Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 346

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 346

“Good morning, Ms. Windt!”

Raina strolled over with a broad smile on her face. The two attendants behind her were carrying medical bags.

“Good morning!” Charlotte immediately understood. Raina was the doctor Ben had sent to treat her waist.

“I’m going to treat your waist tonight, so I brought Mrs. Berry along to see the children. She needs to return to the hospital for treatment later,” Raina explained, grinning.

“It’s just a small injury. There’s no need for me to be hospitalized. I’m more comfortable at home. I’m happy just looking at Miss and the children,” said Mrs. Berry hurriedly.

“No, Mrs. Berry. You have to stay in the hospital and go through the treatment. It’ll set a good example for the children.” Charlotte’s expression was extremely stern.


“Mrs. Berry, we can go to the hospital all the time to visit you. Make sure you get better.”

Robbie encouraged Mrs. Berry.

“Is Mrs. Berry sick?” Ellie finally understood as she anxiously held Mrs. Berry’s face. “If you’re sick, you have to stay in the hospital, Mrs. Berry. When I was sick, you told me the same too.”

“Fine, fine!” Mrs. Berry smiled and nodded. “I’ll listen!”

“As you should…” Charlotte smiled in relief. “Since you took a half-day off today, you can spend time with the children.”

“Right, right, right. Have you eaten breakfast? I’ll go and prepare it for you right now.”

Mrs. Berry was a workaholic. She immediately rolled up her sleeves and bustled into the kitchen.

“Hey!” Charlotte shouted after her. “You’re a patient. You should be resting.”

“Yes. We’re taking over the kitchen. You can keep the children company for the time being.”

The three female attendants beamed.

“But…” Mrs. Berry eyed them before shooting Charlotte a doubtful look.

“It’s just…” Charlotte gulped. “The person who arranged for the three children.”

“We were sent by Mr. Nacht,” Dr. Howard quickly explained.

Mrs. Berry furrowed her brow but remained silent.

“Don’t forget about me, Mommy and Mrs. Berry.”

Jamie’s anxious voice screeched from inside the room.

“Hahaha, I almost forgot that Jamie is in the room. Let’s go be with him,” Charlotte urged Mrs. Berry.

“Okay, okay, okay!” Mrs. Berry’s spirits were lifted just looking at the children.

The family temporarily gathered in the children’s room. Charlotte returned to the bedroom. Raina inspected then administered some medicine on her injury.

“Thank you, Dr. Langhan. How is Mrs. Berry?” Charlotte whispered.

“She hasn’t been eating or sleeping well these past two days. She’s also uncooperative during treatment.” Raina smiled wryly. “Her mood might improve after she spends some time with you and the children. However, she harbors a deep grudge against Mr. Nacht. You might need to give her some work to do.”

“Understood. Thank you!” Charlotte nodded.

“What about you? Have you resolved the misunderstanding between you and Mr. Nacht?” Raina asked.

Charlotte frowned but did not speak. Resolved? Zachary used the children to threaten me and threw me into the depths of despair. How can something like that be resolved?

All the secret going-ons terrifies me.

I’m not brave enough to provoke or go against him anymore.

Otherwise, all the untruths might really come to pass.

I can’t afford to lose!

Raina sighed and said sincerely, “I don’t know how such a serious misunderstanding formed between you and Mr. Nacht. He’s actually…”

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Before Raina could finish speaking, someone rang the doorbell.

Mrs. Berry pushed the door open and said, “How is the injury on your waist, Miss?”

“Much better. Have a seat, Mrs. Berry,” said Charlotte hurriedly.

“We’ll take our leave now.” Raina led the attendants out.

Mrs. Berry closed the door and anxiously asked, “Was it the bad guy who caused your injury?”

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