The Half Blood Luna Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Ella’s POV:

I spent every night for 10 months being whipped all over my body, then r@ped repeatedly by the alpha until he passed out. Some nights were rougher than others. Some nights; depending on the alpha’s mood and how much he was drinking that night, he would mark every inch of my body with his flogger whip to the point of passing out from the pain. I would lose consciousness before I was finished counting for him. At which point he would make me drink just a drop of his blood, not enough to heal me, but enough to bring me back, and then he would make me continue counting from where we left off.

Some nights, I brought his wrath upon myself by mouthing off at him. I just couldn’t always be the obed*ient little sl*ve who always submits to that bastard. Sometimes I would fight him and refuse to be r@ped that easily. On those nights, he would make sure I regret every single thing I said to him and every ounce of defiance I was able to conjure.

Some nights, he would be drunk so much he would just have his way with me a couple of times and then tire down for the night, no whipping. Those nights were very very rare though, they were like a Christmas gift compared to what I usually have to endure.

There was one night, he was too drunk to even r@pe me, as soon as he opened the door for me he collapsed on the ground. I carried him to his bed and was about to leave when he grabbed my hand and made me sit next to him at the edge of the bed.

“Did I ever tell you how your father d*ied Ella?” he said in a slurred voice. I could barely understand his words

“No you didn’t alpha”

“Well let me tell you, I K*lled him” he laughed out loud.

“Well I made sure he did what I asked of him first, and after he succeeded I had him K*lled so he wouldn’t tell anyone that he was carrying my orders. You see there was this pack that I was always trying to take over but it had a very strong alpha, I was never able to defeat him. So, I waited until he made his son alpha, and then I made my move. I sent your father undercover there, he was pretending to be a servant at their pack house. I ordered him to put a lethal concentrated dose of wolfs bane in the food that he was serving. My instructions were very clear to him, I wanted him to K*ll the new alpha’s mate and his father, that way he would be too weak, too broken to fight back when I try to take over his pack from under him”

Blood started boiling in my veins at what I just heard him say. I was utterly disgusted that my father agreed to do the alpha’s dirty work for him. Taking someone’s life meant nothing to the alpha or my father. It was just like taking a breath for these people, that’s how easy it was to K*ll anyone they wanted!

“Why didn’t you poison the new alpha too? that way you wouldn’t need to fight at all,” I asked him without even trying to keep the disgust from my tone. He was too drunk to remember this conversation anyways.

“Where would be the fun in that? Let’s just say I live for the thrill of the chase”

“Did you manage to K*ll him and take over his pack?” I asked.

“No, not yet. I want him to stew a little bit more. Feel what it is like to lose everything little by little”

His eyes were shutting down, but I couldn’t mess this rare opportunity without utilizing it fully.

“Are there any more hidden secrets you’d like to get off your chest alpha Grey?” I asked him, faking a gentle and tender tone

“Oh, I have many secrets, which one should I get off my chest first?” he asked sleepily

“The most important one of course” I answer while stroking his hair lightly

“That pack that I sent your father to, I wanted revenge on its old alpha, because he stole something from me many years ago” he answered with his eyes closed

Before I could ask what it was that was stolen from him, he continued, “So I stole something from them too… many years ago”

He fell asleep after that and I couldn’t get more out of him.

On some nights, when alpha Grey didn’t use me as his se*x sl*ve; whether because he was not in the mood or he was spending the night away from the pack house, his beta Sam took over that role sometimes. He liked a taste of what his alpha had.

Of course, alpha Grey didn’t know because beta Sam would have me cut into little pieces before I even tried to open my mouth to alpha Grey. He had men everywhere watching over everything. He was just as creative in inflecting pain as his alpha was.

One thing they both had in common, was that they liked their sl*ve to be clean of any scars before they started their whipping/r@ping sessions, they liked to observe their handiwork when they were done. That’s why at the end of each night, they would always let me drink a considerable amount of their blood, that way come the next night, it will be like nothing ever happened to me. They were pure bloods, so drinking from them accelerated the healing process 10 times, since my healing abilities were slower than most half-bloods.

On nights when alpha Grey knew that he was leaving in the morning to do some errands or wage war some place and he wouldn’t return for a couple of days, he would make me drink a small cup of wolfs bane and refrain from giving me any of his blood when he was finished with me. That way, I wouldn’t be fully healed until he returned. It was his sick way of taking his claim on me and marking me as his, even if he is not here he would be causing me pain. Those days were complete t*ortur*e to me. While my torment would only last a couple of hours at the hands of the alpha, letting me go days without healing made me suffer every second in pain until his return.

On those nights, I would never be able to fall asleep from the pain I was feeling everywhere in my body. It’s on those nights, when I seriously consider taking my own life and getting it over with. To hell with waiting for an opportunity to escape, and to hell with waiting for someone to K*ll him. But each time I think about giving up, I find myself dreaming of the day I’ll finally escape this place and start a new life. A happy life. One day I promise myself I will get my happy ending… or I will d*ie trying.

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