Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 235

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 235

“Oh, so that’s what happened.” Tevin pointed at Zachary nervously. “So, you were the one who slept with her four years ago.”

At that moment, Amanda, Luna, and Simon were all d*um*bfounded.

As their eyes widened in shock, they looked at Zachary and Charlotte in disbelief.

It was an earth-shattering revelation to them that made their whole family look like idiots.

They had tried every trick in the book to hurt Charlotte including bringing up what happened four years ago. They even searched for all sorts of evidence to slander her.

All this while, they thought that they had a trump card to threaten Charlotte with. But, they didn’t expect that it wasn’t one at all.

It was a card that would sent them to their ruin.

It was no wonder despite what they did to humiliate and malign her with the incident from four years ago, Zachary’s belief and protection for her were unwavering.

It now appeared that he was the real “culprit” after all.

Charlotte let out a long sigh now that the truth was out.

Going forward, the Whites could no longer use this secret to blackmail her.

“Mom,” Holding onto Amanda with her trembling hands, Luna whispered in her ear, “in that case, the three bastards are…”

“Shut up!” Amanda slapped her instantly and replied softly, “Don’t you want to leave here alive?”

Covering her cheeks with her hands, tears of humiliation began to flow from Luna’s eyes.

At that moment, she knew that she had lost decisively.

“Even if you were the one who spent the night with her four years ago, the fact is that she still seduced my son-in-law,” Amanda lamented while trying her best to squeeze out some crocodile tears. “My daughter and her husband were extremely loving until she appeared. Now, they almost got divorced.”

“That’s right,” Simon added immediately. “We didn’t know the truth and thought that Tevin was the man from four years ago. That’s why we wanted Charlotte to marry him which would be good for both families. Besides, we have never hurt Charlotte all this while.”

Charlotte was speechless when she heard their words. They were utterly shameless when they made themselves sound like the victims.

Besides, why are they insisting that I was the one Hector had an affair with?

Neither the video nor photos showed her face at all.

Why can’t it be someone else?

Charlotte looked toward Zachary who didn’t plan to reveal the truth. He simply looked at them in a condescending manner as if they were just clowns.

Amanda wiped away her tears and pleaded in a pitiful tone, “Mr. Nacht, we were blind to not know our place, misunderstood you, and did all those foolish things. However, we have paid the price for it. Please have mercy on us and let us go.”

“You don’t have to beg me.” Zachary pointed at Charlotte. “You should beg her!”

“Charlotte,” Simon quickly approached her and pleaded, “it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have wrongly accused you. On your father’s account please put in a good word for us and ask Mr. Nacht to let us off.

Charlotte sneered in her heart. When all of you treated me like dirt the last time, why didn’t you remember my father?”

And yet, you suddenly bring him up now for your own convenience?

“That’s right. Charlotte, I’m sorry. I beg of you…” Amanda pleaded.

Even Amanda lowered herself and pleaded with Charlotte for forgiveness. However, Luna continued to glare at Charlotte angrily.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to negotiate your release,” Zachary interrupted them. “There’s still something you haven’t shed light on.”

The Whites fell silent immediately before staring at him in fear.

“I have told you everything I know,” Tevin meekly stated. “I have no more secrets…”

“Is that so?” Zachary looked at Tevin with a piercing gaze.

It was so fearsome that Tevin dropped to his knees and frantically confessed, “I admit that I stole from her purse before I fled that night. That’s all.”

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