Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 109

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 109

Since the chip was recovered, Charlotte’s lie was able to come full circle.

It was as though a significant weight have been lifted from her shoulders. What she needed to do next, was to cut off all ties with Zachary and halt his pursuit.

That way, even if the children’s ident*ity were revealed, it would be none of his business.

When she saw Zachary walking over with his men, Charlotte quickly took out her phone and called Gigolo In Debt. She wanted to show off her relationship to Zachary and anger him.

As she called the number, a phone rang in Zachary’s direction.

Charlotte was stunned, and looked at him in confusion. Is this a coincidence? Or…

Zachary kept his poker face going and quietly ended the call with his hand in the pocket.

However, he was actually panicking inside. Why is she calling that number right in front of me? Is she suspecting something?

“Hello?” Ben, who knew what was going on, was quick to respond and took out his phone. “What is it?”

“Yes, the chip has been recovered,” Ben continued.

At the moment, Charlotte heard her call being ended, but Ben was still on the phone and this lifted some of her suspicions.

Just a coincidence it seems. But why does Ben have the same ringtone as Gigolo In Debt? Are they the same person?

Charlotte locked her gaze at Ben and made a mental comparison, dismissing it immediately after.

Ben’s shorter and their build is totally different. It’s definitely not him.

However, she shifted her gaze over to Zachary and it matched her image of Gigolo In Debt. All their features were uncannily similar.

Zachary was entering the elevator at this point with two of his men with him.

Charlotte decided to redial the number. This time, she even got close to the elevator to see if she could hear anything. If it rings again, Zachary is definitely suspicious!

In the elevator, just as Zachary switched off the ringtone for his phone, a call came in.

He did not pick it up immediately. In fact, he waited for the elevator to descend a few more levels before he took the call.

“What are you doing? Why didn’t you pick up just now?” Charlotte did not hear any ringing from the elevator and thought she was overthinking things again.

“What’s going on?” Zachary knew she was suspicious now.

“Didn’t we have a deal? You’re acting as my boyfriend right?”

“What do you want me to do?” Zachary asked.

“Come pick me up after work,” Charlotte paused. “Get me a rose bouquet as well. I’ll pay for it!”

There’s definitely something going on if he refuses.

“What if your boss attacks me?” Zachary asked intentionally.

“He won’t. My boss’s an educated man, he won’t go around attacking people for no reason,” Charlotte answered. “I want you here so that he sees I have a boyfriend. For someone as prideful as him, seeing you would definitely make him give up.”

“Alright, I’ll be there after work, send me the location.”

“Right away.”

When she got off the call, Charlotte was excited. He actually agreed! That means he’s really not Zachary Nacht. Or maybe, it’s Zachary trying to throw me off!

In her mind, nothing could be proven unless Zachary and the gigolo met face to face.

“Mr. Nacht, Ms. Windt seems to be on to you,” Ben reminded softly.

“Chris is coming to H City, right?” Zachary asked out of the blue. “Ask him to come see me.”

“Yes…” Ben took out his phone, but was concerned. “Mr. Chris and you look almost identical. Impersonating you won’t be a problem, but you know, he’s kind of a playboy. What if…”

“He wouldn’t dare.” Zachary raised his eyebrows.


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