Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 183

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 183

Charlotte had mixed emotions when she heard Hector’s words. Hector was on extremely bad terms with Zachary to the extent Zachary hurt him. However, he still set aside his pride to plead with Zachary on Charlotte’s behalf.

“Lottie, did you hear what I say?”

Hector’s voice disrupted Charlotte’s train of thought.

“I’m listening,” Charlotte softly replied. “Hector, thank you!”

“You don’t have to thank me, I owe you…” Hector continued in a depressing tone, “Now, I strongly regret not protecting you by standing up against my family.”

“Let bygones be bygones…”

“Stupid woman, it’s time for breakfast!”

Suddenly, a voice rang out and interrupted Charlotte.

At the other end of the line, Hector was shocked and felt as if the signal had gone bad.

Covering her phone with her hands, Charlotte frowned at Zachary. “Why do you never knock?”

“This is my home,” Zachary replied coldly and left.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and carefully asked Hector, “Are you still there?”

“Are you both together?” Hector asked, trying hard to suppress his emotions.

“No…” Charlotte didn’t know how to explain.

Hector took a deep breath and tried his best to maintain his composure. “Lottie, let’s meet now at the Blue Diamond. I’ll see you there.”


Before Charlotte could say anything, Hector ended the call.

Charlotte didn’t want to go but she was worried that he would just continue to wait there.

Holding that thought, she quickly bathed and got changed. With the bracelet in her hand, she headed out to see Hector.

However, the moment she left the room and went downstairs, the maids bowed and greeted her politely.

Charlotte was shocked by the attention and quickly responded with a smile.

“Ms. Windt, Mr. Nacht is waiting for you at the garden,” the maid informed politely. “I’ll take you to him.”

“No, no.” Charlotte waved her hands. “Please let him know that I’m going out instead and not having breakfast.”

“Alright, do you need the car? I’ll arrange it for you.”

“Thanks and sorry for the trouble.”

As the villa was huge, Charlotte had to walk for a few minutes before she could get out.

At the entrance, there was a Maybach waiting for her. The driver opened the door for her as she approached.

“The Blue Diamond restaurant please.” Charlotte rushed into the car and urged the driver, “Please hurry.”

“Will do, Ms. Windt.” The driver started the engine and began to drive.

As Charlotte looked out the window, she could see the garden from afar. Zachary was sitting under a parasol having breakfast and the maid seemed to be informing him of her plans. After that, he turned to look in her direction.

She was so frightened that she ducked, worried that he would order the car to stop.

However, he did no such thing and the car smoothly drove out of the villa.

Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, the Devil isn’t that crazy to restrict my freedom.

Charlotte rushed towards the Blue Diamond.

Hector had booked the whole restaurant and was waiting for her by the window. His lonely silhouette looked especially forlorn.

Taking a deep breath, Charlotte mentally prepared herself and walked in.

“You’re here!” Hector shifted his attention from the window towards her. His tone was incredibly gentle.

“Is your wound better?” Charlotte sat down and asked in concern.

“Much better.”

Staring at the red mark on her neck, Hector’s grip on the coffee cup tensed up.

Charlotte didn’t notice the change in him as she took out the bracelet from her bag. “Here, I’m returning it to you.”

“Actually, the bracelet was meant for you.” When Hector saw the bracelet, he couldn’t help but lament the past. “This is the Sterling family’s heirloom for their daughters-in-law…”

“Then you should give it to Luna because she is their daughter-in-law.” Charlotte smiled faintly.

Hector fell silent in response. After a brief moment, he asked in a solemn tone, “Charlotte, if Luna and I were to get divorced, would you still give me another chance?”

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