I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 02

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp (Kian & Selena Novel)

Chapter 02

Selena’s POV:

I’m jolted awake by some cold water being thrown at me, I s*ck in some air into my lungs and try to move my arms and legs but every limb in my body hurts. Right now, I’m nothing more than dead weight and all I can do is move my fingers.

“Get up rogue wh*re!” I hear one of the guards’ yells at me and even if I wanted, I can’t get up. A foot come up and hit me in my stomach, the pain takes my breath away and I try to gasp for air.

“Just pick her up and take her to the room!” I hear another voice and my guess is they will take me to a t*ortur*e room. The guard bends down and picks me up, I get tossed over his shoulder and I have no resistance in my body at all.

I feel how my blood travels down to my face and the swelling only makes it hurt more. It starts to pulsate in my ears and I will faint if they don’t let me down soon.

“Place her in the chair and make sure she is properly fastened!” A voice boomed out and I feel his aura, I know he is a higher rank wolf and probably the beta or gamma to the king.

I get tossed in a chair and the guard takes my hands and fastens them to the chair, my arms get locked with some ropes and all I could move right now is my legs. I feel the guard squat down and start tying my legs, he is done with one of my legs.

“You can skip the other! This b*tch won’t put up with much resistance she is almost dead anyway” the voice says again and I don’t try to open my eyes just let my head hang down.

The guard let me go and I hear some tools being placed on a table, I can only guess what they will use on me.

“Bring the hammer! Let’s start with breaking her fingers” I hear him say and some feet move over the floor before I feel his presence close to me.

His hand comes down and grips my face only to f0rce my head back. Keeping my eyes closed I just breathe for what’s about to come.

” Tell me where your leader is!” He says to me and even if I knew the answer, I couldn’t tell him with how swollen my tongue is. His pressure on my cheek increases.

“You won’t tell me? Let me make one thing clear! I will get it out of you in one way or the other!” He let go of my cheek and it only takes seconds before I feel the hammer on my pinky finger, crushing it under his blow. I can’t hold back a whimper and I feel how tears form behind my eyelids.

I try to breathe through the pain and feel how my stomach turns upside down and I have to empty whatever I have in it on the floor. My puke run down my legs and I get hit in my face so my head whips to the side.

“That’s because your puke hit my shoe!” I almost faint from the blow and don’t know how much more I can take without my wolf.

I hear more men walking closer and the second his scent hits my nose I know my time is up if he finds out it’s me.

They come closer and I hear them walk into the room, stopping a bit away. My head is hanging down and I hope with how bad I have been beaten he won’t recognize me, he might not even remember me after all these years since he f0rced me out of his kingdom.

“Got anything out of her!” His voice comes to my ears and a shiver runs down my body. I know my scent is hidden from him with help of a potion but at this rate, with all this beating I don’t know how much longer it will hold.

“No, this b*tch is barely alive! I don’t think we got much use for her! I can just finish her off!” The voice says and I just sit here and listen to them.

“Let me have a look at her!” I hear my mate say and fear creeps up my spine, I can’t let him touch me and find out. I will rather be K*lled than let him know it’s me.

Forcing my eyes open a bit I see the man in front of me with his legs on each side of my legs, giving me the perfect shoot to kick him in his c*rotc*h with my foot. I know it will probably hurt ten times worse with his anger and I might not survive this, it’s a long shoot and one I have to take. Muster up every ouns of strength I have left I kick him with my free foot in his c*rotc*h.

Earning me a furious growl before his hand comes to my face and he hit me so hard I fall to the ground still tied to the chair. My head cracks open on the floor again and this time I can’t even whimper. Feeling how my life leaves my body, slowly darkness starts to s*ck me in.

My mate’s feet come to stop in front of me and I hear him squat down to me. He sits there and I hear him sniff in the air.

“Kian what’s wrong?” One of his men says and I don’t care anymore. This is it! I’m not going to make it out of here alive.

“I don’t know! Something is off with her! Take her to the cell and see if she makes it through the night.” He says and gets up from the floor. I hear them start walking out of the room and I try to listen to where they are going before darkness takes me.

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