The Half Blood Luna Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Ella’s POV:

I took a deep breath, adjusted the look on my face, and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” said Joseph.

I opened the door and closed it behind me. They were sitting in the living room. I could feel them trying to adjust their features, so as not to let me notice their sadness. I went over to Joseph and hugged him lightly, then sat next to Sara and hugged her too. It became sort of a habit to hug each other every day, probably because they know how much I yearn for a loving family touch.

“How was your day Ella?” asked Joseph with a smile.

Even though they were sad for alpha Klaus, it didn’t stop them from caring for me too. It made my heart warmer, just knowing that they really came to care for me too.

“It was good. I started training with Linda today. She said I had a long way ahead of me, apparently, I am too skinny and lack muscles completely. So she has me doing laps, lifting weights, and doing lots of strength training. It made me a little sad that we weren’t starting right away, but she said I can’t start without building some muscles first. In the mean time, we are sticking with defense only”

“Don’t underestimate defense Ella, it is a great tool to protect yourself against a strong opponent. The more your opponent attacks, the quicker he will tire himself, and if you are able to hold your defense perfectly, you will eventually be able to move to offense and he or she will be too tired to defend. Take it from me, if you perfect your defensive tactics, you will be unbeatable”

“I never thought of it that way. I guess it makes sense” I said thoughtfully.

Just then, one of the servants indicated that dinner is served. We moved to the dining table and started eating quietly. I tried to restrain myself from asking, but the question came out of my mouth before I could hold myself.

“Is alpha Klaus okay? He was in a very bad shape when I saw him”

I felt them tense up and look at each other before Joseph answered in a clipped tone “He is okay, don’t worry about him. I was able to get to him in time thanks to you”

I nodded my head slightly, I felt like he was the farthest thing from being okay. But at least Joseph was able to stop him from doing anymore physical damage to himself.

“Ella, I want you to wait for me after your morning session tomorrow. I want to go dress shopping with you. The alpha ceremony is in two weeks and we need to find nice dresses before they run out” said Sara almost excitedly.

I could tell she was trying to change the subject so I don’t ask further questions about alpha Klaus’s behavior, so I went along with her.

“What’s the alpha ceremony?” I asked in confusion. We never had that kind of ceremony in our old pack.

“It is an annual ceremony to celebrate the day that Klaus was appointed the new alpha of the pack. It is basically a ball. A lot of dancing, drinking, and fine dining”

“Uh huh” I said in a fl*stered tone.

No way was I going to that ceremony. Especially after how alpha Klaus looked at me with such hatred in that training room. I am going to hold my end and keep my distance. My presence will only ruin his special day.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sara in confusion to my reaction.

“Well, since alpha Klaus and I agreed to stay out of each other’s lives, and it is his ceremony to celebrate, I prefer not to attend,” I said carefully.

“I thought everything was back to normal after you apologized to each other,” said Joseph with raised eyebrows.

Apparently, alpha Klaus didn’t tell him what happened today. I wasn’t going to say anything either.

“No, I think we both prefer to stay away from each other,” I said in a determined tone.

“But Ella, it is mandatory that all members of the head pack attend this ceremony. Besides there will be a tremendous amount of people, you will probably never run into him at all,” said Sara.

“Still, I don’t want to be there just in case. And I really don’t think he will be furious with me for missing out even if it was mandatory” I said stubbornly.

She looked like she wanted to argue with me but bit her lip at the last second.

“Well, it is still in two weeks so a lot can happen during that time, maybe you will change your mind and go. But then you will have nothing to wear. So, tomorrow morning we are going dress shopping and I will not take no for an answer. We are buying two gorgeous dresses tomorrow” she said in such an authoritative way, there was no room for me to object.

Well, at least she didn’t f0rce me to go to the ceremony… yet.

After I said good night to Joseph and Sara, I went out of their living quarters to find Stephanie waiting for me at the door.

“Oh my god Stephanie, please tell me you haven’t been standing outside this whole time?” I asked in complete guilt.

She smiled and said “I got here about ten minutes ago”

“Why didn’t you knock on the door or mind link me? I feel horrible for making you wait like that. Please when you arrive tomorrow just mind link me, so you don’t have to wait outside”

“It’s okay I don’t mind”

“But I do.”

We walk back to my room and she hesitates on the door. I look back at her and say, “If you are going to spend the whole night guarding me, you’re going to do it inside. Come on.”

We spend some time together getting to know each other. She was a twenty-five-year-old guardian. She used to guard the borderline around the pack before she was a*s*signed to me. She had a mate named Jackson, she was so in love with him. He was a doctor, a pediatrician.

About an hour later, I said good night to her and told her to do whatever she wants to p@ssthe time like watch tv or read a book.

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