The Half Blood Luna Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

Ella’s POV:

I looked at the priest in surprise. You may do what to who now? Sara totally forgot to mention that part.

I look at alpha Klaus in uncertainty. He wasn’t surprised at all, unlike me. He leaned closer until I could feel his breath on my face, while I was frozen in place.

He k!ssed me briefly. It took no longer than five seconds, but to me, it felt like a lot more. I felt the time stop.

The second his lips touched mine, my heart felt like it wanted to jump out of my chest. His lips were so soft, it surprised me. I was never k!ssed before in my life. That little very brief k!ss felt good, it felt marvelous even.

As he broke the k!ss and backed off a little, he was looking at me with so much intensity. I felt out of breath, despite the extremely short k!ss.

I barely registered the loud applause that erupted from the pack over the sound of my loud heartbeat.

I felt my cheeks turn tomato red after that k!ss and the enticing gaze from alpha Klaus.

We turn towards the pack, as they all stand up to perform their Luna vows.

Linda, Stephanie, and Joseph joined them as well.

Alpha Klaus addresses the whole pack in a loud firm voice “Will you, my pack members, vow to fully accept, serve, protect, defend, and guard your Luna until your last remaining breaths so help you god?”

“We will,” they all shout in unison.

It was so moving to look at them and actually feel their loyalty and respect to both of us radiating from every single one of them.

Alpha Klaus offered me his hand and I took it as we led the way out of this hall into another hall, where the actual celebration was taking place.

We opened the celebration with our first dance as a married couple. It was a slow romantic song. No special moves or lifts. We just held each other and moved slowly while gazing at each other.

“You look so dazzling Ella,” he said gently.

I reply shyly “Thank you, you too alpha”

“From now on, I want you to call me Klaus please, no more alpha.”

It will take a lot of time to get used to that, I thought to myself. I nodded my head in agreement.

I tried to get some intel from him without asking him about his feelings directly.

“Your vows were really touching by the way.”

“Thank you, yours were lovely as well,” he said firmly without giving anything away.

“I didn’t know we were supposed to k!ss at the end, Sara didn’t mention that part. It caught me by surprise.”

“Did it bother you?” he asked in concern.

“No it didn’t. I just… didn’t know how to act. I was never k!ssed before,” I struggled to convey my feelings.

He nodded in understanding but didn’t say anything else.

This is getting me nowhere. I sulked to myself. The song ended and we sat during the rest of the celebration. A lot of people came over to congratulate us and introduce themselves.

I noticed at one time, Jake and Linda dancing very passionately to one of the songs, and by the end of it, they were k!ssing hungrily. I felt so happy for them.

“Are you ready to leave?” whispered alpha Klaus in my ear.

“Yes I am so ready,” I said back eagerly.

My feet were K*lling me from wearing those heels for a very long time. We stood up, said goodbye to Joseph and Sara, then headed to alpha Klaus’s place. It was the first time I was sitting foot inside that place after the first day I got here.

He gave me a brief tour of the house. It had three master bedrooms, a kitchen, a living and dining room that were only separated by a decorative wooden part*ition, just like Joseph’s and Sara’s house.

I was shocked when we walked into one of the master bedrooms, and he closed the door behind him.

“This will be our bedroom from now on, you can take the bed and I will take the sofa bed,” he said firmly.

I stared at him in confusion. I thought he was going to give me my own room, I didn’t think we were going to sleep in the same room, especially after he told me that we weren’t going to do anything intimate.

Something also told me that this wasn’t his bedroom. It made sense, that he didn’t want me to sleep in the same bedroom that he and his mate shared before.

“I thought that… I was going to have a room to myself?” I asked hesitantly.

“I’m sorry, but a lot of servants come and go inside the house to clean and cook. It will look suspicious if we had different rooms,” he said apologetically.

Yeah, that made sense now.

“Yes, you’re right. I will take the sofa bed though. I’d feel more comfortable there,” I said determinedly leaving no room to argue.

“Ok, as you wish. The bathroom is behind that door. I will leave you to change, all your stuff have been moved during the ceremony into the closet,” he hesitated a little before asking. “Do you need help with the dress?”

His consideration delighted me, “Oh no it’s okay, I can take it off myself”

He nodded briefly and left the room.

It was a huge bedroom. Larger than the one I was living in.

One side of it was fully made of glass. Showing a mesmerizing view of the forest.

The sofa bed looked very comfortable. There was the largest TV I have ever seen mounted on the wall in front of the sofa.

The closet was huge enough to fit both our stuff inside it. Like I suspected, 99 percent of his clothes were black. I removed everything I was wearing from the dress to my make up, and changed into red long cotton pants and a long sleeve white shirt.

I went out of the bedroom and found him sitting on the sofa, playing some game on his phone.

“You can change I am done,” I tell him as I sit on the opposite sofa.

He looks over at me and stares for a few seconds before going into the bedroom and closing the door behind him.

Ten minutes later, he walks out of the bedroom in black long pants and t-shirt, sits back in his place on the sofa, and continues playing on his phone.

I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open anymore, so I get up and say good night to him.

He replies back without looking away from his phone. I take a blanket from the edge of the bed and lay on my sofa bed. I drift off to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I end up having the worst nightmare in my entire life. The night I lost my virginity to alpha Grey.

“Are you a virgin servant?” asked alpha Grey from behind me.

No, no this is not happening to me, please god save me from this monster.


“When I ask you a question you will answer me right away servant, understand?” shouted alpha Grey

“Yes alpha I am still a virgin” I answer him immediately, panic filling my voice as I sensed where things were going.

“Well, we need to change that right away then,” said alpha Grey in a manipulative tone.

I was standing in front of his bed completely n@ked and my hands and feet were chained from the pillars of his bed. He starts touching my b**bs and v@gin@ eagerly.

I snap and completely forget who I am talking to, as I pull on the chains drastically and scream.

“No, don’t touch me! Get your hand off me!”

He yanks my hair down so hard, my neck almost snaps.

“Who the hell do you think you are to order me around? You are my sl*ve Ella. I am your master from this moment onward. If you don’t want to experience my wrath, I suggest you start submitting to me,” he says with malice dripping from his tone.

I scream in rage, “No I am no one’s sl*ve. I will not be.”

“Oh you will be, you have my word on that,” he promised coldly.

He unchains one of my hands and yanks on it when I try to pull free. Then he chains it to the other pillar, the one at the head of the bed. He does the same for my other hand.

I end up leaning against the bed, unable to stand up anymore. He comes from behind me and rubs my @ssalong with my v@gin@.

I shriek in helplessness and fear.

“Submit yourself to me Ella,” he says excitedly.

“Never” I say shakily.


He starts whipping me violently on my back and behind.

By the time he stops, my entire backside; if it could speak, would be begging him not to whip anymore. He wasn’t done with me, I knew. He was just taking a break.

My voice was hoarse from screaming. He continues violating my body disgustingly with his hands.

“Ready to submit?” he asked with desire.

“Never,” I said in pain.

“I was hoping you would say that,” he said as he pinched one of my nipples so hard, I screamed in agony.

I heard something rip open, I turned my head and saw him applying a c*ond*om to his p*nis.

The terror and dread filled my entire being. I tried so hard to pull on the chains binding me. He held my behind firmly, positioned himself against my opening, then plunged all the way into me in one penetrating thrust.

I felt my heart almost stop from the excruciating pain that consumed every cell in my body as I wailed.

He didn’t stop there, he removed himself from me, then plunged into me with the same f0rce, over and over again. The more I screamed, the more f0rce he penetrated into me, the louder his euphoria became.

He was getting off on my pain. The more pain he inflected, the louder his satisfaction became.

I wished for death right then. I was so sure that I will never be able to recover from this physically and emotionally.

“Ella wake up!” a familiar voice was begging me.

It was alpha Klaus’s voice. The pain instantly went away, no ounce of it was left within my body.

I opened my eyes and found his hazel eyes looking at me with genuine concern.

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