Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 219

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 219

“Yes, Aunt Amanda, you’re truly amazing.”

“Thank you. Do as I say now.”

After ending the call, Charlotte swore to herself that she had to grow stronger. That way, she would be able to be the one in control in the future.

After washing up, Charlotte packed her documents into her bag and went downstairs with her phone.

Regardless, I have to settle this before I can think of doing anything else. I’ll have to find a way to get away from that man from T Nation and bring the kids to live in another city.

Meanwhile, the Whites’ car had already arrived, and Amanda had personally come to pick Charlotte up with her bodyguards.

The man from T Nation was trembling as he sat in the backseat; it was as if he was a frightened chick who dared not even make a noise.

When the bodyguards saw Charlotte, they immediately pushed her into the car before they sped off.

When Charlotte finally raised her head, she froze upon seeing Simon.

Unlike his usual gentle demeanor, Simon’s brows were furrowed as he reprimanded, “Charlotte, I always thought of you as a good kid. I can’t believe you did something as shameless as this. Although Hector was in a relationship with you in the past, he’s now Luna’s husband and Timothy’s dad. How can you-”

“What your daughter did was even more shameless. Have you ever scolded her for that?” Charlotte retorted.


“Shut up!” Amanda yelled as she slapped Charlotte. Jabbing a finger in her face, she seethed, “If not for your father, I’d have k*lled you!”

“Haha!” A laugh escaped Charlotte. “You make it sound as if you actually thought of my father like your brother. Were you not the ones who set my father up back then?”

“What rubbish are you talking about?” Simon bellowed. “Richard has done so much for me. How can I possibly set him up?”

Staring at him, Charlotte realized that his agitation seemed genuine.

“Just ignore her.” On the other hand, Amanda was averting her eyes away from Charlotte. However, her tone remained indignant. “She’s just a shameless b*tch. Since her plans to seduce Hector have fallen through, she’s now trying to ruin our reputation.”

“The one who k*lled your father was-”

Amanda interrupted when Simon started to speak, “Shut it. Why are you wasting your breath on her?”

She then shot him a look, and he quickly fell silent as he hung his head.

“Stop spouting nonsense.” Amanda dragged Charlotte closer and warned, “I’d advise you to do as I say. If you do that, I’ll spare you. If not, you’re dead meat.”

Charlotte was silent, but hundreds of thoughts were rushing past her mind.

From how they were behaving, it seemed like they had little to do with her father’s death. At most, they must have gotten some money after his death.

However, Charlotte was sure that they knew who her father’s murderer was.

In fact, the murderer was someone mighty.

It had to be, or else a witty woman like Amanda would not fear to cross them.

However, this was not the right time to think about this; she had to solve the current problem first.

Soon, they reached the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Amanda had put on a pair of sunglasses and scarf, fearing someone would recognize her, before she left the car with two bodyguards, Tevin, and Charlotte.

On the other hand, Simon and the driver remained in the car.

Amanda was a woman who was meticulous with her plans—she had already gotten someone to queue for her.

Hence, the moment they reached, they could head straight for the registration.

As they walked over, Amanda had one hand holding onto her scarf around her head as she clamped her other hand on Charlotte’s shoulder, afraid that the latter would try to escape.

When they reached, the two bodyguards held Tevin down on the chair, and he did not even dare to squeak at the rough actions.

“You are…” the staff trailed off, finding their behavior odd.

“We’re a family.” Amanda flashed the staff a smile. “I’m her mother, and I’m here with my daughter and son-in-law for their registration. These two men are her brothers.”

In her heart, Charlotte cursed, If I have a mother like you, I’d rather d*ie and reincarnate.

“Please hand me your documents,” the staff member said without asking more questions.

Charlotte and Tevin then took out their documents.

When the staff member took them, she raised her brows to look at Charlotte meaningfully. “Oh my, the lead of the news headlines.”

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