The Half Blood Luna Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

Klaus’s POV:

It was like a bucket of ice-cold water got dumped on both of us.

Joseph and I stared at each other in complete shock before we both mind linked at the same time.


She was stolen as a baby from here? Whose baby was she? That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Joseph was shaking his head in confusion as he asked Daniel tightly. “What baby?”

He grinned at him in complete mockery.

“Did you forget that you had a baby after Kate seventeen years ago? I mean I wouldn’t blame you if you totally forgot about her, she d*ied on the same day she was born in of course you would forget her, it was nothing compared to losing a twenty four year old girl, after all”

He paused for a few seconds before adding sarcastically.

“I’ve got great news for you Joseph. Congrats, she didn’t really d*ie. You’re still a father”

I press my arm against his throat and command him in fury “Lose the f*uc*king att*itude and tell us everything”

I let go of him before he suffocates and allow him to breath, for now.

I sneaked a look at Joseph and saw him on the verge of falling apart.

Ella was his daughter? Kate’s little sister?

I clearly remember when Kate and I were both seven years old, she was so excited because she always wanted a little sister to play with her the girly games that I always refused to play.

I remember Sara’s belly growing over time.

I also clearly remember that the baby d*ied on the same day she was born in.

It was the same day that beta James, her grandfather d*ied of a heart attack.

My heart skips a beat as I recall what Ella told me about her conversation with Daniel on the roof.

He said it was all her grandfather’s fault.

“As soon as our spy doctor told us that Sara was pregnant, it was decided that that baby was going to belong to alpha Grey. It was near impossible to achieve, but a couple of things that happened coincidentally made it happen. When Sara went into labor she had a major complication that f0rced her to have a C section under full anesthesia. She never saw her baby when she was taken out from her, and neither did you”

He looked at Joseph as he carried on.

“You happened to be away traveling with alpha Mathew in place of your father because he was too sick to travel, when your wife went into labor. None of you saw the baby when she was born aside from the doctor who delivered her and a nurse or two. Who would memorize the face of a one day old baby when the doctor delivers so many babies on a daily basis? It made it easier for our spy doctor to switch the real baby with another one, a dead one who d*ied of a birth defect, it was reasonable since Sara suffered a labor complication. No one was going to suspect anything”

“The spy doctor smuggled the baby to me, and I took her and delivered her myself to alpha Grey. I returned to your pack after that like nothing happened and went on with my next a*s*signment. On the same night, I sneaked into beta James’s bedroom and delivered him a personal message from alpha Grey. I told him who I really was, what I did to his brand new granddaughter, and what alpha Grey was intending to do with her. After that I pulled a syringe full of a lethal dose of wolfs bane and stabbed him with it. He d*ied instantly. Luckily, he was already too sick when you left him, no one suspected that he was murdered. You all just a*s*sumed it was a heart attack”

“The spy doctor and I took a leave of absence two days apart, two months after the baby was taken. I was waiting for him at the edge of the Grey’s territory when I K*lled him and disposed of his body, leaving no trace of what we have done regarding your baby. I submitted myself to alpha Grey and became a part of his pack again, but as a spy with my ident*ity hidden from everyone but the beta and alpha, while the remaining spy left as a servant at your pack house acted as our only source. The rest I have already told you regarding your father and Kate’s murder. The baby was handed over to Bill Forbes and registered under his name as Ella Forbes, which you must have already figured out by now”

The cell goes quiet for a while, as we both try to process the consecutive number of blows that we were hit with in the past twenty minutes.

I look at Joseph and see him staring into nothing, completely frozen in disbelief.

I don’t think I am able to handle anymore, but I ask tightly anyways.

“Is there something else concerning us that you haven’t told yet?”

He shakes his head and answers “I have told you everything”

“Are there anymore spies left that are still loyal to alpha Grey?”

“Only me, I’ve K*lled them all”

I felt like I was going to suffocate if I stay in this cell any longer.

I move towards the cell door, turn around and notice Joseph was still in a shocked state.

He was even more destroyed than I was.

While I took a huge blow by finding out that my mother was Grey’s sl*ve, and that he was my real father, Joseph’s tragedy was a lot worse.

He lost his baby girl for seventeen damn years. All the hell she was put through ever since she was little was an act of vengeance. Her innocence was shattered into a million pieces, and she was still struggling to pick up those pieces till now, she might even struggle her whole life. And Joseph couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it from happening. He wasn’t able to protect his little girl. He wasn’t able to keep her safe from them.

I could read it all on his face clearly.

I held on to him and dragged him out of the basem*nt.

As we reached its entrance, Joseph let go of me and collapsed on the floor, unable to keep moving anymore.

His face was full of tears.

It was the second time I’ve seen him struggling with such extreme anguish. The first was when he lost Kate.

This one was a hundred times worse.

He was shaking so badly trying to keep himself human, but I could feel his control slipping from him.

I gripped him tight and practically dragged him out of the pack house. As soon as we hit the fresh air, we both gave up our control and shifted instantly.

We started running at full speed, deep into the forest. He let go of the most intense painful howl I have ever heard in my life. I found myself joining him, aching gravely for the both of us.

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