Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 66

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 66

Charlotte picked up her phone and did a simple online search for Zachary, and she was surprised to find tons of information on just how powerful he was.

Divine Corporation was just one of the many tiny companies under Zachary’s name, and there was no telling just how many companies he owned in total.

No wonder the Sterlings wanted to establish ties with him!

Suddenly, Charlotte’s phone rang. It was a call from Mrs. Berry, and she picked it up immediately. “Hi, Mrs. Berry.”

“Miss, we have a guest,” Mrs. Berry said, sounding anxious.

“Guest?” Charlotte asked, confused. Since when did anyone bother to visit us?

“I’ll talk to her…” another voice rang. “Charlotte! It’s me, Aunt Amanda!”

“Aunt Amanda?” Charlotte said, her heart sinking into her stomach. Amanda was her cousin Luna’s mother, and she was the last person Charlotte expected to appear at her house.

“Charlotte, Luna told me that you’re back, so I came to visit you and the kids. Your Uncle Simon misses you, you know…”

“Aunt Amanda,” Charlotte said, cutting her off. “I’m not at home. Do you need help with anything?”

Charlotte never liked Amanda, for money and power was all she cared about.

Her uncle Simon Windt married into the White family years ago and cut off contact with the Windt family after that.

When the Windt family rose to the top, Simon practically begged Charlotte’s father Richard to spare him a position in Windt Corporation, to which the latter agreed out of brotherly love.

Simon and his family treated Richard and Charlotte well, but everything changed after the fall of Windt Corporation and Richard’s death. Simon and his family did not even bother to attend Richard’s funeral, and Charlotte lost contact with them shortly after.

After a while, she heard that Simon started a company called Grandeur Group and lived a comfortable life.

There were rumors that Simon had been living off Windt Corporation and the Sterlings’ coattails, but none of that mattered to Charlotte. All she wanted was a peaceful life away from him and his wretched family.

That was why Amanda’s visit came as a total surprise to her.

“I’m just here to visit you and the kids,” Amanda said with a fake smile. “Your uncle prepared a feast back home. Besides, aren’t they cla*s*smates with Timothy? They can have a play date too!”

“There’s no need…” Charlotte said, only to be cut off by Amanda.

“Hey, it’s fine! We’re family after all,” Amanda said with a chuckle. “The shareholders from Grandeur Group miss you, you know? They used to be part of Windt Corporation…”

Charlotte loathed her every word, but she f0rced herself to let Amanda finish.

“Oh, by the way, the media seems pretty interested in your whereabouts,” Amanda said.

So she’s been beating around the bush the whole time…

“The Windt family may have lost its glory, but your popularity hasn’t waned a single bit. I’m sure everyone wants to know who the kids’ father is, right?”

“What the hell do you want?” Charlotte growled.

“Tsk, how rude,” Amanda said, feigning disappointment. “All I ask is that you accept my invitation. Is there anything wrong with reaching out?”

“Just tell me when and where it is. I’ll be there on time.”

Charlotte knew that she did not have a choice. If she rejected the invite, Amanda would expose her kids to the public and make a mountain out of a molehill.

The last thing Charlotte wanted was for herself and her kids to suffer from cyberb*ull*ying.

“It’s at the former Windt family mansion,” Amanda said with a proud smirk. “Don’t you know? The mansion belongs to us now. We’ve been living there for the past four years.”

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