Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 149

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 149

Mr. Sterk closed his eyes and drank up the small bottle in one go. Charlotte quickly brought him warm water to rinse his mouth.

“What the hell is this? It’s bitter, smelly, and astringent!”

The taste of the solution had Mr. Sterk frowning with a twisted facial expression.

“It’s just a laxative to treat constipation…”

As soon as Charlotte finished speaking, Mr. Sterk started to look odd and he shouted, “Quickly, help me to the toilet!”

“Hurry, hurry!” Raina hastily notified the male doctors outside.

Several male doctors came in to help, and Raina took Charlotte outside to wait.

Charlotte paced around the corridor anxiously like a father waiting for his wife to give birth.

Half an hour later, a male doctor walked out and announced emotionally, “It came out!”

“Huh? The chip is purged?” Charlotte asked excitedly.

“Yes…” The male doctor took the chip with tweezers and held it up high. “It’s finally out!”

“That’s great!”

Charlotte almost jumped up in excitement.

Forty minutes later, Charlotte took the chip to the president’s office on the 68th floor…

Never before had Charlotte beamed so proudly that she almost laughed out loud thinking of the one million that would be paid imminently.

“Mr. Nacht, I have the chip!”

Standing before the office desk, Charlotte held out the box in a ritualistic gesture.

Inside the box was the golden chip which had cost billions to locate. Finally, it was returned in good condition…

After a while, Zachary looked away from the tablet and up at Charlotte.

His glance was rather cold; it was not a look of surprise and grat*itude Charlotte had expected.

“What’s the matter?” Charlotte felt uneasy.

Zachary did not speak but coldly made a gesture.

Ben stepped forward and took the chip. He then sK*llfully installed the connector and linked it up to the computer.

The white wall behind Zachary suddenly turned into a projection screen showing the S-shaped logo that represented Divine Corporation. Right after that, a circle was seen spinning…

Charlotte craned her neck and looked over curiously. What exactly is inside this priceless chip?

However, after spinning for a long time, the circle did not go away.


Bang! A loud noise sounded, the screen flickered, and finally, smoke started coming out of the computer.

Charlotte was startled and quickly backed away.

Ben stepped forward to turn off the power and took out the chip that was now scorched and deformed.

“Wh-what’s going on?” Charlotte asked in astonishment.

Ben looked at Zachary, and after receiving approval, he explained, “In order to prevent someone from stealing the secrets in the chip, we have added a self-destructing feature to it. Once the chip has been stolen for ten days, it will automatically destroy itself.”

“Huh?” Charlotte opened her eyes widely and was stunned for a while before recovering her senses. “It’s been almost a month since the chip was lost. So…you know that it is useless to get the chip back. Why do you still put in so much effort to find it?”

“If we don’t continue searching, how will our opponents lower their guard?” Ben asked back.

“Just because of this?” Charlotte could not understand. “Then why make me go to Mr. Sterk…”

“As long as the chip is in his system, Mr. Sterk will be under surveillance,” Ben explained, “Mr. Nacht is only protecting him.”

“Th-then tomorrow’s event…” Charlotte asked in a panic, “The chip is now destroyed. What are you going to do?”

“On the seventh day after the chip was stolen, I made a new chip to replace it.”

Zachary took out the new chip from his phone, which was precisely the same as the previous one…

“So that’s why you firmly said during Wednesday’s meeting that the chip would be back before dark today…” Charlotte suddenly came to a realization. “But the new chip has always been in your hands!

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