Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 253

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 253

Charlotte was frustrated the moment she heard the engaged tone of the phone. He’s really inconsiderate! He insists on me reaching there within half an hour although I’m really far away!

She then received a message notification. She clicked open the message and searched for the address with GPS. Even if I manage to take a taxi now, it’ll still take me forty minutes to be there! If I drag again and keep the Devil waiting…

Charlotte shuddered as she pictured his cold eyes in her mind. Without hesitation, she called for a cab.

Upon putting down her phone, she looked again at the items left behind by her father. Complex feelings rose within her once more.

She contemplated for a while and took out both the bank card and the black card from her purse back into the silver file.

She folded her father’s letter nicely and restored everything into its original position in the red wooden box. Finally, she locked the box and put it back into the safe.

Having closed the safe carefully, she quickly left the place…

Charlotte kept urging the cab driver to speed up. When she finally reached the destination, she was already eleven minutes late.

Once she got out of the cab, Raina immediately approached her with an umbrella and reminded her in a low voice, “Ms. Windt, today is a special day for Mr. Nacht. I must warn you that he’s currently not in a good mood.”

“Huh?” Charlotte asked anxiously, “Is there any special occasion today?”

“You’ll know soon,” Raina replied softly, “No matter what, try your best not to infuriate him today.”

“Understood…” Charlotte furrowed her brows and quickened her pace.

Zachary was seated near the window, gazing at the rain outside in silence.

“Sorry, I’m late…” Charlotte apologized softly, “I’ve actually tried to get a taxi right after receiving your message, but I was quite far away from here, so…”

Zachary turned to look at her placidly.

“You’re not angry, are you?” Charlotte looked at him timidly.

“Where did you go just now?” Zachary raised his eyes and stared at her.

“The mausoleum,” Charlotte replied honestly, “I went to pay my father a visit.”

There was nothing she could not hide from him, except the secret related to the items left behind by her father.

Upon hearing this, Zachary lowered his eyes and did not say anything. He passed her the menu and gestured to her to place her order.

“You decide; anything will do.” Charlotte handed the menu to the restaurant manager waiting beside them and tried to sound casual. “How come you’re suddenly in the mood to ask me out for a meal tonight?”

This seemed to be the first time that he brought her out for a meal as Zachary Nacht.

Zachary remained silent for a while and said abruptly, “Today is my birthday!”

“Oh?” Charlotte was stunned. She had no idea it was his birthday today and she had not come with anything.

“I went to the mausoleum as well.” Zachary swirled the wine in the glassas he gazed at her intensely and said in a low voice, “To visit my mother!”

His face appeared gloomy under the faint light of the restaurant; he seemed to be troubled by something.

“Ah…” Charlotte tried to answer tactfully. She felt like asking him where his mother’s graveyard was, yet she did not dare say anything.

He was obviously behaving weirdly today. She was worried that she might infuriate him without realizing it.

“How is it? Satisfied with the new house?”

Zachary changed the topic and raised his eyes to look at her.

“It’s quite nice.” Charlotte nodded with a smile. “Thank you!”

“Have a nice weekend and be back to work on Monday.” Zachary took a sip of the wine.

“Of course.” Charlotte held her glasshigher towards him. “Happy bir——”

“Stop! Never mention this again.”

Zachary cut her off abruptly with knitted brows; there was a glint of coldness in his eyes.

Charlotte was d*um*bfounded. What’s wrong with him? Today is his birthday, isn’t it? Is it wrong for me to wish him happy birthday?

Zachary seemed to realize that he had overreacted. He clinked glasswith her to ease the tense atmosphere and finished the wine in one gulp.

Charlotte also finished the wine in her glassand let out a deep breath. “This wine is really strong.”

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