The Half Blood Luna Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Ella’s POV:

Linda and I were heading down to training, while talking about how we are going to divide our training session.

I open the door to training room number one and walk inside before realizing that it was already occupied. I was about to turn around and leave, when I noticed who was in the room.

It was alpha Klaus. He was too focused on hitting the punching bag, he did not notice us at all. I was only seeing his side, so his expression wasn’t very clear to me, but the way he was hitting the bag radiated anger, not just anger, rage.

I looked at the bag and saw blood dripping down from it. sh*t! He was hurting himself again. What got him so mad like this?

I should have turned around and left him alone. It was none of my business, he was none of my business. I was nothing to him, and he was nothing to me. We weren’t even friends. So why was my heart breaking for him with every swing? Why did I want to take all his pain away? The Ella who hated him so much for what he did to her would have been so thrilled to see him like this. She would have gladly left him like this without doing anything to stop him. But that Ella seemed to have disappeared, no longer wishing him pain. Instead, I was left with a confused Ella. One who was starting to feel something for him that she could never feel. I was even afraid of admitting it to myself because I knew it was so wrong, so forbidden.

After a minute of battling with myself weather to interfere and stop him or not, my lips started moving on their own.

“Stop, alpha You’re hurting yourself,” I said to him loudly trying to reach him with my voice.

It was like he never heard me, he was too deep. I needed to do more than that to pull him out.

Before he could take his next swing towards the bag, I stood in front of him and shouted “Stop!”.

His fist was aimed towards my face, but I refused to raise my hands up or flinch away from him like I always did. I stood my ground and looked at him in determination. Praying he would wake up from his haze before he hit me.

His fist stopped a few inches before connecting with my face. My heart was up in my throat from the fear. A few more seconds and my jaw would have probably been shattered by him.

He was looking at me with wide eyes, his breathing was ragged.

We stand like this for a few seconds, looking at each other’s eyes.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he asked in an angry tone as he lowered his arm down.

I gulped and cursed myself. I shouldn’t have interfered. I was supposed to stay as far away from him as possible, that was what I asked for. Instead, I was breaking my own deal and standing in front of him. He was looking down at me with anger. I didn’t know whether he was really mad at me or at whatever got him bleeding like this. I shouldn’t have stopped him myself. I had no business trying to soothe him. I should have mind linked Joseph or Sara. Stupid Ella.

What’s done is done, just try and talk to him. I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and said in a semi calm tone.

“You were hurting yourself. I needed to stop you before you did any more damage to your hands. Whatever got you like this, hurting yourself is not going to solve anything.”

“And it’s up to you to stop me, is it? Who the hell do you think you are? You are absolutely the last person I want to see in front of me right now. Get out and don’t get in my way again or there will be consequences,” he said in a hard voice.

I flinched in surprise at his open hostility. It was like we were back at my old pack again. He looked at me with such hatred, I was afraid of him. Genuinely afraid of him, afraid of him commanding me again. The Klaus who helped me breath out in that corridor, the gentle man who held a conversation with me and apologized for everything was gone, it made me think I might have imagined the whole thing in my head.

I backed off and got out of the room. I heard Linda close the door behind me. I could hear him hitting the bag again as soon as I left.

I don’t know why I did what I did next, even though he does not deserve a thing from me anymore, but I mind linked Joseph while standing in the corridor.

“Joseph, I don’t know if you are aware, but alpha Klaus is in training room one beating the heck out of a punching bag and if he doesn’t stop soon, he will seriously damage his hands beyond werewolf healing.”

His reply came five seconds later.

“Ok I’m heading over to him right now. Thanks for telling me kiddo” said Joseph in relief. Like he was looking for him everywhere and couldn’t find him.

What the hell has gotten into him? What happened that got him in such a dark place? I was burning with curiosity, I was also burning with anger. He keeps treating me like sh*t and I still feel sorry for him like an idiot.

One thing was determined though, I wasn’t sure where we stood after we apologized to each other, but I’m sure now. We should stay away from each other, period. We are no good together. I decided to shove whatever d*um*b feelings I started having for him; since he saved me from my panic attack, in a very tight box, locked it, and tossed the freaking key in the deepest place I could find inside my head.

We headed to an empty room and locked it behind us. I turned around to Linda, pretended that nothing happened two minutes ago, and said excitedly “Ok, what are we starting with?”

Thankfully, she didn’t say anything about what she witnessed, and jumped right into business. I’m really starting to like her the more time we spent together.

Linda and I were walking towards Joseph’s living quarters. It was almost dinner time.

“Don’t tell me you are going to wait outside the whole time?” I asked her in a guilty tone.

“No, you’re completely safe with Joseph. So, I’m going back to my place, and once your dinner is over, Stephanie will take over for the night shift. We kind of worked our routine already. We decided that I will take the morning shift, along with training, and she will start her shift after dinner. I think it’s better that I take over your training on my own, that will be less confusing for you”

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow then”

“See you”

We said goodbye a few feet before reaching the door. Just as I was about to knock, I heard part of Joseph’s and Sara’s conversation, which made me stop in my tracks.

“You should have seen the state I saw him in. It was devastating, Sara. He was back to his old condition right after he lost them. He broke down in my arms and started sobbing saying that he doesn’t want to be with someone else other than Kate, but they were forcing his hand. He’s a complete mess. I have no idea how to put him back together. He doesn’t have a lot of time, the elders gave him only two months to marry a woman and one year for that woman to get pregnant and continue the line, or they will f0rce him out of the alpha position.”

I put my hand on my mouth to stifle my gasp of shock. They were forcing him to marry another woman! Oh my god, no wonder he was such a mess. It was breaking him to be f0rced to choose between two horrible choices. Give up his alpha position or f0rce himself to be with another woman. Although I was still hurt by his att*itude towards me, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

“Did he give them an answer?” I heard Sara ask in a tight voice.

“He told them he will marry and continue the line. But the time they gave him is too short, I don’t know if he will be able to wrap his head around that idea and choose someone in that amount of time” said Joseph desperately.

“My poor baby. We just barely got him back, why couldn’t they wait a little while and give him a break for God’s sake. This is going to destroy him, Joseph. His love for Kate still cuts him so deep, it’s still raw” said Sara in a broken voice.

I had to close my eyes so hard to keep myself from crying. Not only for the alpha, but Joseph and Sara were hurting as well.

“We have to stand by him and support him through this. He needs to choose someone as soon as possible before the period ends,” said Joseph.

I look behind me, afraid of being caught while eavesdropping. I felt embarra*s*sed that I was listening on their private conversation, it was wrong. But finding out the reason behind alpha Klaus’s violence towards me made sense now.

‘You are absolutely the last person I want to see in front of me right now’ he had said to me.

All of this was happening to him because of my father. If it wasn’t for him Kate would still be alive, their son would still be alive, his line wouldn’t have ended, and he wouldn’t have to marry someone else against his well and be f0rced to impregnate her.

It wasn’t my fault, but he was still my father. My very presence was an aching reminder to him.

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