a huge apology that he owes you”

I roll my eyes inwardly. Alpha Klaus and apologies huh? They don’t belong in the same sentence.

I push the thought of him out of my mind. “How long have I been sleeping?”

“About a day and a half. I have had a female doctor come check on you every now and then. She confirmed that all your injuries are healing perfectly. The st*itches from the surgery will disappear in a day or two and so will the bruises on your neck”

My hands automatically go to my ch3st and neck.

“I had surgery?” I ask him in surprise.

“Yes Ella. Your condition was very critical. We almost lost you on the operating table when your heart stopped for a few minutes. But doctor Hunt was able to bring you back”

I d*ied for a few minutes? I don’t remember anything after I passed out in my room. Wasn’t I supposed to see something on the other side when I d*ied for a few minutes? I was disappointed. I wanted to see just a glimpse of my mother.

Something came to my mind that instant. “How did I survive the knife to my ch3st? I had wolfs bane in my system. I wasn’t able to heal at all”

“Yeah, we figured that out when the blood, Klaus gave to you didn’t affect you at all. So, Dr. Hunt suggested a blood dialysis and direct vein-to-vein blood transfusion from Klaus. It all worked out in the end, you no longer have wolfs bane in your system”

“He gave me his blood?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, he gave you blood and practically threatened the doctor to save your life” he said amusingly.

Hmm I wasn’t expecting that from him. Then again, just like the alpha-command he gave me to fight for my life, he probably wanted to do everything he can to save me, so that he will continue to make me suffer for what my father did to his family.

My body stiffened and my eyes snapped to his as I remembered something. He noticed the change in my body as he asked warily.

“What is it, Ella?”

“I am so sorry beta”

“For what?”

“My father didn’t just K*ll alpha Klaus’s mate and unborn baby, he K*lled your only daughter and grandson as well” my tears fell down and my head bowed down in shame, I couldn’t look him in the eye anymore.

From the corner of my eye, I saw one of his hands reaching for me, and out of reflex, my hands went up to protect my face.

“Oh Ella…” he said so sadly.

I know that he wasn’t going to hurt me, but I had no control over myself when it came to a man trying to touch me. I lower my hands down.

“I am so sorry for what he did beta, I know apologizing will do nothing to bring them back, but that’s the only thing I can do” I said as I kept my eyes at my hands, which were catching the stream of tears falling down my face.

“You do not need to apologize for him, Ella. Just because he was your father, that does not make you responsible for his actions. I don’t blame you at all, and don’t you dare think like that again ok?”

“But alpha Klaus does.”

“Klaus was too wrapped up in his grief, he couldn’t think straight. But now, I can a*s*sure you, he does not blame you for anything anymore. He just wants to keep you safe.”

I sniff a little and consider what he just said. Did the alpha really have a change of heart? Or was it just a cover to make me feel safe and then he’ll end up taking that safety away from me?

I look up at him and see him watching me so fondly, it brought a lump to my throat.

“If it weren’t for you beta, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I am so sorry I misjudged you and doubted you from the beginning.”

“Stop apologizing and come here.”

He opens up his arms for me and waits. I stare at him in surprise and hesitate. He nods in encouragement and smiles at me.

I inch closer to him and lean my head on his shoulder as his arms embrace me tightly. The feelings I felt were indescribable. I hugged him back and tightened my grip.

“I’ve never been hugged before,” I shyly admit to him before adding “It feels so good just like I imagined.”

His body stiffened in response to what I said, and his hands tightened around me.

“You can always come to me for a hug kiddo. You’ll find my arms always open to hug you whenever you want.”

I breathed in his scent and really hoped he meant what he said.

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