Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 220

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 220

Charlotte’s brows knitted together. Have someone revealed my ident*ity online?

Hold on. What if I marry Tevin, but Amanda goes back on her words? What if she refuses to get rid of the headlines and news?

Now that things had turned out this way, it would cost a fortune to get rid of all the news.

Do the Whites even have that much money?

“Charlotte, are you marrying Mr. Tevin out of your own free will?” the staff member asked.

“Nonsense. Of course, she’s here willingly,” Amanda huffed. “How can someone f0rce another to marry?”

“I’m asking her, not you.” said the staff, who was a woman in her fifties. She was wearing a pair of thick spectacles, and she was the type who was very serious in her work.

For a moment, Amanda was rendered speechless by the woman.

“I’m asking you,” the staff repeated as she turned to Charlotte.

“Please give me five minutes,” Charlotte answered as she took back her documents and towed Amanda and walked outside.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to go back on your words at a time like this?” Amanda growled.

“Even the Civil Affairs Bureau’s staff member can recognize me. That means the news is still spreading, and you obviously have no plans to get rid of the news,” Charlotte pointed out.

“Luna is contacting the media companies. We’ve already spent thirty million to get rid of the news. Don’t you know that time is needed before things take effect? It’s not as if you can get rid of it right away.”

“Thirty million to remove the news?” Charlotte was quick to notice something wrong with her words. “Amanda, do you take me as a fool?”

“I told you we’ve spent thirty million. We’re still paying more,” Amanda anxiously explained. “We can’t possibly dump all our money at once. There are so many media companies, and we have to contact them one by one.”

“I don’t care. You have to remove the news before I marry him.” Charlotte was not going to step right into the trap now that she saw through it. “There’ll be no way for me to change things once I marry him, so you’ve got to show me how efficient you are, right?”

“Fine. Drag it on then,” Amanda sneered. “The longer you take, the more secrets of yours will be exposed to the public. Eventually, the whole world will know about your three bastards, and there’ll be no point in you trying to remove the news.”


At that, Charlotte was at a loss for words. Amanda was right. News on the internet spread much quicker than viruses could.

Even a minute could change someone’s life, not to mention an hour or a day.

Right then, Amanda sighed, changing to a softer approach. “Both of us want to settle this as quickly as possible. After all, it won’t look good for either of us if this continues. If your issue with Hector wasn’t on the news last night, I wouldn’t have revealed your matter with Tevin. After all, having the trump card in my hands is much better than using it now. You only have yourself to blame for how rash you acted; you thought we would be scared of you after you told everyone that you slept with Hector. Did you know that he still listens to his parents? Do you really think he will defend you at a time like this? You won’t even see any sign of him around now that you’re in hot water.”

“Let me tell you this one last time. I’m not the woman in the video, and I’m not the one who leaked the video.” By now, Charlotte was sick of repeating herself. “All of you keep coming after me, but you’re all targeting the wrong person!”

“How can that be?” Amanda scoffed in disbelief. “If not for you, who can it be?”

“It’s…” Charlotte trailed off, realizing that Amanda would not believe in her even if she did tell her who it was. In fact, Amanda would not even let her go.

It was already tough for her to go up against the mother and daughter duo. If she were to cross Helena as well, hell would be waiting for her.

“You can’t come up with anyone, can you?” Amanda snarled. “I can’t believe you’re still trying to fool me now. Believe it or not, I’ll tell Luna to expose those three bastards right now.”

With that said, she moved her hand into her bag, about to take out her phone.

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