Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 113

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort

Chapter 113

“Something wrong? Is your work affected because you came here today?” Charlotte softened her voice and asked bashfully, “Was it your boss just now?”

“My boss?” Gigolo In Debt shifted his gaze for a brief moment before answering, “Yeah, it’s my boss.”

“Did she find out that you came to pick me up? Is she mad?” Charlotte got nervous. “Why did you let her find out? This will affect your work for sure.”

“You know who I was talking to?” He was a bit confused.

Charlotte took a look at the back and got close to his ear. “Weren’t you talking to the rich lady that’s been supporting you?”

“Pfft… Hahahaha!”

Gigolo In Debt burst out laughing, as if he just heard the funniest joke ever.

“Hey, you two better watch how you flirt. There are still people at the back!” the colleagues teased once again.

“Sorry! So sorry.” Charlotte immediately apologized and gave the man beside her a slap on the thigh. “Stop it! Eyes on the road!”

However, he kept laughing as he was unable to hold it in.

Charlotte had to give his arm a full f0rced pinched and stared at him before he slowly calmed down.

Not long after, they arrived at Sultry Night.

Charlotte took Yolanda’s vouchers and was about to get beers with the discounts. However, Gigolo In Debt took her by the hand and walked straight towards the VIP area.

“What are you doing?” Charlotte anxiously tried to stop him. “You’ll need to spend a lot in this area!”

“It’s okay! Tonight’s on me, so don’t worry. You don’t have to pay me a cent. You’re treating your colleagues after all. Let’s go all out, no need for these silly discounts,” the gigolo proposed.

“But…” Charlotte had more to say, but her colleagues had caught up to them. “Are we going to the VIP rooms? I’ve never gone there before.”

“Me too! Charlotte, your boyfriend’s really generous!”

“Thank you, Charlotte!”

“Thank you!”

All of them were expressing their excitement and grat*itude.

Charlotte’s smile froze as she was screaming internally. She grabbed Gigolo In Debt by the arm and gritted her teeth. “You’re spending all the money you made from selling your body just like this? Don’t you want to get out of that industry?”

He could not help but laugh once again. Pulling her towards him by the shoulder, Gigolo In Debt spoke into her ears. “As long as you’re with me, I can stay in there forever.”


“We’re here!”

Before Charlotte could complete her sentence, she got dragged into the room.

The manager of the Sultry Night was waiting there with an a*s*sortment food and alcohol.

Charlotte suddenly realized that this was the room they always met up in.

The liquors on the table costed at least tens of thousands, each. Oh my god! Has he gone insane!

She quickly pulled him to the side. “Are you crazy? Where would you get the money for all those expensive drinks?”

“They’re all paid for by my boss,” Gigolo In Debt smiled. “And of course, you don’t have pay anything too.”

“Won’t she get angry at you?” Charlotte felt unease. “You’re using her money to entertain me and my colleagues. I highly doubt she’ll be happy about this.”

“It’s fine. Everything’s taken care of. So don’t you worry.”

He gave her cheek a light pinch and proceeded to welcome the colleagues in.

At the moment, Charlotte was still concerned, but it’s too late for her to voice out anymore.

Everyone cheered as they got in the room.

“Wow! It’s beautiful!”

“Oh god! These are all expensive liquor!”

“Charlotte, thank you! Your boyfriend too!” Yolanda raised her wine glass. “Everyone! A toast! To Charlotte and her boyfriend!”


Everyone gathered towards the couple for a toast.

“I don’t drink…” Charlotte wanted to refuse, but succumbed in the end to their enthusiasm as she accepted their toast one after another.

On the other hand, Gigolo In Debt was very welcoming, downing glasses after glasses of alcohol. He immediately got comfortable with everyone there.

However, after only two glasses of alcohol, Charlotte felt woozy and unusually feverish.

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