The Half Blood Luna Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Ella’s POV:

He looked exactly the same as the last time I saw him in my old pack. Same cold smile, same disgusted look. The only difference was that he was wearing a suit to blend in with the guests.

“You little girl, are so lucky. You keep surviving. You survived alpha Grey and beta Sam back when you were their sl*ve. You survived alpha Klaus after he figured out who your father was. You survived a goddamn knife to your chest!” he said in wonder as he approached me slowly.

I take small steps back to keep him from initiating a fight.

Not yet, I said to myself. I need him to keep talking as much as possible. Because once the fight begins, I won’t last long. I need to keep buying time long enough for Joseph to find Sara.

I tried to keep my voice steady as I said to him “Why are you so keen on K*lling me? I don’t understand. I told you that I don’t know anything other than what I already said. Why go to all that trouble to K*ll me?”

He stopped walking towards me. We were a couple of feet apart from each other. I just need to keep him talking.

“Because I made a vow to him,” he hissed at me.

I raise my eyebrows. “What vow? To whom?”

“I made a vow to alpha Grey, a very long time ago. Everyone related to them will suffer the consequences. Everyone related to them will spend their lives deprived of any shred of happiness, they will only know a life filled with suffering and misery, or d*ie an excruciating death. They both work just fine. You, my dear got the best of both. Alpha Grey made sure of it when he made you his sl*ve. Sadly, your suffering didn’t last as long as he planned. The plan changed after he d*ied. So now, it’s time for you to d*ie, and for someone else to suffer the loss.”

He wasn’t making a lot of sense. There was obviously something I’m missing.

“I don’t understand…. related to who?” I asked in confusion.

He gave me a sly smile as he said “That, I can’t tell you little girl.”

“Why not? If I’m going to d*ie, at least let me know what I’m dying for,” I asked in a defeated tone.

“I’ll leave that job to your grandfather. This whole thing started because of him. He can tell you everything when you meet him on the other side. Now, stop biding your time and show me how much you improved in the past few weeks since I tried to K*ll you. You think I’m oblivious to the fact that you are trying to waste time on talking so that someone could come save you? No one is coming Ella. They don’t care about you. No one does.”

Tears of anger shine in my eyes. That’s wrong. They do care about me.

“You know what? I think I don’t even have to lift a finger this time, I could just tell you to jump off the roof of this building or my guy shoots Sara in the head right now. That will definitely save me a lot of time,” he said amusingly.

I try to hide my shiver from escaping. He was right, he had leverage over me this time.

I am sure he wanted to escape before anyone even figures out what happened to me. He was still a mystery after all. I was the only one who knows what he looks like. If he gets rid of me, he will be able to slip right past them unnoticed.

I couldn’t let him do that. I mostly accepted the fact that I will d*ie today. But hell if I let him walk out of here a free man.

I challenge him in a cold tone trying to provoke him to attack me “Why? Afraid I would put up a fight long enough for you to get caught? Or are you too afraid that I improved so much, I might actually K*ll you myself?”

He barks out laughing so loudly, it sends a wave of nausea through me.

“You really wanna say that to me, little girl?” he asked with a mischievous grin.

“Go ahead… fight… and find out” I say each word slowly and provocatively.

He lunges for me instantly but I anticipate his move and dart out of the way.

Now, I move to the next part of my plan. Try to defend myself as long as possible before I d*ie. At least if he takes a long time to K*ll me, maybe alpha Klaus will finally be able to capture him and find out his secrets. At least I wouldn’t have d*ied completely in vain.

We circle each other a few times. His smile made my blood boil. The sick bastard was enjoying this.

“Where the fvck are you?”

Alpha Klaus’s angry voice rang in my head at that moment. He apparently figured out that what I said to him was a lie to disappear from the ceremony and was deeply mad at me, it made me cringe on the inside, but I refused to let him scare me into telling him my location.

“Go save Sara. Forget about me,” I tell him a*s*sertively.

“Tell me where you are right now, or so help me god Ella, I’ll never forgive you for this,” he warned in a threatening tone.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, whether you forgive me or not, because I’ll be…”

Before I could finish my sentence, the guy lunges at me again, and this time manages to push me to the ground and trap me under him.

I was too distracted to react on time. That was a fatal mistake on my part.

“Ella!” alpha Klaus shouts in my head after my last sentence got cut off.

I ignore him completely and try to find a way to survive from under my attacker.

He was too heavy, he was crushing me with his weight. His hands were about to come down on my neck, when I punch him with all my might in the throat.

He screams in pain as he clutches his neck. I don’t waste time as I get up from under him and back away as far as I could, he recovered from my hit and lunged at me again.

I utilize everything Linda has taught me in the past two weeks. I use my short height to my advantage as I avoid every single hit he tries to land on me.

As I expected, my maneuvers don’t last very long. He gets the upper hand on me when he increases his speed and I fail to anticipate his next moves. He twists my right arm so far behind me, I hear the crack in my shoulder a second before a horrible pain shoots through me. I scream loudly in agony. He doesn’t let go of my hand as he pushes me towards the cement structure, I hit the side of my head so hard and collapse on the ground.

Dark spots appear in my vision, as I feel the blood gushing down the side of my face. The pain from my dislocated shoulder and my head was too much to endure, I kept screaming for a full minute before my voice got too hoarse. I felt him circle me with ple@sure on his face.

The slightest move I tried to make, made my shoulder pain intensify. I didn’t know if I had anymore fight in me.

“I expected more from you Ella. That was so pathetic,” he taunted in victory.

I clench my teeth to keep from screaming again. I was laying on the ground completely helpless, while he reveled in my pain.

“Joseph has Sara, she is safe. Tell me where you are, right now!” alpha Klaus said frantically in my head.

I hide my sigh of relief and tell him “I’m on the roof.”

The second I told him, I saw the guy stiffen and look at me sharply.

He must have found out that he just lost his leverage.

“Hang in there. Don’t you dare d*ie on me Ella. Remember you are still alpha-commanded to fight for your life, I need you to keep fighting until I reach you” it almost felt like he was begging me, but I wasn’t sure, it was probably my head injury playing tricks on me.

What wasn’t a trick was that he was right. I was still alpha-commanded to fight for my life, I completely forgot about this. What wasn’t certain, was my ability to keep myself alive before he got here.

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