Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 38

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 38

His reaction made Charlotte feel worse. She really wanted to know why he married Luna soon after they broke up.

Based on her understanding of Hector, she was sure he wasn’t someone impulsive. There had to be a reason behind his actions.

Or perhaps, Luna’s trap was a long time coming.

However, it was too late to change anything. Luna was now Mrs. Sterling and they even had a child. Hence, she didn’t see the point in asking any further.

Holding that thought, Charlotte changed the topic, “You don’t have to get your wife to apologize as I don’t want a conflict. Also, if it’s possible, you should transfer your son to a different kindergarten. If we don’t see each other, there won’t be any interaction.

“I will arrange it.” Hector nodded. “What other requests do you have?”

“How would I dare demand anything of you?” Charlotte sniggered. “After all, I’m just an ordinary citizen while you are the mighty Mr. Sterling…”


“Don’t call me that.” Charlotte interrupted him and coldly a*s*serted, “It sounds too intimate. We are no longer related in any way so we should keep our distance going forward.”

“Do you still hate me?” Hector looked at her with a frown. “I know it was my family’s fault but I was trying to salvage it then. Why didn’t you give me more time and chose to do something so impulsive?”

When she heard the past being brought up, emotions filled her heart while tears welled in her eyes. It was obvious how devastating her actions were for him.

“It… it was my fault,” Charlotte replied remorsefully. “I’ve made a mistake so let’s not talk about it anymore. What’s done is done.”

With that, she turned to leave…

“Lottie,” Hector grabbed her hand and stuffed a cheque in it. “You should start a small business and not work as an employee anymore.”

“Hmph!” Holding the check in her hand, Charlotte scoffed. “Thirty million. It’s a lot of money indeed. It seems our memories are worth a lot to you.”


“Although money is useful, I don’t like to receive it in such a shameless manner.” Charlotte stuffed the check back into his pocket. “Both of us made a mistake then. There’s no need to blame each other. Even if we bump into each other next time, we should just pretend that we don’t know each other.”

“Are you angry with what happened at Divine Corporation?” Hector furrowed his eyebrows. “The situation then was…”

“No, I’m not blaming you and don’t have the right to do so.” Charlotte smile wryly. “I understand that our statuses are different and you need to mind your reputation.”

“In that case, you should accept my help.”

“I don’t want it!”

“Can you not be so stubborn?” Hector chided her. “You used to be so dignified. How can you take such a menial job? That aside, how much can you make from it? Is it even enough to raise three children?”

“At least the money I make comes from my own labor,” Charlotte retorted angrily. “Even if I’m broke, I rather work as a hostess in a nightclub than take your money!”


“Your concern isn’t appreciated here. You should save it for your wife instead.”

Charlotte swept his hand away and stormed off.

Watching her back as she walked away, Hector’s eyes were filled with sadness.

When she reached the exit, she suddenly thought of something and turned around. “By the way, if it’s possible, please keep it to yourself that I have children. I don’t want outsiders to know about their existence.”

“Sure, I know what to do.” Hector understood what she was thinking. “I will remind Luna not to shoot her mouth off.”

“It seems you understand her well,” Charlotte scoffed before leaving.

Hector watched her leave with a gloomy expression.

Meanwhile, his subordinate Owen came in and lamented, “I didn’t expect Ms. Windt to now have three children after not seeing her for a few years. Life is really unpredictable…”

Hector shot him a fearsome glare.

Owen frantically lowered his head and didn’t dare say anything further.

“Go and find out who the father is.”

Hector felt that the three children had good genes. Therefore, their father cannot be an ordinary country bumpkin.

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