Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 145

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 145

“What?” Mrs. Berry was bewildered.

Charlotte gave a terse explanation to her, and she nodded.

When they arrived at the private children’s hospital, Raina was already standing at the entrance with her a*s*sistant waiting for them.

After that, Mrs. Berry carried Ellie to the entrance while Charlotte carried her purse and followed them.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Raina saw that the girl was experiencing severe malaise and quickly asked for an explanation.

After explaining her condition to Raina, Charlotte added, “This little girl is Mrs. Berry’s granddaughter. Mrs. Berry’s daughter, along with her husband, are currently working outstation, so she asked for my help instead and told me about the little girl’s condition. I accompanied the two of them to the children’s hospital, but it was filled with a surfeit amount of people. We had been waiting for too long, so we had no choice but to resort to your help…”

“It’s okay. Let’s focus on treating the girl first.”

With Raina tending to Ellie personally, there’s no need for any registration or the other specific procedures to be done.

There were no qualms about Raina’s sK*ll as the exclusive doctor of the Nacht family. She was able to identify the problem in the blink of an eye and immediately prescribed medicines for Ellie.

“It’s just influenza that was messing with her body. Anyway, I’ve prescribed some medication for her, and it’s best if she could get some rest. After that, she’ll be as good as new.”

“Besides, Ms. Windt, since you’re here right now, I might as well help you with the wounds on your neck and your shoulders.” Raina prescribed some medication for her.

“Okay, thanks.” Charlotte then signaled Mrs. Berry with her eyebrows.

“Dr. Langhan, thank you for everything you’ve done for my granddaughter. I’ll take her home to get some rest now,” said Mrs. Berry, after taking the hint.

“You’re welcome. I’ll get someone to send both of you home safely,” Dr. Langhan offered.

“It’s fine. There’s no need to trouble you with that. We can take a cab home, but thank you for the offer.” Mrs. Berry carried Ellie and hurried towards the exit.

Before they could reach the exit, however, Ellie regained her consciousness and started yelling dazedly. “Mommy, mommy…”

“Ellie, Mommy will be back home soon. Let’s go home first.” Mrs. Berry comforted her.

Charlotte then sent them off with her gaze.

“Ms. Windt,” called Raina.

“Coming…” Charlotte walked inside.

Raina helped her reapply bandages for her wounds and gave her some ointment and medicine. After that, she mentioned some important precautions to her and offered to drive her home as well.

Adamant, Charlotte continuously rejected her offer, and she sidled away when she had the chance.

Having exited the hospital, she saw Mrs. Berry waiting at the side of the road with Ellie in her arms. They called a cab and left as quickly as they could.

From a distance, Raina witnessed all of it and was baffled by what happened. Charlotte sure is acting weird tonight…

Everything should be fine. If there was really something Charlotte wanted to hide from me, she wouldn’t have come here seeking my help.

Feeling justified, Raina dropped the thought and continued on with her work.

It was already half-past three at midnight when Charlotte arrived home. Together with Mrs. Berry, they fed Ellie the medicines and sung her to sleep.

Even though Mrs. Berry was exhausted, she still made something for Charlotte to sate her appet*ite. After seeing how tired Mrs. Berry was, Charlotte told her to prioritize her body and get some sleep while she kept watch over Ellie.

Dawn came, and Ellie’s fever was finally going down.

Feeling relieved, Charlotte lay down beside her daughter and fell into a deep slumber until half-past six in the morning.

The rustling wind and chipping of birds outside then woke her up. “Sh*t, I’m gonna be marked tardy again.” Nicole woke up with a jolt and jumped off the bed.

“Miss, you only had about an hour of sleep last night. I couldn’t bring myself to wake you up…” Mrs. Berry said as she prepared breakfast for the kids.

“You still have to wake me up nonetheless. I’ve got a job I need to be on time for.”

Not wasting any more time, Charlotte quickly brushed her teeth, washed up, and then headed out to work.

“Mommy, your breakfast.” Jamie ran to her with a bun and a bottle of soy milk.

“Thank you, Jamie.” Charlotte grabbed her breakfast and darted towards the elevator. “Be a good boy, okay?” said Charlotte, without looking back.

“Affirmative!” Jamie responded.

“Robbie and Jamie, do finish your breakfast before it gets cold. Later on, I’ll be seeing both of you off when the school bus arrives. After that, I need to come back home immediately to look after Ellie since she’s still not fully recovered. You two behave in school, okay?”

“We will, Mrs. Berry…”

As Charlotte was dashing towards the subway station to catch her train, a blue Lamborghini came out of nowhere and stopped beside her.

Startled, she took a few steps back away from the Lamborghini. A handsome man with a charming smile got out of the car and stood before her. “Babe, apologies for being late. But I’m here now to escort you to work, shall we?” He said.

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