Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 50

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 50

“What?” The man’s jaw hung slack.

“You’re troublesome.” Now, Jamie had to look for another twig.

Unable to wait any longer, the man started digging through the feces with his bare hands. Other than several undigested s*eeds, nothing else was in the feces.

Immediately, the man’s expression was as dark as a stormy sky. He glared at Jamie and snarled, “Are you messing with me?”

“Oh no. It looks like it hasn’t pooped it out yet,” Jamie sighed as he leaned his plump chin on his palm. “Come again tomorrow. I’ll bring Fifi’s fresh poop to school tomorrow. Remember to bring tongs. It’s much better than twigs.”

The man’s entire face was twitching as if he was having a stroke. He clenched his hands into fists.

If the boy in front of him was not a three-year-old, he would have strangled him there and then.

“What’s wrong?” Jamie asked in an innocent voice. He waved his hands in front of the man’s eyes and queried, “Did you get overwhelmed by the smell of poop?”

The man breathed in deeply, tamping down the murderous aura that threatened to spill from him. Trying his best to look friendly, he asked, “Boy, where’s the parrot? Bring me to it.”

“Of course it’s at home,” Jamie blurted out. Then, he stared at the man in front of him. “Wait. You’re not the man from earlier.”

This man in front of him looked ferocious, like a villain.

However, he looked similar to that man, and he was in the same clothes. Furthermore, he recalled the incident in great detail, and that was why Jamie thought they were the same person.

“Pardus’ been caught. I’m his brother, Tigris.” The man grabbed Jamie and started striding toward the back gate. “Don’t worry. As long as you give me the chip, I won’t hurt you.”

“Let me go!” Jamie started struggling and kicking. “I can’t bring you home.”

“Brat, stop making a fuss,” Tigris growled.

Just then, he spotted the Nacht’s car. It looks they’re already here.

I have to find the chip before them, or else it’ll be disastrous for me.

Tigris hurriedly sped toward the back gate with Jamie in his arms.

“Jamie,” came a sudden soft voice.

When Ellie saw Jamie grabbed by a man in black, she rushed after them.

“Ellie, run. Run quickly.” Jamie waved at her, gesturing for her to stop following them.

“Evil man, where are you bringing Jamie to? I’m going to tell the teacher!”

Ellie stomped her feet onto the ground and spread out her arms to stop them. On her baby face was a fierce expression.

“This is troublesome.”

To make sure he would escape unnoticed, Tigris took Ellie along as well.

In each of his arms was a child, and it was as though he was stealing chicks.

“Let me go! Let me go!” The two kept struggling and yelling.

To ensure no one heard them, Tigris taped their mouths and brought them out of the kindergarten. When he reached his car, he shoved the two children into it.

After locking the door, Tigris undid the tape on Jamie’s mouth and threatened, “As long as you bring me to the parrot, I’ll let you two go. Otherwise, I’ll feed your sister to the sharks.”

“You…” Jamie gritted his teeth, but when he looked at Ellie’s tearful eyes, he nodded. “Fine. I’ll bring you to Fifi.”

At Divine Corporation’s security department.

After patrolling with David, Charlotte could finally switch on her phone.

When the screen lit up, she saw dozens of missed calls from the kindergarten. Shocked, she hurriedly returned the call.


“Hello, is this Apple Kindergarten? I’m Robinson, Jamison, and Elisa Windt’s mother. You’ve been calling me many times. What happened?”

“Ms. Windt, it’s about…”

“Bad news!”

Before Ms. Longman could finish her words, Lexie rushed in and said, “Jamie and Ellie have been kidnapped!”

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