Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 85

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 85

“This is the lad*ies’. Why would your husband be in there?” Raina replied politely.

“Since it’s the lad*ies’ room, why am I not allowed to enter?” Luna threw the question back to Raina.

“Ms. Windt is injured and should not be disturbed. You can go in once she comes out.”

Raina did not want to let Amanda and Luna in for fear that they would pick on Charlotte, so she blocked them from entering the washroom.

“Luna, let’s head back first. We shouldn’t be kicking up a fuss at an event like this… “

Amanda tried to persuade her daughter to let it slide, but her words fell on deaf ears. Once Luna knew that Charlotte was inside the toilet as well, she grew even more agitated…

“I knew it! That sl*t Charlotte is trying to seduce my darling again.” Luna tried to barge in as she yelled, “Get out of my way!”

“Please respect yourself!” Raina shot a sharp and cold glance at the hysteric woman.

“A servant like you does not have any right to speak to me,” Luna said in an arrogant tone as she extended her hand, intending to push Raina away.

However, Raina caught her hand swiftly and pushed her away instead.

The woman staggered and almost fell onto the ground.

Luckily, Amanda held on to Luna in time, preventing her from falling.

But the latter ended up spraining her ankle, and her face went pale. Furious, she yelled, “You b*tch! How dare you push me? Do you know who my husband is?”

“Why would I care who your husband is? If you carry on raising a ruckus here, don’t blame me for being harsh,” Raina bellowed.

“Who exactly are you? What an arrogant b*tch!”

Amanda could not help but feel agitated as well upon seeing how her daughter was injured. She dashed forward, about to strike Raina.

The latter narrowed her eyes dangerously as she prepared herself to make a move to defend herself…

“Stop it!” someone yelled.

Amanda and Luna stopped their actions abruptly. Just then, Hector walked out of the gents and frowned at his wife. “What trouble are you stirring again?”

“Hector, are you having a rendezvous with Charlotte… “

“Let’s not talk about such matter first,” Amanda interrupted her and pointed at Raina. “Hector, this woman tried to hit Luna just now!”

Hector turned to look at Raina but did not chide her for anything. Instead, he bowed and apologized, “I’m so sorry, Dr. Langhan. My wife was being rude.”

Amanda and Luna were shocked by Hector’s gesture as they did not expect the man to respond in such a manner.

“There’s no need for such things, Mr. Sterling.” Raina smiled politely and replied, “It’s best not to create any unwanted attention at the auction venue. It wouldn’t be pleasant if Mr. Nacht gets upset by it.”

“Of course.”

“Hector, why are you… “

“Keep quiet,” The man cut Luna off and lowered his voice as he reprimanded her, “Why did you pick a fight with her when you know that she’s working for Mr. Nacht?”

“She’s just a servant… “ Luna felt immensely insulted and was so upset that she burst out in tears. “Am I worse than a servant of Mr. Nacht?”

“You are.”

An arrogant voice suddenly sounded, and the atmosphere turned so chilling that it felt as if the temperature had dropped a few degrees.

When Luna looked up and saw Zachary, she felt instantly threatened by his commanding aura. Feeling flustered, she curled up into her mother’s arms and held her breath.

Amanda was also feeling very nervous as she hugged her daughter while retreating behind Hector.

“Mr. Nacht,” Raina bowed, greeting Zachary respectfully.

The man beckoned her to look behind by pointing with his chin.

Raina turned around and realized that Charlotte had already come out from the lad*ies’ and was witnessing the scene by the door.

The doctor quickly stepped towards the woman and supported her.

“I’m so sorry that my wife has disturbed you, Mr. Nacht. When we go back, I’ll definitely teach her… some proper manners.”

When Hector was in the midst of apologizing, Raina and Charlotte approached Zachary’s side.

Hector paused for a moment while he looked at Charlotte with a mixture of emotions stirring in his eyes, but very quickly, he diverted his gaze.

“Mr. Nacht, it was a misunderstanding just now. We all had a misunderstanding,” Reading the situation well, Amanda immediately clarified with a smile, “We didn’t know that this… “ She pointed at Raina before continuing, “lady works for you.”

The next instant, Amanda lowered her head towards Raina and apologized. “Dr. Langhan, we’re so sorry. We offended you without knowing who you are. Please accept my sincere apologies!”

“Mom… “ Luna was trembling with rage.

Seeing Amanda lower herself to apologize in such a situation, Charlotte couldn’t help but applaud the woman silently in her heart. This woman sure knows when to give in. With this quality, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she manages to achieve great things!

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