Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 254

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 254

“You can drink more tonight.”

Zachary loved to look at her when she was tipsy. Charlotte looked exceptionally charming with her rosy cheeks and sparkling, watery eyes.

“I can’t.” Charlotte touched her burning face. “I have really poor alcohol tolerance and I tend to behave differently when I’m drunk. I get drunk quite quickly and will act funny and mutter non-stop…”

“Yeah, I’ve seen that before!”

Zachary recalled her being drunk previously. She was passionate and proactive, and he could not resist her as she clung to him like a burning flame.

His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat; there was growing desire in his deep and impenetrable eyes…

“What are you staring at…” Charlotte felt a bit awkward.

At the same time, the manager served them a sumptuous dinner.

Charlotte asked, “Did you prepare a cake?”

“No, I’ll get it prepared now.” The manager was very responsive.

“No need for that.” Zachary raised his hand and said, “Just leave us.”

“Sure.” The manager left hurriedly, leaving only the two of them to enjoy their meals quietly in the spacious restaurant.

The romantic melody of the piano was complemented with the aroma of wine and appetizing food. Romance was in the air.

“Why don’t you let them serve you cake? How sad to not have a cake for your birthday,” Charlotte asked softly.

“I don’t need that.” Zachary poured himself half a glassof wine.

“But I didn’t prepare any present.” Charlotte started to feel uneasy.

“You’re the best present!”

Zachary continued to gaze at her with burning affection in his eyes. He poured another half a glassof wine for her.

“I can’t drink anymore…” Charlotte’s face started to flush.

“Never mind if you’re drunk. You can count on me.”

Zachary started to drink again. The food on the dining table was untouched.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Charlotte sensed that there was something not right with him. “You’re not in good mood?”

Zachary gulped down the rest of the wine in his glassagain and replied slowly, “Today…is also my mother’s death anniversary.”

Charlotte was startled. No wonder…

She now realized why he stopped her from wishing him “happy birthday”. That explains the lack of a birthday cake, his visit to the mausoleum, and the blues…

“Hence, I never celebrate my birthday.” Zachary continued to pour himself wine.

“I’m sorry…”

Charlotte suddenly discovered that Zachary was not as mighty as he may appear to be. He also had his own vulnerability and could be bothered by something, too.

He was actually not unpredictable, emotional, or easily affected by mood swings. She was just not aware that he had been bearing much pain.

She did not know how to console him and dared not say too much. She was worried that inappropriate words would come out of her mouth and annoy him.

“Looks like you’re fearful of me?” Zachary raised his eyes and stared at her. “You’re not like this before.”

“You’re not so terrifying back then, either…” Charlotte could not help sighing. “How nice would it be if things were still the same as when we first met…I still prefer the time when you were still Gigolo.”

She could still recall her arrogance when she first treated him as a gigolo, how she kept screaming at him and rebuking him. She even f0rced him into signing a contract to pay off his debt and entertaining three rich, overweight women.

Pfft! She burst into laughter. “Those three rich ladies canceled the cheque the following day. My one million was gone.”

“You deserved it!” Zachary glared at her. He became frustrated recalling the incident. “You dared to sell me off because of one million. Your conscience has been eaten up by a dog.”

“You mean you’re the dog!”

Charlotte was in regret the moment she blurted out the words; she covered her mouth instantly and looked at him anxiously.

“You’re really daring!” Zachary lifted his eyebrows and glared at her.

“Sorry, I’m just joking…” Charlotte apologized softly.

“How about going to Sultry Night?” Zachary asked abruptly.

“Huh?” Charlotte was stunned and then turned excited. “You want to be Gigolo?”

“Pay me.” Zachary handed out his hand to her. “Ten thousand for one night!”

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