Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 233

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 233

“That’s not right…” Luna quickly realized what was going on. “Does he know that we’re at Sultry Night?”

The moment she spoke, Luna became extremely nervous. She frantically ordered the bodyguards, “Guard the door well. Don’t let Zachary’s men come in…”

Before she could finish, the door was kicked open.

Her bodyguards at the door were trampled upon at the same time.

“You’re weak!” Ben sneered.

Luna frantically drew a dagger and pressed it against Charlotte’s throat. “Don’t come any closer or I will k*ll her!”

This wasn’t the first time it happened and Ben was extremely familiar with such situations.

What was different this time was that Charlotte was on Luna’s side.

She lifted her head and spoke anxiously, “Ben, she just wants to save her parents. Please tell Mr. Nacht to release them.”

“That’s right, as long as you let my parents go, I will not harm her. Or else, we will all d*ie together!”

Luna’s voice was trembling and so was her hand that held the dagger.

After that, she whispered into Charlotte’s ear. “My phone is set to the broadcasting page. If they don’t release my parents, I will show the world the video of you and your three bastards.”

“Didn’t you hear her? Release them,” Charlotte ordered anxiously.

“I need to check with Mr. Nacht…”

Before Ben finished his sentence, a silver light flashed across their eyes, piercing Luna’s wrist.

Screaming in agonizing pain, Luna knelt onto the floor while both her dagger and her phone fell onto the ground.

Charlotte was now out of danger but instead of trying to flee, she reached for Luna’s phone.

Meanwhile, Luna picked up her dagger and thrust it toward Charlotte.

A black figure dashed forward like an arrow but it was already too late.

Charlotte cried out in pain as her shoulder was stabbed.

Before the dagger could pierce any deeper, Ben managed to snatch it away.

The next moment, Luna was also restrained.

Grabbing tightly onto the phone, Charlotte fell toward the ground but was caught by someone from behind.

“You fool!” Zachary gritted his teeth as he yelled at her.

“Gigolo!” Charlotte turned around to look at him. After being briefly stunned, she reached out her hands.

Zachary thought that she was aiming for his mask and turned his face away by reflex.

However, this time, she reached for his collar instead.

Just as expected, there were a set of teeth marks on his shoulder surrounded by bruises.

It was her doing last night.

Coincidence could never explain something like that.

Charlotte was extremely emotional as she stared at Zachary. “It’s you. It’s really you!”

Zachary didn’t say a word as he carried her and prepared to leave.

Given that his hands were full, Charlotte seized upon the opportunity to tear his mask away.

His face was even more dashing under the dim light. She could see that his eyebrows were furrowed intensely while his cold gaze carried a hint of anger.

It was as she anticipated.

Gigolo is Zachary!

And Zachary is Gigolo!

Finally, his ident*ity was revealed.

Charlotte was overwhelmed with emotions and didn’t know what to feel.

“Are you happy now?” Zachary spanked her a*s*s.

“Zachary, why did you lie to me?” Charlotte questioned him angrily.

Zachary didn’t reply as he carried her away.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!” Luna roared as she struggled. “Why do you keep protecting Charlotte? That sl*t seduces every man she sees. Four years ago, she even slept with a gigolo and gave birth to his…”

“Shut up!” Charlotte turned around and yelled while throwing Luna a glance.

She was hinting to her that as long she kept the children a secret, she would plead for mercy on Luna’s behalf.

Seething reluctantly, Luna didn’t say another word.

Amanda had reminded her before that she was not to expose Charlotte’s children easily. Or else, they would lose their trump card.

“Do you really want to see your mother?” Zachary turned toward Luna. “Come along then.”

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