Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 45

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 45

When Charlotte felt the animosity, she grew inexplicably anxious.

After Hector released Charlotte, he stepped to one side and maintain his distance, as if he wanted to avoid any gossip.

“Mr. Sterling, are you alright?” Zachary strolled over casually.

Behind him, Ben has instructed the bodyguards to investigate how it happened.

“I’m fine, it’s just a scratch.’

Despite sweating profusely, Hector maintained his composure with a faint smile.

“I’m impressed that you have rescued a damsel in distress.” Zachary smiled. “Although she isn’t much of a beauty, I have to thank you on her behalf as her employer.”

Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows as she felt strange hearing what Zachary said.

“Please don’t say that. It’s nothing at all.” Hector glanced at Charlotte before saying to Zachary, “I was just looking for you. Are you…”

“I’ve something on so I’m heading out.” Zachary was polite but aloof. “Sorry for wasting your time.”

“Erm…” Hector froze briefly before replying with a smile. “No worries. I’ll come again when you’re free…”

“Mmm-hmm,” Zachary grunted in acknowledgment before getting into his car.

Hector stood still, feeling extremely awkward.

Owen asked softly, “Didn’t you have an appointment with him?”

“Ignore him, he always behaves this way.” When Charlotte saw how Hector was treated, she felt bad for him. “Let’s go to the hospital…”

“Mr. Sterling!” At that moment, Ben came cover and politely explained, “Mr. Nacht has an urgent matter to attend to today. Shall we make another appointment for next time?”

“Sure, I’ll let you know.” Hector nodded with a smile.

“Are you injured? I’ll have someone send you to the hospital.”

Ben waved for the bodyguards to come.

“I’m fine. I’ll manage this myself.” Hector replied politely. “You should go on. Mr. Nacht must be waiting for you.

“In that case…”

“Mr. Ben,” Charlotte used the opportunity to ask Ben, “Mr. Sterling was injured trying to save me. I’ll like to send him to the hospital, is that alright?”

“Erm…” Ben turned to look at Zachary before nodding. “Sure!”

“Thank you.” Charlotte immediately supported Hector.

This time, Hector didn’t refuse.

“What happened?”

David arrived in a huff. When he saw what happened, he was shocked.

“Just now, some crates fell down and almost injured me, but Mr. Sterling saved me instead,” Charlotte explained. “Mr. Ben has given me permission to send Mr. Sterling to the hospital. David, please help me report this to Mr. Collins.”

“Okay, sure.” David nodded.

“Be careful, don’t hurt your arm.”

Charlotte helped Hector into the car.

As the Rolls-Royce Phantom passed them by, Hector looked up and saw Zachary giving Charlotte a cold stare.

“Owen, you drive. The rest of you, take the other car,” Hector instructed.

“Yes, sir.”

While driving the white Bentley out of the parking lot, Owen couldn’t help but reminisce the old times with Charlotte. “Ms. Windt, it’s been such a long time. Do you still remember me?”

“How can I forget?” Charlotte laughed and remarked, “When Hector and I were dating, you were always behind us. He would always scold you for being the third wheel.”

“Hahaha…” Owen laughed heartily.

“I thought you have forgotten.” Hector’s voice was as gentle as it was in the past. He looked longingly at Charlotte.

Charlotte was jolted and lowered her head. “But that’s all in the past now.”

The atmosphere began to feel awkward.

Clearing his throat, Owen focused on driving and didn’t dare to say another word.

“Do you and Mr. Nacht know each other?”

Hector was a smart man. Just by observing them, he knew that Zachary was somehow interested in Charlotte.

“He is my boss. Why wouldn’t I know him?” It seemed that she didn’t think that way.

“Are you here to talk business with him? With the Sterling Group’s current status, you don’t need to depend on him, do you? Even if it’s a business deal, he should treat you with respect. You don’t have to put up with his att*itude.”

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