Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 194

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 194

It took Charlotte half an hour before she reached the main gate of the villa. Outside was a greenway with trees planted on both sides that had street lights installed on them, illuminating the road to her freedom.

Puffing up her chest, she continued her way out.

There was a breeze that night, and it enveloped her in a comfortable chill. As she looked at the patchy moonlit road and listened to the cacophony of frogs and insects, she felt as if she was in a painting.

The beautiful scenery calmed Charlotte and also strengthened her determination to stay away from Zachary.

I can’t let him control me… I won’t become a slave of that Devil!


Just then, a beast could be heard howling in the woods.

Charlotte paused in her tracks and stood transfixed.

Is my ears deceiving me?

Was that a cry of a wild animal I heard just now?

Nah… It can’t be… I must’ve misheard.

Clutching her chest where her racing heart lied beneath, she continued her way.


A howl echoed in the empty road again, and it sounded closer this time.

Charlotte’s eyes widened as her heart thumped loudly.

No way… There can’t be any wild animals here, right?

Tensing up, her head snapped to the side as she observed her surroundings. However, no other sounds seemed to be coming from the woods.

Yet, she was still afraid.

Although she went up and down the hill in a vehicle each time, she knew that the distance between Zachary’s villa and the main road was at least six miles.

She would need four hours at the very least to walk on foot for these six miles.

There was no guarantee that a wild animal would not pounce and feast on her while she was on her way down the hill.

With that thought, cold sweat started beaded on Charlotte’s forehead.

She twisted her head around to look at the nearby villa. I’ve only walked a mile. If I want to head back now, I can still do so…

Without any hesitation, she started walking back toward the villa.

However, she only took two steps before she recalled Zachary’s cold gaze and domineering demeanor. Charlotte hesitated.

But if I go back now, I’d have to sign the paper.

And from then on, I’d owe him ninety-eight million. When will I be able to clear the debt?

Not to mention if I can’t clear the debt, I’ll be his slave. I will have to obey everything he says.

The thought of being a slave made her hair stood on end.

No. As long as I breathe, I will not go back.

She clenched her jaw and continued. At the same time, she fished out her phone to make a call.

She decided to hail a cab. Once I’m inside the cab, I’ll be safe…

However, Charlotte was d*um*bfounded upon taking out her phone.

Because her phone had fallen into the pool earlier, the screen was now malfunctioning. Not only was she unable to swipe on the screen, but it was even flickering.

As she walked briskly forward, she shook her phone hard, hoping to get the water out.

Maybe I’ll be able to use it once the water’s out.

Evidently, she was too naïve.

In order to save money, she had bought the cheapest phone that came with a free electronic fan.

In other words, it was ludicrous for her to hope that her phone could survive after getting soaked.

Charlotte felt like crying as a sense of helplessness crashed into her. All she could do now was to pray that she could get out of this hellhole safely.

Other than calling for a gigolo that one time four years ago, she had never done anything bad.

Good things happen to good people, right?

Charlotte picked up her pace as she prayed in her heart.

Seeing that there were no creatures came lunging at her even after she had walked for several hundred meters, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, her pace slowed down. I must have misheard it earlier.

Just as that thought flashed into her mind, however, she noticed a pair of green eyes in the woods nearby, watching her.

Her feet were instantly rooted to the ground as her eyes widened. Staring at the green eyes, she thought, It must be an illusion. It must be. It has to be.

She shut her eyes. When she opened them again, not only did the green eyes not disappear, but they had also gotten even closer.

Under the moonlight, she could see an animal covered in fur slowly stalking toward her.

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