I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 166

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 166

Selena POV:

Jessie stands from her seat when we start to walk out of my office together.

“I wonder what she has in mind for you!” she says and chuckles and when it comes to Emma you never know.

“Yeah, this will be interesting!” I say and chuckle with her when we make our way down the hallway and over to my room, hearing her being in my closet I’m about to head over when she comes out and stops me.

“No, you don’t get to see anything before I’m done! Come on!” she says and grabs my arm before leading me over to my bathroom.

“You know I can find my way in here myself!” I say when she pushes me inside and is about to close the door.

“Now you take a shower and shave properly, don’t want to see chunks of hair on your legs after!” she says and looks sternly at me before she closes the door, I just stand there puzzled and looking at the closed door when I hear her walk around in the room before I shake my head at her and start to undress.

Placing my clothes in the wash bin I head over to the cabinet and find my razor before turning around and heading over to the shower, turning it on I let the water get the right temperature before stepping under and letting it run down my body. I stand In there for a short moment before I start to shave and wash up, taking my time and don’t stress too much when I’m in no hurry.

It feels nice to get this time alone and not have to stress, washing the shampoo out of my hair I let the water wash over my face  

before I turn the shower off and head out to dry myself on a towel Wrapping my hair with a towel I start to head out of the room only to find Emma standing right outside with my underwear.

“Here now take these on and get back and dry your hair and fix it before you come back!” she says and hands me my underwear, looking at the black laced underwear I raise an eyebrow at her.

“What are you up to?” I say when she flashes me a smile and places my underwear in my hand, shaking my head at her I turn back inside the bathroom when she closes the door after me. Taking my underwear on I start to dry my hair and let it flow down my back, I’m not up for anything else.

Hanging my towel to dry I walk out of the bathroom and into my bedroom where Emma and Jessie are standing in front of the bed.

“Now you cannot argue with me on this, just take it on and dress up for your man for one night!” Emma says and I’m not sure I want to see what she has planned for me to wear.

“Alright!” I say when she turns around and pick up a black tight dress from my bed, I almost that laughing at her choice.

“You don’t think that dress is too much?” I say and take it from her and hold it in front of me.

“No, you will look hot in that one!” she says when I start to pull it on, it’s tight and everything is revealing in this one. Looking down at myself I’m not sure I’m going to be able and sit down in it.

“Looking ravishing!” Jessie says and I turn to look at them both.

“Can’t I change to something more comfortable?” I ask when Emma shakes her head at me.

“This is perfect!” she says and hands me a pair of high heels I take from her.

“I’m going to be overdressed1 It’s only a dinner at the castle and nothing fancier'” I try to protest but take the shoes on.

“You don’t have to put on any makeup, this dress is just perfect!” Emma says and holding her hands out and pointing at the dress

“He might want to take it off instead of eating a dinner1″ Jessie says and winks at me.

Well, I wouldn’t mind if he did1″ I say and chuckle at this whole thing, feeling overdressed and I don’t know when I had a dress on like this the last time, have come to like comfortable clothes instead1

“Just get over there and enjoy some hours off tonight!” Emma says and walks over to stand beside me

“Alright I will!” I say and open a portal behind me, I don’t have anything else I have to do here right now and it’s best if I get back and feed our children before dinner.

I’ll mind link you tomorrow when I’m ready to come over!” Jessie says before I turn around and walk inside.

“Why don’t you check with Emma already now if she has anything for morning sickness if you have the same problem again tomorrow?” I ask her when I turn around and stop to look at her.

“Ah you have started to be nauseous, why didn’t you just tell me I have the perfect potion to help you!” Emma says with eagerness in her voice and I know Jessie will get all the help she needs.

“Well come on then, I will make you the potion right away no point in waiting!” Emma says and walks over before she pulls on Jessie’s arm. 

“I’m coming!” she says and starts to walk towards the door after Emma.

“Have a nice evening!” Emma says and gives me a wink before she heads out the door.

“Talk to you tomorrow!” Jessie says before she walks out the door and I head inside the portal, walking out the hallway in the castle I see my mother and his mother comes walking with our children in their arm.

“Perfect timing! They are hungry!” my mother says and smiles at me when I hear our daughter start to cry.

“You have put on the perfect dress for tonight!” Kian’s mother says with a big smile on her lips, am I missing something here? It’s just dinner at home!

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