Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 238

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 238

Instead of answering, Zachary turned to look out the window while spinning his phone in his palm, as if he was contemplating something.

As the light from outside the car illuminated his face intermittently, it was hard to guess what was going through his mind.

Ben stayed beside him without saying another word.

After a long while, Zachary finally responded, “Let her reveal it herself.”

“Sure.” Ben nodded.

Charlotte didn’t believe that Zachary would imprison her for real. She was confident that he was just trying to scare her and would return to release her soon.

After all, they had just enjoyed a night of passion the night before.

However, one night passed uneventfully.

Charlotte slept in a muddled daze. She finally woke up without knowing how much time had passed and yet, it was still just as quiet.

The calm confidence she had earlier started to fray.

Meanwhile, Luna began to lose control of her emotions as she cried while cursing Hector’s cold-heartedness. The next moment, she would accuse Charlotte of being shameless and charge at her to beat her up. However, Amanda and Simon managed to hold her back.

Charlotte spent the next day and night under such chaotic circumstances. Consequently, she was both physically and mentally strained by it.

Furthermore, she was worried about the children’s safety. Walking up to the steel door, she banged on it and cried out Zachary’s name to no avail.

Even after she screamed at the camera in the corner of the room, no one came for her either.

And that was how Charlotte struggled through another day.

As for Luna, she had already fainted from just being too weak.

Amanda and Simon grew anxious and grabbed onto Charlotte, urging her to think of a solution.

As the wound on Charlotte’s shoulder wasn’t treated, it started to bleed from their violent grip.

And after two days of going without food and drink, coupled with the repeated rantings of Luna, Charlotte had finally reached her threshold. Suddenly, she felt her vision becoming blurry and her body covered in sweat. Before she knew it, she collapsed onto the sofa.

Finally, after half an hour, the steel door opened.

Charlotte had a nightmare. In it, there was a lion that was watching her. It sniffed her body and licked her wounds as if it was going to eat her up.

In the dream, she was so terrified that she couldn’t stop trembling.

That same fear continued to seize her until she suddenly awoke, with her body awash in sweat and still trembling.

Underneath the dim light, she sensed that she was being watched by someone, just like the lion in her dream.

Turning subconsciously to look, what she saw sent a shiver down her spine as she scrambled up from her bed.

“Finally awake?”

Zachary was sitting on the sofa, stroking his chin elegantly while starting at her.

Charlotte sat up hugging her pillow. She was breathing heavily while trying to gather her wits.

After a while, she managed to regain her senses and demanded angrily, “f*uc*k you! Why did you do that to me?”

“Did you not stay in there long enough?” Zachary raised his eyebrow.

Charlotte froze immediately and didn’t dare utter another word.

Zachary stood up and approached her slowly.

Charlotte recoiled in fear but Zachary gently grabbed her ankle and pulled her toward him. Without much effort, she could feel her body being dragged forward.

It was just like in her nightmare, where she was being pounced on by a beast and had to stare death in its face.

It felt like she was going to be eaten by him!

“Does it hurt?”

Zachary’s voice was as gentle as the moonlight as he stroked her wound which had been bandaged.

However, his actions felt inexplicably terrifying.

Charlotte didn’t respond. All she did was look at him with a complicated expression.

She didn’t understand how he could change his moods so easily.

In one moment, he would be passionate and loving. In another instance, he could turn cold and ruthless.

Which one is the real him?

“You have to listen to me…” Zachary’s luscious lips brush across her cheeks and whispered, “Do you know that I can know all your secrets within ten minutes of giving the order?”

After that, he pinched her chin with his thumb gently stroking her lips.

“But, I hope you will choose to tell me yourself.”

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