The Half Blood Luna Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Klaus’s POV:

I narrow my eyes at him. It was the same crap he tried to pull with Ella before.

“Speak everything you know about alpha Grey’s problem with my father from the beginning,” I alpha-commanded him in a harsh tone.

He didn’t fight the command this time, to my surprise.

“Once upon a time about twenty-five years ago, some stupid low lives half-bloods ran away from our pack and took refugee in yours. They claimed they were mistreated brutally by alpha Grey. Alpha Mathew and beta James; your fathers…” he looked at me then Joseph indicating that he was referring to my father and Joseph’s father who was also my father’s beta for a very long time.

“They decided to intervene and paid alpha Grey a visit in his own territory. They went there to warn him that he should treat all of his pack members with justice and fairness or there will be consequences. Alpha Grey practically told them to go to hell. As they were about to leave the territory, alpha Mathew found his mate there. Your mother alpha Klaus.”

I stare at him in shock. This was the first time I heard something like this. I knew my parents were mates. But I never knew where they met for the first time. I had a sinking feeling that there was a lot more to this.

He carried on, “She was alpha Grey’s sl*ve and servant at that time. Alpha Grey had a very brutal view when it comes to… intimacy.”

He had the good sense of choosing his words carefully in front of me while trying to convey his true meaning. I balled my hands into fists. I wanted to call him a liar, but he was compelled to tell the truth, he certainly wasn’t lying about this. My mother was abused just like Ella was by that son of a b*tch.

“Alpha Mathew tried to take your mother with him, claiming her as his true mate, to which alpha Grey exploded with rage and fury, he tried to attack alpha Mathew but beta James stood in his way. He promised alpha Mathew that if he took her from him, he will raise hell and drop anyone who is involved in it. Alpha Mathew took her back to his pack and married her without heeding his threat. Alpha Grey’s pack was a lot smaller back then, he and alpha Mathew both knew that he couldn’t wage a winning war with the Crescent Moon pack. So he and his beta Sam opted for the long cold revenge instead.”

“Within three days of that threat, alpha Grey handpicked four of us to act as spies inside the Crescent Moon pack. We were pretending to be runaways from the Grey’s pack just like the previous ones. We submitted ourselves to your father and were welcomed within the pack. It never occurred to your father to alpha-command us to ensure that we weren’t spies for alpha Grey, he was blindly trusting and that was exactly what alpha Grey counted on. He vowed that he will make everyone involved in this pay, then he will make anyone related to them pay the consequences of taking what belonged to him.”

“The four spies that were sent to the Crescent Moon, each took different jobs in different places. I was a guardian, one of them was a doctor, the other two were servants at the pack house. Whenever one of us had worthy information, we would contact beta Sam and he would tell us what to do. The first piece of worthy information was passed through from the doctor. After your mother married alpha Mathew by a month, the doctor found out that she was pregnant. The surprise came when he discovered that she was pretending to be one month pregnant when she was in fact two months pregnant indicating that she was knocked up before leaving the Grey’s pack.”

He stopped talking then and looked at me expectantly waiting for me to realize what that meant.

I shook my head violently in disbelief at the bomb he just dropped on me.

I caught him by the collars of his withered suit and spit in anger, “You’re f*uc*king lying to me. I am not that a*s*shole’s son, TELL THE TRUTH,” I alpha commanded him by shouting the last three words.

He was struggling a bit to speak as I tightened my grip on his clothes.

“It is the… truth. You are.. Grey’s son, I swear it.”

Joseph pulled me away from him before he chocked to death. He pinned me against the wall and tried to shake some sense into me as he whispered in a low voice.

“Klaus, calm down. He still has a lot to say. You can do whatever you want to him after we find out everything. Pull it together, please,” he begged.

I was on the verge of falling apart and shifting into my wolf, as my grasp on myself was slipping. How the hell could it be? How could I be that monster’s son?

“Did you know?” I asked him in a deadly low voice.

“Of course not. This the first time I’m hearing this I swear to you,” he answered back sincerely.

His father James must have known the truth. He was a lot closer to alpha Mathew than Joseph was.

How the f*uc*k could he do this to me? How could he hide something like this from me? I was that bastard’s son. His poisonous blood is running in my veins. I wasn’t of Morgan blood. I was of his blood.

He K*lled my mate and baby, fully knowing that he was destroying his own son’s life. What kind of cruel sick logic is that?

Joseph slowly let go of me, and backed off.

I took deep breaths trying to hold myself until the end of this interrogation. I had a feeling this wasn’t the only surprise. There were a lot of unexplained things yet to be revealed.

“Carry on, what happened after that?” I ordered him tightly.

I had to restrain myself from wiping that stupid grin off his face, permanently.

“Alpha Mathew took you as his son and gave you his last name. The only people in this pack who knew about this were your parents, beta James, and her doctor. Alpha Grey let it happen because he didn’t care that you were his. As soon as alpha Mathew gave you his last name, raised you as his, passed on his own values and beliefs to you, you weren’t his son for all intents and purposes, you were completely alpha Mathew’s. And he was hell bent on making his whole generation plus beta James’s suffer viciously for taking away the sl*ve that belonged to him. He wanted to K*ll some, and let the living ones suffer from their loss.”

“The first hit on his list was your mother. He allowed her five years of living with your father, before he decided to take her away from him. He ordered one of the servants; one of his spies, at the pack house to sabotage her car to cause her car accident. The car exploded, leaving no trace of foul play, no reason for alpha Mathew to trace it back to alpha Grey. After a month or so, the same servant was ordered to return back to the Grey’s pack because his mission was completed. He was to claim that he was traveling to visit his relatives so that no one suspects anything. After he crossed over to the Grey’s pack he was K*lled immediately, leaving no trace of his a*s*sociation with the pack.”

“When the last spy that was left in your pack house told beta Sam that your mate was pregnant, alpha Grey decided to K*ll her along with your father. He wanted to K*ll two birds with one stone. By then, his pack became one of the strongest packs in the region, he wanted to make you weak from all sides, before taking away your pack from you and K*lling you in the process while making you and Joseph suffer the loss of a loved one, staying true to his vow to make both families miserable. He sent one of his loyal servants to your pack on that mission, and supplied him with the lethal dose of wolfs bane. He was pretending to be a packless chef who was looking for a place to settle down in. The rest of that story you already know, he poisoned them, then fled the pack along with the remaining spy, I personally K*lled them upon their arrival to the Grey’s pack.”

I was shaking from head to toe at that point. He took away everyone from me. My mother, my father, my mate, and my baby. He came through with his vow to destroy all our lives.

Even though I K*lled him in the end, he still won.

“Is that it?” I asked eventually.

He grinned again and said, “No, I saved the best act of revenge until the end. The biggest revenge of all was doing to your families, what was done to him. Your father and his father both stole a sl*ve and a baby from him, so he stole a baby from you, then made that baby his sl*ve seventeen years later.”

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