The Half Blood Luna Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Epilogue

6 years Later

Ella’s POV:

It’s been six years since my life actually began. Six wonderful years full of love, happiness, safety, and bliss with the closest people to my heart sharing it with me.

Six years where neither me, or anyone of my family was harmed or put in danger.

My life was perfect in every way. The day dreams I used to have back at my old pack, on my thin cots, trying desperately to distract myself from my throbbing and aching body, finally came true.

I had the best parents in this whole world. Even I didn’t envision them to be as perfect as they actually are.

I was the luckiest girl to marry this man that I am sleeping next to right now. He was perfect in my eyes. It’s ironic, considering that our first few encounters always filled me with a mix of fear and hatred towards him. If someone back then could possibly see the future and informed me that I will end up marrying alpha Klaus and become so happy with him, I would’ve hit the ground from laughter at the impossibility of that prediction.

But as it turned out, he was my safe haven, my savior, my hero, and the lover I never wanted, wished for, or expected in a million years.

We healed each other’s wounds and were able to move past all of our problems and struggles.

We emerged from the ashes of the past that we burned together, new, improved, and so damn in love with each other.

Our love produced the two most precious pieces of our hearts. A twin brother and sister named Mathew Junior and Melanie, who just turned five years old a month ago.

They were the perfect addition to our family. With them, I got to experience the childhood I missed out on when I was their age. They became my friends as I explored what childhood really meant alongside them.

Another thing I was going to miss out on in my old pack, was my education and training. I was currently in my third year of studying accounting online. I always had a thing for numbers ever since I resumed my education with Jake the first year I settled with the pack. And speaking of Jake, he and Linda are happily married now with two kids. She finally got to have the family her mate wanted her to have.

As for training, after four years of hard work; and a year off that set me back due to pregnancy, and numerous strenuous attempts, I was finally able to kick Klaus’s a*ss and hand it to him. That day, I ran around the room like a ten-year-old dancing and shouting in victory as if I won the freaking war, while Klaus was rolling on the floor laughing at my celebration style as his eyes glistened with pride.

If this life has taught me anything it’s this, live your life to the fullest. Tell the people around you that you love them without delaying it, because you never know what tomorrow will bring with it. Spend each day enjoying and appreciating the gift of having people around you who care about you and will catch a bullet for you. That’s how I live mine every day.

When I put my head on the pillow every night, I go to sleep with a smile on my face and a prayer that the next day will bring with it the same joy and happiness.

And it will be more joyful and special tomorrow when I surprise Klaus with my pregnancy. I know he secretly wanted many children so that history doesn’t repeat itself and the line never ends. I wanted nothing more than to see him happy.

I was amazed with how much my love for him increases day by day. He also never misses an opportunity to tell me that he loves me. Despite not being his true mate, he was able to find love again, which affirmed that no matter what people go through, what hardships they endure in a period of their lives, they will always be able to find love again. However long it takes.

We still have our usual bickering and fight with each other; bad habits d*ie hard, but these fights are basically the salt and spices to our relationship. It gives it its unique delicious taste. And the make up s3x after those fights is the best thing I have ever dreamed of. I never thought I’d ever think this, but damn! S3x with Klaus was simply mind blowing. We never got bored of making love to each other all the time.

I put my head over his chest and close my eyes welcoming the warmth and safety that always seeped into me whenever I laid next to him.

“I love you” I whisper softly in his head even though I know he was sleeping.

His arms automatically wrap around me and tighten in a heart melting embrace.

I close my eyes and pray “Let our lives always be this beautiful and wonderful.”

Klaus’s POV:

“Waffles, nana, please”

We were all gathered for breakfast like we do every day. Me, Ella, Joseph, Sara, and our precious twins, MJ and Melanie.

MJ was pointing at the plate of waffles, cutely asking his grandmother for the last piece left. There would have been war between me and Sara over who would get the last piece, a few years ago. But, because it was her little spoiled grandson asking for it now, she happily obliged.

The twins had a special place in all of our hearts. MJ looked like Ella with his golden bouncy curls and big brown eyes, while Melanie had my hazel eye color and my ash blond hair.

As Sara handed him the last piece with a k!ss on his chubby cheek, we all noticed at the same time a yellow note left on the waffles plate. It was hidden by the last piece that Sara gave to MJ.

It said “Save The Last Piece For Me Please!! -Baby #3”

My heart fluttered excitedly as I reread the note again and again. I looked up at Ella and saw her staring at me lovingly with a wide grin on her face. We both got up and hugged each other tightly, before Joseph and Sara joined us and congratulated us warmly.

While the kids were oblivious to the surprising news that was delivered by the proud owner of my heart and soul, my sweet distraction, Ella.

She was always a constant turn on. Whether she was dressed or n*ked, awake or asleep, laughing or pouting, fighting with me or loving me, she never failed to attract and captivate me emotionally and s3xually.

I was still holding on to her as I cupped her face tenderly and k!ssed her briefly on the mouth, aware that my kids were still sitting with us.

“This brief k!ss is just because I couldn’t hold myself, but we will pick it up when we are alone so I could properly celebrate this amazing news in another way” I mind linked her.

She knew exactly what that meant as a cute deep blush spread all over her cheeks and she averted my gaze shyly.

Gosh, just that blush I never got tired of admiring fueled me with desire.

We are so getting some alone time, right now.

I turned to Joseph and said “Joseph, the kids have been wanting to play with their grandparents since last weekend when you took them out for a picnic and showed them how to fly kites. Can you take them again? They had so much fun last time”

“Yes Dada! Please, I want a pink kite” said Melanie excitedly.

Joseph; very well aware of my motives, smiled at me pointedly before he addressed the kids eagerly “Sure thing, why don’t we go now? Who wants to ride over my shoulders all the way to the park?”

They both jumped up and down enthusiastically trying to take the position first.

He picks them both up, and secures them on either sides of his broad shoulders as they laugh excitedly and head out with Sara who gave us a quick hug before following behind them.

“That was smooth” she smirked at my not so subtle way of getting rid of everyone to have some special time together.

“Wanna know what is else is smooth? Those delicious lips that I cannot wait to devour with my mouth right now”

She deliberately bit her lower lip as she gazed at me seductively.

Well, now you’ve done it. I thought to myself, as desire coursed through my entire body at her little tease.

I lifted her up suddenly while she squealed in surprise and giggled at my caveman behavior, as I carried her in my arms into the bedroom and shut the door behind me with my leg.

Six years with her so far were not enough yet to convey how much I admire her.

I love her beyond description, simply said.

She got me out of the deep end and shaped me into a better man, a better father, and a better alpha.

If I was who I am today. It was only and solely because of her.

Because of my Half Blood Luna.

The End

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