Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 221

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 221

Before she could make the call, however, Hector called.

Amanda promptly answered it and put him on speaker. “Hey, Hector.”

“We’ve removed the headlines and I’m contacting the other media companies. The news is spreading terribly, and my dad’s furious about it. The company is holding a board meeting and they want to remove me as the president.”

“Huh? Why? Why are they removing you from your positio——”

“Listen to me,” Hector interrupted. Tamping down his agitation, he continued, “No one is benefitting from this. If the Sterlings go down, the Whites won’t be living the high life, either. I’m trying my best to clean up this mess right now, so please stop making things worse for me. Talk to your dear daughter and stop exposing Charlotte’s private matters. While she’s trying to hurt Charlotte, she’s also hurting me.”

“I know. I understand. Hector, listen to my explanation.”

“Let’s stop now. I’m begging you. I won’t mention divorce for now, so please stop making things worse than they already are. Don’t create more trouble for Charlotte, either. Just…stop.”

At that, Hector ended the call.

With a deep frown, Amanda raised her head to glare daggers at Charlotte. “It’s all your fault, b*tch!”

Charlotte did not even know what to say to that.

“You heard him.” Amanda tugged Charlotte closer and snarled, “The Sterlings are already doing their best to remove the news. Hurry up and register with him right now to put an end to this matter. Otherwise, we’ll still tell the world about those three b*stards. The Sterlings had to deal with this because Hector was involved. However, those little b*stards aren’t Hector’s, so…”

“I understand.”

Charlotte knew well that if she did not do as told, Amanda and Luna would definitely go public with her children. No matter how Hector warned them, they would try their very best to be rid of her in the midst of this mess.

After all, this was their best opportunity.

“Hurry up and get back inside!”

Amanda shoved Charlotte back into the building.

Meanwhile, Tevin was still waiting at the same spot. When he saw Charlotte returning, a smile grew on his face.

Obed*iently, Charlotte sat on the chair and handed the staff her documents again.

“Have you thought it through?” the middle-aged staff member asked.

“Yes,” Charlotte mumbled as she nodded.

Without saying anything else, the staff began the registration process.

It was a simple one. All the two needed to do was to take a photo and sign the papers.

Just as the staff was about to stamp the papers, a group of men in black suddenly barged into the building and blocked the exits.

A towering figure walked in from the outside. As the sun shone on his back, his shadow loomed, giving him an aloof and domineering presence.

“Wow, he’s handsome!”

When the registration staff saw the handsome man entering the building, she stared at him in admiration of his beauty. Her hand holding the stamp continued to hover over the papers——she had clearly forgotten about Tevin and Charlotte.

“Why is he here?” Amanda flew into a panic. However, she was quick to come to her senses as she hastily urged the staff, “Hurry up and stamp it!”

A card flew toward them, stirring a few strands of Charlotte’s hair into motion as it swished past her and then cutting across the back of Amanda’s hand, making it bleed.

The card landed on the table right in front of the staff, planting itself between her stamp and the marriage document. As a result, the stamp was made on the card instead.

All this while, Charlotte had been hanging her head in despair; she did not even know someone had arrived behind her.

Amanda shrieked and retracted her hand as the staff jumped to her feet in shock. The stamp fell onto the table and rolled into Charlotte’s hands. It was only then that she came back to her senses and turned to look behind her instinctively.

At the sight of him, she stiffened. Why is he here?

A large hand firmly descended on Charlotte’s shoulders as a pair of cold eyes stared at Amanda. A deep voice sent chills running down everyone’s spine as he spoke, “You’re a daring one to lay your hands on my woman so many times. Seems like you really have a death wish.”

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