The Half Blood Luna Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

Ella’s POV:

We end up having a super late dinner. As the four of us already skipped lunch and the usual dinner time, we were all starving at that point.

We kept our conversation light and short, without diving into anymore drama. We were exposed to enough drama to last us for a year.

As soon as dinner was over, I couldn’t keep myself from yawning constantly. I was super tired and exhausted from all the emotional turmoil that I put my body through today.

Sara notices my yawns and speaks softly to me “It’s getting late, you should go lay down and rest. It was a very rough day on all of us”

I nod my head in agreement as we all get up from the table. Klaus comes over to my side and holds my hand instinctively.

We say good night to them and head back towards our home, hand in hand. I couldn’t get enough of his touch, it had a magical calming effect on me, I will probably never get enough of it.

When we walk into the bedroom, I notice that everything was put back in its place, and all the glassand blood was cleaned from the floor.

During my hysterical melt down, I threw everything in my line of sight that I could get my hands on, and tore threw it with my bare hands. But that did nothing to put out the fire that was scalding within me. So I decided to hurt myself instead.

Klaus must have told the servants to put back everything in its place like it was before. I head towards the bathroom as I grab my white pajamas from the closet.

When I emerged from the bathroom, Klaus was already in his sleeping clothes standing next to his bed. I was so sleepy, but I was too afraid to close my eyes. I was almost certain that my nightmare tonight would be extra dreadful due to the mysteries that were unfolded today.

I look up at Klaus and notice that he was gazing at me admiringly.

“What?” I ask him shyly as my face warms up in response to his gaze.

“Nothing, I just can’t seem to keep my eyes off of you. You’re too good to be true, Ella” he says in a flirty tone.

My heart begins to beat faster in my chest as my face manages to get warmer.

“Can I ask you for something?” I ask in a small voice.

“Anything” he replies instantly.

“Can you… sleep next to me tonight? I… I think I’d probably end up having a hell of a nightmare as soon as I fall asleep, and I just can’t..”

He cuts me off as he walks towards me and holds my shoulders “You don’t have to explain. You only need to ask, and I will instantly, without any hesitation, comply”

“Thank you” I said emotionally.

It’s not me who is too good to be true, it was him actually.

He holds my face with his hands and leans down to k!ss my forehead.

Just that simple k!ss sent waves of joy to course through my entire body. I was a long way from a proper k!ss on the mouth, and he knew that, and he was fine with giving me all the time I needed to become ready.

As we both laid on the sofa together, my head nestled between his neck and shoulder, I promised myself to try and become ready for some physical contact soon. I will definitely need Sara’s help for that.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I instantly fell asleep.

Beep, beep, beep.

I gr0@n in disorientation as my alarm keeps ringing annoyingly under my pillow. I blindly try to shut it off by running my finger on the screen repeatedly; as I feel like my eyes are not cooperating with me yet. I finally manage to shut it up.

With the noise gone, I try to open my eyes slowly.

I find myself staring into the most heart melting hazel eyes.

Just staring at those eyes sent goosebumps and shivers inside me. Love is not just one feeling that courses through your body; I was starting to come to that realization, it is a jumble of intertwined, complicated, confusing, and messy feelings that make your body act crazily when you are around him, or just thinking about him.

“Hey” he says hoarsely with a grin.

I found myself automatically smiling back without any effort on my part, my body was doing its own thing

“Morning” I said sleepily.

“Ready for a brand-new day Mrs. Morgan?” asked Klaus admiringly.

I laughed under my breath at my new last name that I just heard for the first time.

“I’ve never been more ready in my life, want to know why?” I asked him cheerfully.


“Two reasons. First, your beautiful captivating eyes were the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes” I said shyly as I felt my face blush from speaking my thoughts to him directly and flirting with him for the first time, ever.

His smile deepened at my words.

“And the second reason?” he asked softly.

“The second is, I slept through the whole night without any nightmares. That’s something that never happened before. I can’t help but connect it to sleeping next to you. You make me feel safe Klaus. With you, I know; without any doubt, that no harm can ever get to me” I said it without stumbling over my words or averting my gaze, I looked him straight in the eyes.

Well, I figured if we were starting fresh, might as well express our real feelings and emotions instead of hiding them in fear or hesitation and putting on a deceiving mask.

Life is too short to wait around for things to progress on their own or be afraid to say what we want to say to each other. Because you never know what surprises tomorrow will bring with it. I’ve learned that the hard way. I’ve already missed eighteen years of living. I no longer wish to miss anything this life has to offer to me. I want to experience everything I should have experienced from the beginning.

As my second reason was said, I felt my face become tomatoe red.

He reached for me and swept away a strand of my hair that was covering a part of my face.

“You are my everything Ella. You’re the very essence to my life, and the smile to my lips, you’re the sight to my eyes, and the beat to my heart. Without those things, I am nothing, and that’s why you’re my life. I would do anything to keep you safe. And my day just got a whole lot better; like yours did, after seeing this beautiful blush on your face. It’s something I’ll never get enough of” he said tenderly as he leaned in and printed a slow delicate k!ss on my forehead.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one who decided to be more expressive from now on.

We got up and got ready to start our day.

When we got out of the bedroom, breakfast was already on the table.

The servants prepared four plates on the table for Klaus, Joseph, Sara and me, just like the first day I spent here. Except they didn’t show up yesterday, probably because they wanted to give us privacy on our first day as a married couple.

As we sat on our chairs, I decided that the one on Klaus’s left will become my chair from now on. Because I didn’t want to feel like I was replacing Kate.

While I now know that she was my older sister, it still didn’t make it easy for me to not notice her absence from their lives or their table; but I no longer a*s*sociated that feeling with guilt over being related to the man responsible for her death. I wouldn’t say ‘our’ lives because I never got to meet her. I felt no connection to her and it irritated me a little. I’ll just have to ask Sara to tell me about her and show me her picture in the hopes of feeling something towards her.

“Joseph and Sara are coming right?” I asked Klaus hesitantly.

Although we made up and everything was almost back to normal between us, I still didn’t completely adjust to the fact that they were my birth parents. It still felt weird and I didn’t know if they felt the same way I did.

“I don’t know. Do you mind if they do?” he asked carefully.

“No, I want them to come” I said brightly.

“Then you should let them know that. Right now, they don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by the fact that they are your real parents; although they have been treating you like you were their daughter all along, they want you to take things at your own pace. They’re trying to give you space to set the pace that makes you comfortable” he said calmly.

“Did they tell you all that?” I wondered.

“No, they don’t need to say anything. I know how they think” he said confidently.

My face fell slightly at that statement. He knows my own parents more than I ever will. He notices my reaction and reaches for my hand, giving it a – don’t feel sad – squeeze. I look up at him and nod in appreciation.

“Ok I will invite them then” I said determinedly.

I mind link them both at the same time “Good morning, are you guys awake?”

Sara replies delightedly “Good morning Ella. We woke up a while ago”

“Great, we are waiting for you to have breakfast together” I said lightly.

Sara doesn’t miss a beat as she replies back casually “Ok, we’re on our way” then she adds in a semi serious tone “Tell Klaus to take his eyes off the waffles, he’s not touching one piece before I get here or he will end up eating them all. You’re on waffles guard duty, guard them with your life Ella”

I raise my eyebrows at her weird order and tell her “Okay” as I look up at Klaus and follow his intense unwavering gaze.

No kidding! He was definitely eying those waffles as if he’s never tasted one before.

I spontaneously burst out laughing at the whole situation. Sara’s correct a*s*sumption about Klaus, his cute loving gaze at the waffles, and her seriousness about protecting those waffles dearly.

His gaze shifts over to me and he gives me a questioning look as he smiles at my laughter.

“Sara said not to touch the waffles before she gets here, she was pretty adamant about it and told me to practically tackle you if you move towards them” I answer him as I continue to laugh.

“Well, she better get here quickly then, because I don’t know how much longer I can hold myself” he said strictly, which caused me to laugh harder. Wow those two are pretty serious when it comes to waffles.

“I’m glad you find it amusing” said Klaus merrily.

I keep giggling as his gaze travels back and forth between me and the plate of freshly made, crispy, hot waffles.

I was still tearfully chuckling when Joseph and Sara came through our front door.

They looked so ecstatic as they’re eyes roamed over my joyful laughing face.

I stood up from my chair as they headed over to my side to greet me, they were both smiling in response to whatever I was laughing about.

Sara asked in wonder as she hugged me tightly “Can we join in on the laughter?”

I hugged her back while saying “You weren’t kidding about those waffles, I had to practically stay alert the whole time for fear of him snatching one piece from the plate. I think one minute more, I would have had to tackle him to the ground”

They all chuckled hilariously.

Joseph hugged and k!ssed me on the forehead with a broad smile on his face. I couldn’t help but notice; in relief, that their faces looked a lot better than last night, while I could still see a slight anxiousness on Joseph’s face.

They greeted Klaus after that then sat down on the table.

Joseph takes Kate’s former chair without questioning, as I sit next to Sara.

We all enjoy a sweet breakfast as we continue to make jokes about Klaus and Sara’s extra obsession about that particular dessert.

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