Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 48

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 48

He was short but he carried himself with great pride. The boy’s handsome face made Zachary wonder where he had seen this face in the past.

The boy’s clear eyes, full of wariness and wit, were fixed on Zachary.

“Who is he?” Robbie pointed at Zachary.

“He’s our boss.” Ben then said, “Boy, did you meet a man in black at the playground in the basement level of Grand Plaza? Did he give a pretty silver box to you? Like this one.”

Ben unlocked his phone and was about to show Robbie the photo when Robbie huffed, “No.”

He did not even look at the photo, choosing to turn his head to the side.

“Hold on. Look at it first.”

“It’s a no even if I look at it.” Robbie folded his arm and a*s*serted, “I have a great memory, and I never forget anything I see. I have never met anyone in black, and no one gave me anything. You’ve made a mistake.”

“Kid, it’s not right to lie.” Ben had now put on a stern look. “That man in black is a thief. He stole something from us, and that something is very important to us.”

Robbie raised his brows as he replied calmly, “You should look for the cops if you’ve lost something.”

“The man in black gave it to you. If you give it back to me, I’ll reward you but if you don’t…”

“I said, nothing like this ever happened.” Robbie interrupted. He questioned the man instead. “If it’s something so important, why would the man give it to a kid? This isn’t logical at all.”

His words rendered Ben speechless. The man took in a deep breath before he clicked onto the security footage on his phone. “Look. This is you, right?”

Robbie peeked at it, disinterested. He looked away, but his gaze returned to the screen. Registering what was on the screen, he froze.

In the video, a man in black rushed out of the restroom and knocked into the child in front of him.

The child’s hands were in his pocket, and he was strolling. On his shoulder was a small green parrot. Isn’t that Jamie and Fifi?

Although everything happened in less than a minute, Robbie noticed the man shoving something into Jamie’s pocket.

“You might not see it clearly. Let me slow it down for you.”

Ben then adjusted the speed of the video and zoomed into the man’s hand. In the video, the man’s hand slowly placed a small silver box into the boy’s pocket.

“You don’t need to slow it down. I can see it clearly.”

Robbie nimbly changed the video back to its normal speed.

Then, several men in suits rushed after him, and the man in black escaped.

The boy stood rooted to the ground for a while before he took out the small box from his pocket. When he opened it, he took out a small golden chip.

Just as he was observing the chip, the parrot on his shoulder suddenly swallowed the chip. He promptly hit the parrot, wanting it to spit it out.

Right then, Ellie rushed to him.

“So Jamie was telling the truth,” Robbie mumbled as he held his chin.

“What?” Ben did not hear his words clearly. He hurriedly asked, “Kid, you’re the boy in the video, right? Where’s the golden chip now?”

“That isn’t me…” Robbie nearly told him it was his younger brother. However, the gears in his head turned, and he warily questioned, “How would I know if you’re not bad guys?”

“Kid, if you’re not going to cooperate with me, I’m going to talk to your parents.”

Ben glanced at Zachary behind him and knew his boss was running out of patience.

“I’d say you’ll be better off talking to the cops,” Robbie reasoned. “If the cops show me the papers, I’ll help you look for the chip.”

“The boy is mature for his age,” one of the bodyguards sighed.

Ben stood up and asked the principal beside him, “Ms. Longman, have you contacted his parents?”

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