The Half Blood Luna Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Ella’s POV:

I finish cleaning the last dish from dinner, dry my hands quickly, and practically run towards the alpha’s bedroom. I was 10 minutes late, and I was sure he will make me pay for it viciously. I wasn’t late on purpose, the dinner he and his inner circle were having started late because they were setting their last plans to take over yet another poor pack tomorrow. I was responsible for cleaning the dishes tonight, so I couldn’t hand it off to someone else and tell them that I had to meet the alpha in his bedroom for some heart-to-heart romance.

Tonight marks the 10 month anniversary of my nightmare. I sigh inwardly. Will this ever end? Goddess I hope so, cause if it doesn’t, I was sure I will reach a point where I will K*ll him myself, and that will earn me a public execution for sure. Well, I wasn’t even living to begin with. This is not life, no this is slow death in its purist forms.

I reach his door and close my eyes. Please Goddess let me endure yet another torturous night and come out of it alive. I knock on the door twice preparing myself for a couple of hours of agony. You’d think that spending almost every night suffering the same thing over and over would make me used to it by now. But every night is different with alpha Grey. Every night there is a new way to hurt me and hear me scream out in pain. He opens the door impatiently and grabs me inside then locks the door.

“You are late servant!” alpha Grey spits out in anger

“I had to finish the dishes alpha and the dinner started late, I tried my best to make it on time please forgive me!” I practically begged him with tears in my eyes. It was just an act to try and lessen the punishment for running late. Sometimes groveling actually worked, but not always.

He looked at me playfully with a sly smile on his l!ps as he said, “Sorry I am not in a very forgiving mood tonight. I have a war to wage tomorrow and I need to be on my top game starting with you” he gestured to the set of chains hanging from the pillars on his bed. I sighed and took off everything I was wearing then raised my hands up so he could chain me.

“Now, now, you are 10 minutes late and you know I hate it when you make me wait for you. You should have been waiting for me servant. So what should I do with you?” he started running his hands all over my body. I held on to the chains and pulled on them fighting the urge to bite his head off.

“Well first things first…” He went to the nightstand and held a small cup of liquid wolfs bane, as he made his way back to me.

I involuntarily tried to back away from him but couldn’t as I was trapped by the chains binding me.

“As you know I am leaving tomorrow for a couple of days, so you know the drill. Wolfs bane and no blood for you tonight, so I’ll always be on your mind, drink it” he said smiling at me deviously as he brought the cup to my l!ps.

I considered holding the content in my mouth and spitting it back in his face. I bet that will sting. But to do that, would be like signing my own death sentence. I opened my mouth obed*iently and drank it. It felt like drinking boiling acidic water, it burned everything on its way to my stomach. I g*agged and coughed for a few seconds.

“Now what do we say when I give you something servant?”

“Thank you, alpha,” I manage to say in a throaty tone.

“So let’s start the night shall we?” he claps his hands together in excitement

He goes back to the night stand to put back the empty cup, then opens the first drawer and retrieves different types of whips. He lays them all on the bed and starts contemplating which one to use first. I manage to gulp and hold the chains tighter as I prepare myself for the agony.

He finally chooses the leather bullwhip, the one that hurts the most, of course.

“For being late, I punish you to 20 bull whips, start counting servant”

“Yes alpha” I say in a trembling voice


“One” I scream and feel an immediate cut on my back. This whip is no joke, 20 whips means 20 cuts across my back that will not properly close for days.


“Twenty” I barely whisper as that last one cuts deep into my skin. My whole body is shaking from the violence. We are not even halfway done for the night and I was already reaching the top of my tolerance.

“Alpha it hurts please don’t whip anymore I beg you” I cry out in pain and despair.

“We were just getting your punishment for being late out of the way. I haven’t even started yet Ella”

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back so he can whisper in my ear

“By the end of the night every inch of this delicious body will be marked by my whips. Until we meet again in a few days”

He lets go of my hair then goes back to the side of the bed where he puts the bull whip back and begins to choose his next whip.

“Now tell me, have you learned your lesson about making your alpha wait for you instead of the other way around or should I make it more clear?”

“I learned my lesson alpha, I will never be late again I swear,” I say shakily

“Let’s carry on with our night then,” said alpha Grey with a devilish smile.

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