Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 52

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 52

“Let go of my babies!”

Mrs. Berry flew over with a kitchen knife. Her heavy stomps seemed to make the entire house shake.

Right as Tigris was about to make his move, he realized the Nachts’ car was downstairs.

No longer having the luxury of time, he kicked Mrs. Berry aside before shoving the two children. With the parrot cage in his arm, he was about to run. Unexpectedly, Jamie tripped him.

He supported himself against the wall in time and didn’t fall, but the cage in his hands had crashed onto the ground.

The collision opened the cage, and Fifi flew out in a hurry.

“Hey!” Tigris tried to grab the bird, but he only got one of its feathers.

“You’re all in my way!” Tigris bellowed as fury exploded in him. He was about to attack them when he spotted the small silver box in the cage.

It was the box that had the chip.

Like a present, the box even had a round of pink ribbon around it.

Tigris shook the box, and he heard the noises coming out of it, indicating that there was something in it. Thrilled, he beamed, “It was as easy as ABC to get this.”

“No! You can’t take that.” Mrs. Berry lunged toward him.

“Get lost. This is mine from the start.” Tigris took out a dagger and pointed it at her.

Shivering, Mrs. Berry stood frozen in her spot.

Just then, a group of people barged into the house.

Holding tightly onto the box, Tigris jumped down from the balcony.

“Stay right there!”

When Ben saw Tigris escaping with the box, he swiftly ran after him with his subordinates.

Meanwhile, Ellie was wailing on the balcony floor. Her face was still red from her crying, and her tears kept falling. “Fifi. My Fifi!”

“Ellie, look. Fifi’s back.” Jamie pointed at a nearby roof.

Indeed, Fifi was flapping its wings as it returned. It landed on Fifi and rubbed its little green head on her tear-stricken face. “Ellie! Ellie!”

Ellie quickly embraced Fifi as she used her damp hand to gently tap its head. She asked as she sobbed, “Why are so many people trying to get you? Are you a mythical bird?”

“It’s because Fifi swallowed an important chip.” Jamie furrowed his brows as he solemnly explained, “They’re here for the chip.”

“Robbie! Jamie! Ellie! Mrs. Berry!”

Charlotte rushed into the house. When she saw the broken door and the messy state of her house, she thought something horrible had happened to her family. She was so frightened that her legs went weak.


Both Jamie and Ellie ran out of the balcony and jumped into Charlotte’s arms.

“Mommy, I was so scared. A bad guy kidnapped me and Jamie.”

Ellie then told Charlotte what had happened earlier, through words and gestures.

Anxiously, Jamie added, “Mommy, that man stole the chip!”

“What chip?” Charlotte inquired.

“The one Fifi swallowed,” Jamie explained. “They’re here for the chip.”

“That isn’t important. The only important thing is that you’re safe.” Charlotte hugged the two tightly. “Where’s Robbie?”

“Robbie’s not here?” Mrs. Berry panicked. “Oh no, don’t tell me they have kidnapped Robbie?

“What?” The color drained out of Jamie’s face as he suggested, “Why don’t we call the cops?”

Tears brimmed in Ellie’s big eyes again. The corners of her lips tilted downward, and she looked as if she were about to cry again.

“Yes, we should. I’ll call them now.” Charlotte promptly took out her phone. Right then, a familiar voice sounded from behind her. “Mommy!”

“Robbie!” Charlotte whipped her head around to see her oldest son, and tears nearly escaped her eyes. “I’m glad you’re back. You have scared me.”

“I am fine.” Like a tiny adult, Robbie started checking over his siblings.

“Are you alright? Ms. Cheney said you were kidnapped, and it scared me. I was going to follow the bodyguards from Divine Corporation to save you, but they refused to take me along. Ms. Cheney was the one who sent me back.”

“What? The bodyguards from Divine Corporation? How do you know the people from Divine Corporation, Robbie? What happened?”

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