The Half Blood Luna Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

Klaus’s POV:

I climb the stairs three at a time, trying to reach the roof before Ella d*ies.

When she told me where she was, I heard the agony in her voice. She was hurt real bad I could almost feel it. I begged her to keep fighting until I reached her.

The last time I begged someone, was when I begged Kate to stay with me while I was holding her dead body in my arms.

I was terrified out of my mind that history was about to repeat itself with Sara and Ella. At least one of them was safe now, thank goodness.

I race towards the roof in blinding speed while the thought of losing Ella almost tears me apart. I can’t handle it. She can’t d*ie, she can’t.

I reach the roof and bust the door off its hinges. My eyes find them instantly.

She was trying to run away from him but he got a hold of her hair and yanked her back towards him. The second he heard me, he turned around with Ella. She was trapped, his arm around her neck, while his other arm was on the top of her head. He was holding her in a deadly ch*okehold.

I took a quick look at her. The side of her face was bloody. She had a gash on the side of her head that was still bleeding and dripping onto her dress. Her right arm was dangling motionless to her side. It looked broken. I couldn’t see any other injuries that were visible to me. I gritted my teeth in anger at the sight of her like this. There was a considerable distance between us. I wouldn’t make it two seconds, before he snapped her neck.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the mighty alpha Klaus joining us finally. One move from you, and I snap her neck like a twig” he taunted with a deep voice.

“Let go of her right now, without harming her,” I put in as much power and authority into my alpha-command as I possibly can to limit any chances of him resisting it.

The seconds feel like hours while I wait for him to release her.

He starts laughing mockingly and I stare in shock.

What the hell?

“I’m sorry, did I forget to tell you that I skipped on the submission ceremony that day? Yeah. I am loyal to one alpha and one alpha only, and that is alpha Grey. You’re alpha-command doesn’t work on me” he said coldly.

I try to swallow my anger and figure out another way to end this without anyone dying.

I see Ella looking at me with tearful eyes. Already surrendering to her death.

“Any last words you two would like to exchange?” he asks cruelly.

I keep my eyes trained on him while I mind link her.

I speak to both of them at the same time. One of them through my head, the other through my mouth.

“Don’t give up Ella, not yet. I will save you, you just have to listen to me very carefully and do exactly as I say. I will distract him with talking. Wait for my signal, and then I want you to do the following as quickly as you can. You will take a wide step to your right, hit him very hard in the g*roi*n with your left hand, and elbow him in the jaw all in the same time. Just wait for my word and don’t hesitate. You will be fine I promise”

While I say to him out loud desperately, “You can’t expect yourself to walk away from this, the second you K*ll her, you will be captured. If you let her go unharmed, I will let you walk out of here a free man. That’s an alpha’s vow. You know that if I make a vow, I can never break it.”

He gives me a sly smile and says, “that’s very tempting, I have to admit. But not as tempting as…”

“Now,” I say to her calmly through the link.

Several things happen all at once. She takes a wide step like I told her and hits him in the g*roi*n in a way that made me so proud, he doubles over and his head moves to the front, as she elbows him in the face causing him to fall back. She hits the ground face first as he releases his hold on her and she looses her balance.

The second she took that first step, I started running towards them. I reached him just as he was falling, I lunged at him and started hitting him repeatedly, everywhere my hands could reach. I was relentless and vicious, channeling all the fear I felt over the possibility of losing Sara and Ella. He had no chance against me, none.

I mind linked two of my betas to come take him into the cell, after I made sure he was unconscious and in no position to fight anymore.

As I turned my head towards where Ella was laying, my heart skipped a beat.

No, this can’t be happening again, I can’t lose you, too.

That was the only thought going through my head as I frantically ran over to her, flipped her, and found her unconscious, but breathing regularly.

I sighed in relief, took her in my arms, and held her tightly to my chest for a few minutes. I was watching her soft breathing and a*s*suring myself that she wasn’t gone like Kate.

I kept whispering in her hair; which smelled like roses, “You’re okay, you’re fine, you’re okay”

In those few minutes, there was no more doubt left in me anymore, I have feelings for her. Real god damn feelings.

I notice the gash in her head was still bleeding, so I get up with her in my arms and take her straight to the pack hospital.

As soon as I walk through the hospital doors, doctors and nurses take her from me, put her on a stretcher, and take her away to be treated.

I wait outside her door and mind link Joseph.

“Ella is safe. I took her to the pack hospital to be treated. She’s in the ER. Where are you?”

“I’m coming to you” was all he said.

Dread washed over me as I sensed the tension in his voice. This could only mean one thing, something happened to Sara.

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