The Half Blood Luna Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

Klaus’s POV:

After Ella fled from the house, Joseph and Sara started sobbing so hard. My heart was aching for all of them.

“She was right about everything. We can never make it up to her or erase what happened” said Joseph in a broken tone.

He was still kneeling on the ground where Ella was sitting.

“She hates us” he said sadly.

Sara shook her head as she spoke for the first time since we came here.

“She doesn’t hate us, she was just too hurt, too angry, she had to let it all out. The trauma and the truth that was revealed were overwhelming her so much, she had to speak everything trapped inside of her to be able to tolerate and stand the realization that everything she had lost was supposed to be her right from birth. Even if we ended up being blamed for forgetting her and for everything she was deprived from. I just hope she doesn’t end up hurting herself”

She came over and sat next to me as she held my face tenderly with both of her hands.

“Klaus, please don’t leave her alone honey. She needs someone to keep talking to, even if she lashes out on you, you have to stay by her side so she doesn’t feel lonely. She wants nothing to do with us at this moment, right now, you’re the only one she can stand to look at.

I know you’re still hurt too, I’m so sorry that you had to find out about everything this way. Joseph told me. And I want you to know that your father Mathew, loved you with every cell in his body. No one can f0rce that kind of love to grow unless it was deeply and truly felt.

The truth does not change anything, don’t let it ruin your life. I love you so much and so did he. You might have blamed him for hiding the truth from you, but I want you to know that the reason he didn’t tell you wasn’t because he was afraid of losing you to Grey, or because he was afraid you would turn into him. He didn’t tell you because you were his son, his own flesh and blood. With that belief, there was nothing needed to be told anymore.”

She hugged me tightly as she whispered in my ear “You both need each other now. Only you can heal each other’s wounds and heartbreaks. Only you can help each other to get past this and move on without falling apart or breaking down. Lean on each other, so you could stand up again, recover, and lead a new happier life together. I know deep down you have feelings for her, I know you love her and there is nothing wrong with loving someone else. You deserve to be happy again, both of you do. I never got to talk to her about her feelings for you, but I see how she always looks at you when you’re not noticing. I know she has feelings for you too, but for her it’s difficult to confess it because she’s afraid you will not return the feeling.”

I hugged her back as I said “I know that my father loved me. I was mad at him at the beginning and deeply hurt, but Ella helped me through it. We both admitted our feelings to each other and talked about this. Our love will help heal her faster and get her through this dark period, I hope. I was so lucky to have you all by my side ever since I was little. And Ella is so lucky that you turned out to be her parents. She might not realize that now or feel that way, but she will come around I promise. I will help her come around”

I let go of her and help Joseph stand up on his feet.

He was a heart-breaking mess. I hold on to his shoulders as I say rea*s*suringly “She adores you Joseph. Please don’t hold what happened against her, we all expected it from the beginning. She just needs time”

He nods his head sadly.

I head towards my house, and look around the living room for her. She wasn’t there. I go over to the bedroom door and knock softly “Ella, can I come in please?”

I could hear her sobbing all the way through the door. She mind links me in a shaky voice “Leave me alone… please.”

I mind link her back pleading “Ella, please don’t shut me out too. I am not going to say anything. I just want to hold you, and take some of the pain away because I know how unbearable this whole thing was on you. Let me help, please.”

She doesn’t respond back, as she continues sobbing desperately. I lean against the door and sit on the ground, contemplating how I can reach through to her.

After fifteen minutes of silence, I hear something shattering inside; something made of glass, followed by an agonizing shriek.

I jump to my feet and turn the handle, to find the door locked from the inside. Panic fills my body as she goes quiet. I curse and break through the door in one kick. I find her on the ground, breathless, staring at the palm of her bleeding hand where a shard of glasswas lodged deep inside.

I move to her side in an instant and kneel next to her as I hold her face, which was drenched in tears. I speak softly “Ella! Come here let’s get this out of your hand”

I try to lift her up, but she resists me as she whispers “Leave it. It is the only thing keeping me from completely shutting down right now”

Dammit! Sara predicted this would happen. I should have busted through the door as soon as I arrived.

She was still staring at her hand as the blood dripped on the floor.

I closed my eyes in anguish as I realized she cut herself on purpose.

I know exactly what that feels like. When the emotional pain overwhelms you and threatens to drag you down so deep, into a bottomless pit where you might get stuck with that agony for eternity. And the only thing to stop you from succumbing to that pain was to cause another pain, a physical one.

“I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to cut out a place for the pain to bleed from, or it would have suffocated me” she whispered.

I whispered back rea*s*suringly “It’s okay I get it. The truth was too hard on you to handle alone. But I am here Ella. You are not alone. Give me some of the pain, you don’t have to let it out like this. Talk to me, scream at me, hit me if you want, if that makes you feel just a little bit better, if it keeps you from hurting yourself, do what you have to do. I am right here, and I am not going anywhere”

I hug her to my chest tightly and k!ss the top of her head repeatedly, as she starts sobbing again.

She wouldn’t let me take out the piece of glassfrom her hand or bandage it, no matter how much I tried.

We stay like this for hours. Hugging each other on the ground, leaning against the bed. None of us speaking.

As the clock hits 11 p.m. I cannot bear to see her blood on the ground anymore. I urge her to sit in the living room and she finally complies. I take a first aid kit from the bathroom, get the piece out as gently as possible, disinfect the wound, and bandage her hand.

She said in exhaustion “Daniel was right, I wish I never knew the truth, because it’s K*lling me now. I was dealing okay with my trauma because I started to feel safe and happy that I had three amazing people who were looking out for me, who loved me for who I am when no one at my old pack did. I was okay because compared to my life before, I felt like I was finally living. It was all bearable when I believed that what happened was just the fate that was written for me. But to find out that I could have had it all from the beginning, that it was no fate but a resentful bastard that controlled how my life turned out to be, that’s what’s K*lling me”

“I know Ella, believe me I know. I know because this whole thing started because of me and my mother. If they never met, none of this would have happened to you, or to anyone else” I said guiltily as I hugged her again.

She shook hear head against my chest and said “No, it was all Grey. If he wasn’t a sick son of a b*tch hell bent on revenge, on controlling our lives and sentencing us all to unending traged*ies, none if this would have happened”

She looked up at me, touched my face with her uninjured hand and said softly “Don’t blame yourself please”

I say back to her softly “Don’t blame Joseph and Sara, either. If it was all Grey, they shouldn’t be blamed for what happened. It’s K*lling them just like it’s K*lling you”

Her face falls as she drops her hand down and guilt washes over her features in an instant “I know they are not to blame. I shouldn’t have spoken to them that way. Oh god, I hurt them both so much. They think I hate them, don’t they?” she said with fresh tears forming in her eyes.

I shook my head and said softly “They don’t think that, they know how hard this was to digest. They know they should give you time to comprehend everything. They are willing to give you all the space you need in hope of returning to them and accepting them as your parents. They are willing to do anything, absolutely anything that will make you feel better even if it meant blaming them or taking out your anger on them”

She covered her face with her hands and said regretfully in a muffled voice “Oh my god, the things I said to Joseph! How could I hurt him like this? He didn’t deserve this. I feel so horrible now. I knew I was hurting him so much deep down inside, but I wasn’t able to control anything that was coming out of me”

“shhh it’s okay, he understands everything. Don’t worry about that now”

She wipes away her tears quickly and gets up “I have to see them now. Do you think they went to sleep?” said Ella in a determined voice.

I stand up too and say approvingly “I don’t think they are able to sleep at all tonight, especially since they are worried sick about you”

She grabbed my hand instinctively and took me outside, heading towards their place.

I was glad she was going to talk to them, they needed her so much right now, just like she needed them.

I was relieved she came to her senses so fast and didn’t wait until tomorrow to talk to them, I couldn’t imagine what they must be going through right now.

When Joseph opens the door and finds Ella in front of him, his already grave face darkens.

I could see him fighting the urge to touch her and sooth her, but was too afraid she wouldn’t accept it just like before.

We walk inside as Joseph closes the door behind us and stands in front of her again in uncertainty.

I saw Sara coming towards us from the couch she was sitting in before we came, and looking at Ella with the same expression as she stood next to Joseph.

They both instantly notice the new bandage covering her hand and look at me in misery as they realize what happened.

I mind link them rea*s*suringly “Don’t worry, She is fine. It is just a small glasscut. It will be gone by tomorrow”

Ella addresses them both with deep regret in her voice “Forgive me… please. I didn’t mean to say all those things to you I swear. You didn’t deserve any of it. I was so out of line. I blamed you, when everything that happened was beyond your control. I don’t blame you for anything. I love you. I have loved you deeply even before I knew you were my parents, and I still love you with all of my heart. I am so sorry Joseph, I hated myself profoundly for what I said to you, and for shying away from you so harshly. Forgive me please?”

She stood trembling and crying as she waited for them to say something.

Both of them hugged her tightly at the same time.

“There is nothing to forgive Ella. We love you unconditionally and endlessly, no matter what you say or do, we will always love you” said Joseph passionately.

“You are so precious to us Ella. You always were. Nothing you say or do will ever change our deep love for you. We considered you our daughter from the beginning, we wanted to give you the world just to see your beautiful smile” said Sara as she k!ssed her repeatedly on her forehead.

They stood there embracing each other so fiercely for a while.

I wiped away my tears hastily as I regarded them all so fondly. I felt so relieved that everything turned out to be okay.

That we were able to get past everything that was thrown at us and come out of it together in one piece.

Ella turned her head towards me and extended her hand for me, inviting me to join them in their family hug.

I took her hand instantly and embraced them just as fiercely, praying and hoping from the bottom of my heart that we never have to feel the slightest heartache ever again, that we begin a new chapter starting with this incredible moment right now, and live a life filled only with happiness and unending bliss.

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