Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 252

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 252

I thought that I could protect you under my shield for the rest of my life, so you can just focus on living happily.

But now, I might need to leave earlier without you. My heart aches thinking of how you will be left alone in this materialistic world, striving hard against the unpredictable storms of life…

I could almost picture your hardship when I am no longer around.

There will be a lot of unscrupulous people preying on you, applying all sorts of manipulative tactics to seize your assets. Looks like wealth and power have put you at great risk. I believe the only way to keep you away from their attacks is for you to not possess anything that could catch their attention.

Hence, I did not plan on stopping them from seizing my assets. After all, not much is left in my possession, so just let them go ahead and fight among themselves.

But Lottie, I have created a backup plan for you…

The silver file contains details of a bank account; it is a personal bank account that I have opened for you earlier in S Nation.

Since you reached thirteen, I have been transferring ten million annually into this bank account. I have never withdrawn a single cent from it even when the company was facing its financial crisis.

I have a*s*signed a trustworthy person to manage this bank account. When you receive this letter after five years, the accumulated balance of this bank account will exceed a hundred million.

This sum should be enough to afford your living expenses for the rest of your life. I hope you can live a simple life with a man who really loves you. It is indeed great happiness if you are able to spend the rest of your life in peace!

Of course, this is just my vision. I have no idea if your life will be as peaceful as how I imagine it to be.

I also have another backup plan for you, in case you encounter any obstacles or crises that cannot be solved.

Inside the silver envelope, there is a black card aside from the bank account details.

There is a phone number on this card. When you are really helpless and have no other options, call that number to look for that person, and tell him your mother’s name.

He will appear immediately.

No matter how tough the difficulties are, he will be able to get them resolved for you!

But Lottie, bear in mind: never ever call this number unless you are really in a helpless situation and have no way out. Once you call this number, it will lead you down a totally different path life…

Remember! You must remember!

Charlotte had mixed feelings upon finishing reading the letter. To her surprise, her father seemed to have many secrets…

What is that family which Father couldn’t fight against?

Does that family have anything to do with Father’s death?

Who’s that mysterious person behind the phone number?

Why will my life change dramatically once I give him a call?

How come he can solve all my tough problems?

Charlotte was really puzzled…

It really sounds like the magic door to a mysterious realm as in the fairy tales. Entering the door impulsively might lead to the opening up of Pandora’s box. Anyone would find this curious. How I wish I could understand the hidden truth!

Charlotte opened the silver envelope and took out the black card; there was a string of numbers handwritten in gold.

It was an overseas phone number.

Charlotte looked up that number on her phone and found out that it was registered in M Nation. The last five digits of the phone number are the same——”9”. After going over the numbers silently a few times, she had it memorized.

Who’s the owner of this phone number?

This question flashed across Charlotte’s mind momentarily before she brushed the query aside.

She put both the black card and bank card into her purse and was about to browse through the photo album when her phone suddenly rang. The caller ID showed that it was from Zachary.

He had suddenly called her at this time and at this venue.

Instantaneously, she felt intimidated with a sense of reluctance. She was in a dilemma of whether to answer it or not.

In the end, she picked up the call, “Hello!”

“I need to see you.” Zachary emphasized his words in a tone that reflected tyranny and arrogance. “Now. I mean, now!”

“I’m in the suburbs…”

“Give me the address. I’ll get my man to fetch you,” Zachary said domineeringly.

Charlotte actually intended to tell him that she was not in the mood to meet at the moment, but she could foresee the consequence if she dared to say so…

She took a deep breath and tried to sound as gentle as possible. “No need to come to fetch me. I can take a cab over. You’re at home now?”

“I’m not at home. I’ve sent you the address. Check your phone.”

“Alright,” Charlotte replied and was about to hang up the phone before Zachary added, “Half an hour!”

“I’m really a great distance away…” He hung up the phone before Charlotte could finish her sentence.

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