The Half Blood Luna Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Ella’s POV:

I’m stuck on the roof with that man.

I was on the ground, bleeding and whimpering in pain, while he looks down on me with disgust and repulsion.

“Are you still waiting for someone to come save you, little girl?” he asks in a mocking tone.

I look at him in hatred and keep my mouth shut.

Someone will come, someone will save me.

He crouches and leans closer to my face as he whispers with a smile “No one cares about you Ella. Do you want me to prove it to you? Let’s stay here until the sun comes down. That is a solid thirty minutes. No one will come through those doors. Not even if we stay all night”

I grit my teeth and try to grab him, but he stands up and backs away from me.

He leans against the cement structure, by the door, with his hands in his pocket as he whistles an annoying tone.

I stay huddled on the ground repeating to myself over and over. someone will come, someone will save me.

Darkness ascends and nothing happens, no one comes.

He laughs an evil loud laugh as he steps towards me.

He crouches next to me again with a sharp knife in his hand and says tauntingly “See? I told you. You don’t matter to anyone”

I close my tearful eyes in pain as I admit to myself and accept that he was right, he stabs me in my chest.

I scream and open my eyes to find alpha Klaus on top of me.

He was holding one of my hands tightly as he said in a comforting tone “It’s okay you are safe now. You were just having a nightmare. You’re okay.”

I release a breath that I was holding as I began to distinguish between reality and delusion.

It was just a nightmare, I kept telling myself.

I look down at his hand that was tightly holding on to me in shock. His touch was something unexpected of him at all.

I look up at him and see him looking at me in a mix of fear and relief.

I pull myself up to a sitting position and lean back against the headboard. All the while his hand was still holding mine.

The hand holding gesture was weird but comforting at the same time.

I was wearing a thin hospital gown, indicating that I was taken to the hospital after I passed out.

I was aware that my right arm was back in its place and no longer hurts, and my head was no longer bleeding or hurting. I was as good as new.

I look around me and realize that I am in my room, alone, with alpha Klaus. He was still wearing his tux, minus the jacket and the bow tie. His hair was a wild mess, like he was running his hands through it many times.

I gulp and ask in a hoarse voice “Are Sara and Joseph okay?”

“Yes they are both okay,” he said rea*s*suringly.

I nod in relief. I was glad they were both unharmed, but I was also a little disappointed that they weren’t here when I woke up.

‘You don’t matter to anyone’ the man’s voice whispers in my head again.

I shake my head a little to push away his horrible words.

Well, at least I didn’t wake up totally alone. While I was sad that Joseph and Sara weren’t here when I woke up, my heart filled with warmth when I opened my eyes and saw the alpha here with me and his hand touching mine.

Does Sara hate me since she was put in danger because of me? Does Joseph? Is that why they weren’t here?

My mind started spinning and giving in to what that man said about them. They don’t really care about me. Is it really true? I was so insecure when it came to believing that I might actually have a family. Because I never experienced it before coming here.

“What’s going on Ella? You look very sad,” asked alpha Klaus gently.

I felt embarra*s*sed to tell him what I was thinking. But I had to know the truth.

“Do they hate me alpha?” I ask in a small voice as I look up at him and try to keep the tears from falling.

“Who? Joseph and Sara?” he asks in confusion.

I nod my head.

His eyes soften as he looks at me and says, “Ok, Your skull fracture is obviously not healed properly. Are you nuts! Why would they hate you Ella? They care about you so much. Then don’t just care about you, they love you. What made you think like this?”

I mumble shyly, “I don’t know, you said they were okay and when I didn’t see them here, I thought…” I struggle to say what I am thinking about.

“You thought they hated you for endangering Sara’s life,” he wasn’t asking, he was confirming.

“It did happen because of me. If I wasn’t so close to her, the man wouldn’t have kidnapped her.”

“Ok, I told you that they were okay because I didn’t want you to worry, you just opened your eyes and woke up from a hell of a nightmare, and multiple serious injuries. But the truth is, when Sara was waiting for Joseph to come save her, he told her about your situation and refusal to tell us where you were until she was saved. So, she took matters into her own hands to save time and save you faster. Unfortunately, she got shot in the process. But…”

I cut him off as I gasped and stared at him with wide eyes.

“Oh my God! Tell me she is okay. Please tell me she’s okay. I can’t live with myself if something happened to her because of me.”

He squeezed my hand and said calmly “She’s okay, I swear. She was rushed into surgery and survived the hardest part. She is okay now I promise.”

I breath heavily as I wrap my head around everything he said.

She got shot trying to save me. God if she d*ied, I wouldn’t have been able to look Joseph in the eyes again. My father took his daughter’s life, and I took his wife’s. It would have destroyed me.

“That’s why they are not here. Or they would have never left your side Ella. Don’t doubt their love for you ever again.”

He gives me a long hard look as he says, “It’s that man isn’t it? He planted doubt in you, told you that no one is coming for you because no one cares?”

I gasped in surprise, “How did you know that?”

“Because you were saying those words in your sleep just now,” he said softly.

I averted my gaze from him and looked down at our joined hands.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his other hand moving towards my face, and before I could hold myself, I flinched a little.

I cursed my damn stubborn reflexes and looked up at him.

He was staring at me in anguish. I blurted out, “I’m sorry. It was…”

“Involuntary” he finished my sentence for me in a sad tone.

I was mad at myself for making him feel that way.

“Ella, I want to ask you something, and I want you to be honest with me please,” he said tightly.

I nodded my head in agreement.

“The things you said to me at the end of our dance. Did you really mean them or you just said them to be able to disappear on your own?” he asked uncertainly.

He was holding his breath waiting for my answer. It was really important to him, I could tell. It missed with his mind. My heart tugged at me when I remembered his crushed expression. I had hurt him so much with my words. To the extent that he doubted if I really meant them or not before I took off.

I looked at him fiercely and said as genuinely as I could “I didn’t mean a thing I said to you back there. It was all a lie to get away, I promise. He f0rced me to be convincing or he will shoot Sara. I had to hurt you or you would have never let me go. I have forgiven you for everything, you aren’t the hateful person I believed you to be when I first met you, alpha. I don’t hate you. And more importantly, I am not afraid of you, not anymore”

He closed his eyes and released the breath he has been holding inside him.

I felt a weight lift off my chest because I was able to tell him the truth about this.

He opens his eyes then, and gazes at me for a long time.

“Will you marry me?” he asked quietly.

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