Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 90

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 90

“I have something to tell Mr. Nacht. Let me go over!” A voice suddenly sounded, disrupting their romantic moment.

Charlotte looked up from Zachary’s arms and saw a familiar face.

Isn’t she Thomas’ wife, Mary?

Her heart did a double somersault as she anxiety rose within her instantly. Thomas and Mary were rather ignorant and easily influenced. As such, she could easily guess that Amanda must have instigated the woman to come over and expose her…

“You need to make an appointment with Mr. Nacht’s secretary to speak to him.” The bodyguard stopped Mary expressionlessly and stated, “Please leave now.”

“I’m not here to discuss business matters with Mr. Nacht. I’m here to tell him a secret… “ Mary panicked and started yelling over the heads of the guests, “Mr. Nacht, Mr. Nacht! You have been deceived. This woman, Charlotte Windt, is not as innocent as she seems. She has a tainted reputation and… “

“Take her away,” Zachary commanded coldly.

“Understood.” The bodyguard covered Mary’s mouth immediately and dragged her away.

The woman whimpered as she struggled to speak but was knocked unconscious by the bodyguard before being dragged away like a dead dog.

It was pin-drop silence in the auction hall after that.

The rest of the guests were all terrified – no one dared to make a sound.

After Thomas heard the commotion, he hurried back to join the crowd and was shocked when he saw what had happened.

Just when he was about to inquire about the situation, Simon held him back f0rcefully and said, “You shouldn’t a*s*sociate yourself with the situation right now. Otherwise, the company might be implicated.”

“But, my wife… “

“Nothing will happen to her,” Simon rea*s*sured. “When you pick her up later, say that you didn’t know anything about what she was planning and scold your wife. They will at most give you a verbal warning and won’t make things any harder for you.”

“Alright then… “ Thomas answered while pulling a long face. “But what on Earth happened? How did my wife offend Mr. Nacht?”

“Maybe she couldn’t stand that b*tch Charlotte and wanted to stand up for you.” Amanda pretended to be fuming over the situation as she continued, “Oh dear, now that Charlotte has such a strong backing, we can’t afford to offend her anymore. It’s so unfortunate that your wife has to suffer because of that b*tch!”

“Keep your comments to yourself,” Simon growled.

Amanda glared at her husband while fanning herself with her handkerchief. Sighing continuously, she headed back to her seat…

“Mom, how did it go? Did Mary manage to tell him?” Luna asked immediately.

“She was dragged away before she got to say anything.” Amanda put a hand to her chest. Just thinking about what happened sent a shiver down her spine. “It seems like that b*tch, Charlotte, is very important to Mr. Nacht. Looks like we’ve underestimated her. Luckily, we didn’t do that ourselves. Otherwise, we would be the ones suffering right now.”

“She got lucky to be favored by Mr. Nacht. Let’s see how long she can last.” Luna was boiling with anger. “He’ll get sick of her sooner or later!”

“Stop talking about it for now. We should head home first. Judging by the situation tonight, I have got a feeling that something else might happen… “

Just when Amanda and Luna were about to leave, the emcee suddenly announced that they would be continuing with the second round of auction.

The second item was a pink diamond ring. Even though it was only a twelve-carat diamond, natural pink diamonds were extremely rare. In addition, the diamond had been embedded flawlessly into the ring.

Besides, there was a special significance behind that pink diamond ring. It had a history of 99 years and had three previous owners altogether. Each owner had experienced a beautiful love story.

As such, that ring signified perfect love and was named “Beloved!”

“I want it.” Luna could not take her eyes off that pink diamond ring. At once, she tugged at Hector’s arm, requesting in a coquettish manner, “Hector, buy that for me please.”

“You can call for the bid yourself.” The man had lost interest in the auction and was intending to leave. “Owen will be staying and making payment later. I just need you to keep one thing in mind. No matter what you do, don’t offend Mr. Nacht!”

“Yes, yes, I understand.” Luna nodded eagerly and added, “Don’t worry.”

After Hector gave some orders to his subordinate, he stood up and left.

“Luna, listen to mom. Don’t buy that.” Amanda tried to cajole her daughter into leaving as well. “So much has happened tonight. We should play it safe and leave before anything else bad happens…”

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