Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 54

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 54


At the echo of a gunshot, Tigris’ arm was shot, and the silver box fell into the sea.

He wailed in agony, and before he came to his senses, a group of bodyguards had dived into the sea for the chip.

Tigris froze for a split second before an evil grin grew on his lips. “Zachary, you want the chip, don’t you? Enjoy your search for the needle in a haystack.”

“This is ridiculous.” Ben’s face was red from rage. “Tigris, you’d rather throw the chip into the sea than to give it to me. I’m going to K*ll you!”

“Send divers to get the chip.”

“Yes, Sir!”


The family of five widened their eyes as they crowded around Fifi and stared at it.

“Mrs. Berry, do you mean Fifi laid an egg?” Jamie kept blinking and staring at Fifi’s bottom. “How can it lay eggs? It’s a parrot, not a chicken.”

“Not only chickens lay eggs.” Robbie was searching on the computer with his glasses on. “All birds lay eggs.”

“But don’t you need a male and a female to lay eggs? We only have one parrot at home.” Jamie was astounded by the news. “She’s a single parrot. How can she lay eggs?”

“Did Fifi get a boyfriend without telling us?” Ellie held up Fifi’s head and interrogated it, “Fifi, confess. Did you get a boyfriend without telling us?”

“Boyfriend! Boyfriend!” Fifi repeated.

“Now I remember. The neighbor on the opposite block has a parrot too. Fifi always flies over to play with it,” Mrs. Berry remarked.

“Mrs. Berry, when did you realize Fifi laid her egg?” Charlotte asked.

“This was what happened,” Mrs. Berry started. “I cleaned Fifi’s cage this afternoon. When I saw that egg, I was stunned. I learned from a television program that if I don’t keep the egg, it’ll eat it. So, I took the egg out, cleaned it, and kept it. After that, I thought of giving you all a surprise, so I kept the egg in a pretty box and tied it with a pink ribbon. I never thought the bad guy would steal it, thinking it’s some chip.”

“That box used to store the chip,” Jamie exclaimed as he raised his arms. “I placed it on the table in my room previously. When I saw it in the cage, I thought the chip was in it too.”

“What a turn of events,” Charlotte mumbled as she patted her chest. “If not for the man thinking the box has the chip, he wouldn’t have left so quickly. I’m afraid he’ll do something to you all.”

“In that case, we should thank Mrs. Berry and Fifi.”

Ellie lovingly caressed Fifi’s head.

“Mrs. Berry, did Fifi poop the chip out?” Charlotte asked the most important question of the day.

“No.” Mrs. Berry frowned as she shook her head. “I’ve been watching it, and it hasn’t pooped out the chip yet.”

“That’s bad news then.” Charlotte’s expression turned grave.

“What’s so bad, Mommy?” Ellie asked curiously, c*oc*king her head to the side.

“Don’t you get it?”

Robbie’s expression turned similar to his mother’s as he waggled his finger.

“That bad guy thought the box had the chip, and the people from Divine Corporation thought he stole the chip, so they went after him. However, they’ll soon realize the chip isn’t in the box later, so…”

“So they’ll come after us again?” Jamie and Ellie yelled in unison.

In the next second, Ellie rushed into Charlotte’s arms and buried her face in her mother’s shirt, shivering from fear.

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